Horoscope for 2018 Bull

Bull CharacteristicPeople born in the year of the Bull, do not worry, because the horoscope for 2018 is encouraging for them. Difficulties will accompany on the way, but the Bull with honor will overcome them and once again will prove its independence.

Common features of people

Those born in the year of the Bull are different, but they have similar traits. What do people have in common with this sign?

  • Patience and endurance help overcome obstacles. The bull is laconic, he firmly and straight goes to the target. It is better not to stand in his way: he will easily lose his temper if he interferes with his interests.
  • Natural intelligence and great performance lead to the Bull becoming a leader. He expects from his subordinates the same qualities that he possesses. Therefore, it works well for those who clearly follow the instructions of their superiors, and is not well-tempered by careless subordinates.
  • Choice of profession. Among the representatives of the sign are many agricultural workers, athletes and businessmen.

Expectations of the Bull from 2018

The bull always strives for perfection, and nothing will force him to abandon the intended business. But in 2018, it is better for him to step back a couple of steps and have patience.Success is sure to come, but not as fast as he would like.

Cases at work and in the family will slip a little, but you should not refuse them. The lack of quick results will not affect their quality.

Some important tips for the Bull:

  • In professional matters, rely on yourself, do not count on great help from outside.
  • Take a closer look at new friends. Some of them will help you in difficult times.
  • Get ready for business trips and travels - there will be plenty of them this year.
  • Carefully watch your appearance. The saying “they meet on clothes” will justify itself more than once, and this will be good for you.

2018 for male Bulls

2018 for male BullsNot everything will just happen at the man-Bull in 2018, according to the compilers of horoscopes.

A family. The second half of the Bull is accustomed to the fact that her husband always provides a stable family. Having experienced a certain imbalance, she will be nervous and make complaints to her husband, which is extremely annoying to the head of the family. On this basis, disagreements will begin that will go away if the wife shows wisdom.

Job. In the collective, the Bull will seek solace after family troubles.The forces will be applied considerable, so gradually the difficulties will recede. Numerous business trips will help to recover. Away from home, the Bull will be able to soberly assess the situation at work and in the family.

Hobby. What the Bull helps out most in difficult times is his favorite activity. He knows how to dive into it with his head. Most often, such a hobby is going to the gym. Exercise distracts from the sad thoughts and helps to find the right solution in difficult situations.

2018 for female bulls

BullThe horoscope for 2018 for a woman born in the year of the Bull involves fewer difficulties and failures than for the opposite sex.

A family. The Bull Woman is most often the head of the family, the main earner and educator. Competently and tactfully leading her husband, she manages to adjust the life and positive attitude of all family members. She will have a little trouble at work in the first half of the year, but this will not affect the household.

Job. Unsuccessfully signed contracts in the spring can cause temporary difficulties in the team. In summer, the likelihood of gossip and leisure fiction is also high. They will knock out of a working rut.The bull was not used to giving up - all problems will be settled by August. Subordinates will receive good salary increases, while the boss will be pleased with the result.

Hobby. Jogging in the morning, hiking with the family and outdoor games with children - all this pleases the Bull woman and gives her strength. On weekends, she will be happy to take care of the beds in the country and by the autumn she will delight her family with a large number of home-made items.

Love horoscope for 2018

Love horoscope bullProblems will concern representatives of a sign from the unexpected side. Distant relatives or acquaintances will bring discord into the Bull family relationships. Quarrels can be delayed if the second half does not show worldly wisdom.

Events of 2018, which should pay close attention:

  • Romantic meetings. They will be delightful and memorable in the second half of the year. Small souvenirs donated to each other during this period will become talismans for a long time.
  • Weddings. They can be celebrated any month of the year. If at the wedding table there will be products made by the hands of the parents of the girl or the young Bull, the union will be successful and happy.
  • Anniversaries. The bull never skimp on the lush festivities. And this is good.Birthdays of households and other anniversaries marked brightly and cheerfully, carry the charge until the next anniversary date.
  • Children.For conceiving children, the year 2018 is very successful. Year of the Dog will give the Bull healthy offspring.

Money horoscope for the Bull for 2018

Golden bullIn 2018, the time comes for the Bull when he should think that not everything is measured in money. The horoscope assumes time periods for reflection and luck in money matters.

  • Win. Year of the Dog will allow getting the money "out of nowhere" to Bull several times during the year. Unfortunately, they will leave as suddenly as they appear. It will not upset him, but only provoke him. He will redouble his efforts, beat the hoof and achieve stability.
  • Career. The bull always strives for power and more often it achieves it. But this year will not be spoiled with a promotion, he will remain in his position. The bull will stand firmly in its place.
  • Moneybox, attachments. Despite the fact that it will not always be lucky, it will still be possible to make savings closer to the end of the year. New Year's gifts to relatives will be what to buy. There comes a period when it is better to entrust the storage of family money to the second half, especially if it is a representative of another sign.

Career horoscope for the Bull for 2018

Horoscope Career BullThe bull never waits for him to be noticed in the service and offered a new position. He himself was used to seeking a new appointment and is not ashamed to openly declare this. Undercover games and backstage conversations with colleagues are not for him. Openness in relationships and engaging honesty help him quickly to take the leading position.

The beginning of the year will not please the Bull, but it is difficult to lead him astray. He was accustomed to work hard, so the troubles in the service will quickly be forgotten, and the Bull will move on to its goal. The priority direction at work at this time is to build relationships with long-time colleagues who will lend a shoulder at the right moment.

Spring and summer are the most successful seasons for signing contracts and investing in projects. Numerous and successful business trips will balance the balance of power and will put in order somewhat shaken things. November and December are the months when you can harvest this difficult year and take stock.

Health Horoscope for the Bull for 2018

Health horoscope bullThe bull is proud of the excellent state of its health. Sports, closeness to nature harden his body, so he rarely complains of pain.This year will not upset the sign in terms of health problems. What should not forget the bull?

  • About disease prevention.Every six months is desirable inspection of doctors. Passing tests and trips to the dentist are shown even the most healthy people.
  • About the attentive attitude to well-being. To follow the pressure and eat in time is a good habit that cannot be lost. A bull is so passionate about work that he forgets to go to lunch. It threatens with digestion troubles in the future, so you need to take care of yourself in advance.
  • About respecting the daily regimen. A good sleep will help you to keep yourself at work, will relieve from nervous disorders. Sometimes the Bull spends a lot of time in the gym, which also has the opposite effect. Business trips also violate the usual rhythm of life, so you need to minimize lack of sleep and overwork.

Famous people were born in the year of the Bull.

People born in the year of the Bull, can boast of "kinship" with well-known representatives of the same sign. Anna Akhmatova, Vladimir Vysotsky and Valentina Tereshkova, philanthropist Savva Mamontov and storyteller Hans Christian Andersen were born in the year of the Bull.The great artists Sandro Botticelli and Vincent van Gogh, the composer Johann Sebastian Bach and the writers Redyard Kipling and Dante Alighieri are worthy representatives of the Bull. Charlie Chaplin, Jim Carrey and Walt Disney complement this list.

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