Horoscope for 2019 from Tamara Globa

A detailed horoscope for 2019 from Tamara Globa will tell everyone who wants to tell about important events in life. He will tell you what to expect in the future, how to prevent serious problems and errors. Recommendations and predictions from a famous astrologer will help to prioritize and plan activities, adjust behavior and relationships in society and family.

A family

The main event of the new 2019 for representatives of this astrological zodiac is the meeting of a new love. The first months promise changes in the career for the better and maximum profit. Thanks to the improved financial condition, it will be possible to take long-awaited vacations, travel around different countries, have a good rest and live the dying family ties. In the year of the Yellow Pig, special attention must be paid to health. The famous astrologer recommends healthier in a sanatorium or a boarding house, undergo a course of physiotherapy. Aries await deep romance experiences, quarrels, and warm reconciliation with the second half, that is, intense personal life.


According to a new horoscope for 2019, pleasant family trips or a vacation with friends are waiting for Tamara Globa Taurus. Independently go somewhere not worth it. Lonely travelers stars promise a lot of trouble. They are better off staying with family, friends and relatives. New acquaintances also will not keep you waiting. In the sphere of romantic relationships, Taurus expects violent feelings, even if there were quarrels and quarrels with the second half. Lonely representatives of this zodiacal constellation have a chance to create a strong family. In the business sphere, they also expect excellent prospects, the main thing is not to lend money to anyone.

Borrow money


The new 2019 for Gemini will be held on the wave of financial well-being and creative growth. They are waiting for harmony and emotional balance, new pleasant acquaintances and positive emotions. Creative personalities will receive significant financial bonuses. The twins, having a soul mate, will improve their relationship, and the loners will find their love, the main thing in the new relationship is to show seriousness, responsibility and care. Stars do not recommend starting fleeting office romances.

Tamara Globa made her predictions for Rakov for 2019. In the near future, representatives of this sign will expect fruitful cooperation with talented individuals, acquaintance with interesting personalities. Many Cancers will be prone to solitude and retreat, creative activities, and not business and entertainment. They can not go deep into themselves, but rather tune in to the positive, be in the company of active interlocutors, make new connections. In private life, Cancers are predicted of a series of frivolous hobbies. It is advisable not to miss the real sincere feelings in this chaos.

Couple in love

In 2019, Lviv is waiting for career and love success and victory. Possible change of place of work for the better. In the love sphere, the lions of the stars promise mutual feelings and bright positive emotions. Although the new romantic hobbies should be treated carefully, so as not to spoil their own reputation. In complex conflict situations, it is better to seek compromises, to jointly overcome difficulties, rather than start a quarrel and disperse.

According to the predictions of Tamara Globa for 2019, Virgos should be careful and diligent.Before making decisions, they need to carefully weigh and think about all the negative consequences. There is a high probability that in the near future, representatives of this astral sign will find their loved one, and most likely in the workplace. Therefore, it is impossible to avoid intrigue and mystery, at least at the beginning of the novel. For love intrigue and flirting you can not miss the true love feelings.


For Libra, the new 2019 is a time of discovery, be it a professional activity, a hobby, new acquaintances or relationships. Representatives of this sign will charge others with good emotions and mood. The main thing is to direct all energy in a positive direction. For everything to be in order, it is impossible to tackle several complex cases at once. It is better to do everything in stages. As for love relationships, Libra needs to be calm so as not to harm and offend the other half. Permanent conflicts and quarrels can lead to a pair break. By the second half of the year, ardent emotions will gradually flow into calm and balanced.


Fortune for Scorpios in the new year has prepared pleasant surprises.These are serious changes in relationships, family replenishment, profitable relocation or change of employment. Representatives of the constellation in 2019 can be considered lucky and favorite stars. Representatives of the opposite sex will actively show the attention of Scorpios, but you should not plunge into the pool with your head and start extramarital relations. It is necessary to continue to build a strong family nest and solve difficult life problems with a partner.

Lovers hold hands


The love potential of Streltsov in the future of 2019 is very high. They will forget about anxieties and problems with relationships and plunge into passion and romance. They better spend more time with their partner. The vital energy of Streltsov will beat the key, and a measured calm existence can turn into a stormy boiling cauldron with unexpected events and acquaintances. Fortune turns its face to brave and risky people. She prepared the grand events. This may be the addition to the family, the wedding celebration, the break of old faded relations and the birth of a new bright love.


In the Year of the Pig, true Capricorns may unexpectedly discover new talents.For example, a woman who never does household chores will become a real owner. In the professional sphere and personal life, conflicts and ambiguous situations should be avoided. In early 2019, Capricorns will face big changes. This may be a move to a new region, country, city or new home, an interesting and profitable position. Moving or repair will take a lot of time and will require significant forces. In the summer months there is a high probability of finding a soul mate at a resort or traveling.

Lovers on the beach


Several selfish Aquarius is their quality in the new year of the Yellow Pig will bring a lot of trouble. To achieve the desired is not at the expense of relatives and close people. They should also be remembered and taken care of. Representatives of this constellation are waiting for new acquaintances. If there are several fans, it is advisable to make the final choice so that next year ends with a warm romantic relationship with one close partner.

Stars advise Pisces in 2019 to develop more creative abilities and bring talents to the professional path. Perhaps there is a sponsor who wants to invest money and organize a trip, exhibition, conference.Life issues and health problems are best dealt with in the second half. You can not withdraw and go to yourself. Famous astrologer Tamara Globa advises Pisces to be more in the bosom of their families, even if this goes against the interests of their business. In order to preserve harmony in your personal life, you should mitigate conflicts and quarrels, consult with your loved one before making important decisions.

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