Hookah Omsk: an overview and guest reviews

Hookah and establishments, where it is smoked, every dayis gaining popularity among young people. The culture of smoking hookah, many are imbued, so the number of hookahs is also growing. Today these establishments combine a place where you can smoke a hookah, and good bars with dance floors and other entertainments.

In this article we will tell you about popular hookahs in Omsk, about the addresses of their location, let's talk about the features, and also get acquainted with the opinions of people who have already visited them.

Hookahs Omsk

Hookah "Lamp"

The name of this hookah, of course, is not the mostintricate, but here the service is excellent. Hookah "Lamp" in Omsk - one of the most popular in the city. There the crowds are young people and each time is happy. Unlike typical bars and eating houses, mainstream music does not play here, which is already sitting in the liver. Visitors to the establishment note a very fast and high-quality service. Praised and polite staff who listen to the wishes of the guests and very carefully treats everyone. Negative impressions were received only by those who do not like hookah. If you do not order it, you will most likely be asked to leave the institution, and immediately, and they will not even serve. On the other hand, why go to dinner in the hookah?lamp calico omsk

The institution operates until one in the morning and is located at Chkalov 40, 400 meters from the stop "Uchastnaya".

Lamp, Omsk, hookah

Hookah «Shed» in Omsk

For a specific name lies verypositive reputation. Almost everyone who has ever been to this institution leaves feedback with a mark of 4 points. It looks, by the way, far from being a shed. Visitors were pleased with the great variety of tobacco, different in strength of flavors. You can select them individually, only briefly describing what you would like to try. Undoubtedly, plus the fact that the hookah works round the clock and daily.

The institution offers to play backgammon and drinkexpensive tea. The disadvantage of this place is considered a little detached and hackneyed behavior of the staff. The DJ absolutely can not feel the atmosphere of hookah and includes the same music that he listens at home, and in his playlist there is a wild hodgepodge, which not everyone will like. In addition, the music is very loud, to sit and calmly communicate will not work, which, undoubtedly, is a disadvantage of such an institution.

The address of the hookah "Shed": Volochaevskaya street, 9.

Hookahshed, Omsk

Hookah «The Smoke»

Another interesting institution that usesdemand from Omsk residents. Hookah is well decorated. Inside, there is a very cordial and pleasant atmosphere, even too much for institutions of this nature. "The Smoke" is more like a bar than a hookah. Those who have already visited the institution, consider it a big plus that you can just come here with a company of friends to drink beer and chat. Waiters can offer you a choice of a unique diet or fitness menu. They also come here to play board games, to various tastings. There are also master classes. Car enthusiasts appreciated the availability of free parking for visitors. In general, solid pluses.

Moreover, the administration is in constantcontact with the visitors of the institution, answers them in social networks, draws new ideas for themselves and, importantly, embodies them. As for the negative, there is very little of it, and all of it is related to the fact that because of the large number of visitors, the waiting time of the waiter and the hookahs greatly increases.

Hookahs in Omsk, addresses

Hookah Hubble-Bubble

Another popular hookah Omsk, whichhas appeared relatively recently and has already earned a lot of positive reviews. First of all, visitors note a huge assortment of tobacco, even the very rare varieties. However, its quality is not at the most outstanding level. Due to the fact that the hookah in Omsk appeared not so long ago, there is still a very large stream of guests, so it's very difficult to spend time in silence or alone with yourself.hookah omsk

The staff deserved special praise. Regular visitors describe the hookah staff as being responsive, attentive and professional. The concept of an institution is interesting. Something unusual is always happening here, games are arranged, author's hookahs are served. In general, they do everything to force visitors to come back again.

Hookah is located at: Dekabristov Street, 116.

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