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The start of sales of a new-generation sedan of a Japanese-made car began at the end of last month of the current year. In addition to significant changes in its appearance and interior decoration, the new model also acquired noticeable upgrades in technical terms.

The developers believe that the restyled car was a significant leap in the development of this model. The new sedan has a variety of equipment and technical stuffing that will surely satisfy the most demanding customers.

Design features of the appearance of the car

As the basis forNissan Teana 2017model year, the developers took the Altima sedan. Machines are similar in terms of their interior, also designed on the same platform.

The exterior of the Teana 2017 after significant updates has become courageous and aggressive. There are a lot of changes in the front area of ​​the novelty. The grille was completely redone, completely different headlights appeared, characterized by the presence of slightly noticeable glass. Due to the new body styles, Nissan engineers managed to get the best aerodynamic characteristics.

Innovations in the rear area of ​​the body reflected on the modernization of the headlights, which received a new form, the luggage compartment lid and body kits were also modified. Chrome exhaust pipes are located on the sides of the rear bumper.

Changes in the exterior obviously benefited the Nissan Teana, the car began to look dynamic, sporty and bright - in a word, a sports sedan, like the elder fellow Nissan Maxima.

Changes in the interior of the Nissan Teana 2017

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Once inside the new car, you can immediately understand that there is much less change compared to the exterior of the model. The multimedia complex of the new generation, equipped with a seven-inch screen, as well as a radio that works via satellite, is striking the eye. It should be said that in the previous version there was no radio. In addition to this, the complex is equipped with a host of functions, for example, synchronization with a mobile device, rear-view camera, voice control, and many others.

It is now possible to control the multimedia installation from the steering wheel, due to the buttons located on it. The machine is equipped with a wide driver's seat, which will be ideal for a person of any physique.The interior is decorated with high-quality expensive materials.

Of course, it is necessary to say about the very comfortable seats of the second and first row, neatly assembling the inside of the car with decent sound and sound insulation, as well as the rich equipment of the equipment. Depending on the model chosen, the buyer can get a chair with leather or fabric upholstery.

Overall characteristics of the novelty

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In the market of China, this model is offered in two body variations. The first option is characterized by an increased wheel base and a length of five meters. This variation has the name Teana XV VIP or Tiana Herzog. The parameters of the base wheels in this design correspond to 2900 mm. In the traditional version, the dimensions of the 2017 model are similar to the size of the previous version of the car.

  • The length of the machine is 4863 mm;
  • The width of the new car is 1832 mm (if you do not take into account the mirror);
  • The base is 2776 mm;
  • The height does not exceed 1482 mm;
  • Total weight - 1482 kg;
  • Clearance - 142 mm.

Trunk compartment after the upgrade lost in its volume. Its capacity is 475 liters, which is 15 liters less than the version of the previous generation.

Bundling Teana 2017

Nissan Teana 2017 picking

The buyer will be offered a choice of three types of power units, which differ in their capacity - 2.0 l., 2.5.l. and 3.0 l. In turn, they perform twin work with CVT. The company decided not to equip the new Teana 2017 with all-wheel drive. For interior designed two colors of design - black and beige. Also, depending on the type of configuration, the new product will receive the following "chips":

  • Ventilation of the rear seats;
  • Climate control;
  • 360 degree viewing option or rear view camera;
  • A variety of head unit systems;
  • A system that recognizes road markings;
  • Multifunction steering wheel;
  • Various elements of decor coated with chrome.

Technical features

characteristics of tian 2017

The machine is equipped with the following types of power units:

  • 150 hp with a capacity of two liters;
  • 172-strong volume of 2.5 liters;
  • 5-liter capacity of 250 hp

Gearbox - CVT variator with manual control function and sport mode (not available for every modification).

The suspension of the sedan is independent, the multi-link design is located at the back, and the MacPherson strut in the front. The brake system is fully disc.

The machine has various safety and comfort features.These include ESP, ABS, emergency braking technology, electric power steering, a function that recognizes road signs and markings, a sensor that monitors blind spots, a front-wheel drive system and many others.

The price of a new sedan

Nissan Teana 2017

In the market of the Middle Kingdom car is already actively being sold. The price tag on it ranges from 175,000 to 300,000 yuan, translated into Russian money, this amount is from 1,750 million rubles to 3,000 million rubles. At the moment there is no specific information about whether the new generation of Teana will be represented in our market. The production of the previous version of this car was discontinued at an enterprise in St. Petersburg at the beginning of this year.

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