Holiday in Lagonaki for the New Year 2017

The approach of the New Year always brings with it many pleasant troubles, including the selection of the place of celebration. Of course, you can always stay at home, sit at a generously set table and watch TV, but you can celebrate a celebration in a more interesting and unusual setting. An excellent option for organizing a bright holiday would be a trip to the Lagonaki Plateau in the Republic of Adygea.

What is the beauty of celebratingNew Year 2017 in Lagonaki? First of all, the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, skiing and snowboarding, visit interesting sights and just have a great time. In addition, the cost of rest in Lagonaki is quite affordable, so the journey does not "hit" on the wallet, which is important in the current economic situation.

Features Lagonaki

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Many tourists refuse to travel to Lagonaki, believing that this is just a small village, in which there is nothing remarkable, but this is not the case.In fact, Lagonaki is a large plateau, on the territory of which there are mountains and gorges, the purest lakes and waterfalls, caves and barrows. There are many colorful settlements with interesting architectural structures and historical monuments.

Among the experienced travelers, Lagonaki is famous for its ski resorts that meet all international standards. There are well-groomed trails for beginners and professionals, while the prices for rental equipment and lifts are available even for budget travelers. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, fascinating hiking and snowmobile trips are available here.

Lagonaki for the New Year

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During the winter holidays, a large number of tourists come to Lagonaki to celebrate the New Year among the beauties of the Adygei nature. For the celebration here are preparing the same way as in other regions of the country. The streets of the villages are decorated with festoons and New Year's illumination, in the central squares they put on elegantly decorated Christmas trees and prepare various festive events.

There are many boarding houses and tourist complexes in Lagonaki, which are also eagerly awaiting winter celebrations.Many of them prepare entertainment programs for guests with a banquet, competitions and gifts. It is worth noting that if you want to meet the New Year in one of the boarding houses or hotel complexes, you need to book places in advance, as the number of vacant rooms decreases.

How to celebrate New Year 2017 in Lagonaki

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There are several options for celebrating the main winter celebration in Lagonaki. You can celebrate New Year in one of the local towns, booking a table in a restaurant or going to the main square. In the first case, you will enjoy a delicious dinner, dance to live music and even take part in interesting contests. The street version of the celebration provides a "standard" set of fun: fairs, concerts, dancing near the main city Christmas tree and a grand salute after the onset of midnight.

If you plan to live in a boarding house or on a tourist base, then you can not worry about organizing the celebration - most of these institutions prepare a New Year program for guests. Here you will find a banquet, fun contests, dancing, music and a great mood.

Those who wish to celebrate the New Year in the lap of nature will not be disappointed either. At Lagonaki you can rent a small cottage in the mountains and create a celebration in a convenient format. In a secluded house, surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks, the greatness of the Adygei nature is felt as well as possible. Here you will enjoy a large group of friends, a family with children, and a pair of lovers.

Vacation plans

Few people go to Lagonaki only on New Year's Eve, as a rule, they spend several days here, resting before the start of a new round of working everyday life. To spend the winter holidays in this area can be very interesting, because there are many natural and historical attractions.

If you want to admire the majestic waterfalls, mysterious caves and pristine lakes, you should go to Hajhoh. Here you can also see dolmens and mounds of ancient nomadic empires. Lovers of outdoor activities in Hajhoh also enjoy, because for tourists developed many fascinating mountain trails.

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You can get acquainted with local customs and culture in the village of Mamai. Here, on an ongoing basis, there is an exhibition-fair, where various handicrafts are sold and long-standing crafts are displayed.In Mama, you can not only purchase original souvenirs, but also chat with real shamans.

Snowboarding and skiing are possible on the Abadzesh, Blyam, Pshekha-Soo, Oshten and Fisht mountains. The tracks are on average from 1 to 2.5 km, while there are slopes for both beginners and professionals. You can stop here in the hotel complexes, here it is easy to find the rental of necessary equipment for skiing.

What you need to know, going to Lagonaki

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The climate in Lagonaki is mild enough, however, winter is always snowy, and in January there are severe frosts, therefore, gathering here for the New Year, do not forget warm clothes. If you want to stay in a boarding house or in a hostel, you should take care of booking a place in advance and ask if the complexes offer a show program on New Year's Eve. As for prices, they are quite reasonable: living at the recreation center will cost from 200 rubles per person per day, and in a more expensive hotel - from 1300 rubles.

Planning to celebrate New Year 2017 in Lagonaki, you can count on a sea of ​​positive emotions and impressions. Here among the mountain landscapes you will have a great rest and gain strength.

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