Hockey club "Buffalo Sabers" and its history

"Buffalo Sabers" is a professional hockeyclub, which performs in the National Hockey League. The base is in the state of New York (in Buffalo). The club has a pretty rich history, and it's worth briefly about it.

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The beginning of history

Founded the club "Buffalo Sabers" in 1969, 2December. The initiators of this idea were Norrpur and Seymour Noxam. First of all they hired a head coach and a general manager. He became George Imlah. This man was famous - for his coaching career, he four times became the owner of the Stanley Cup. Plus, twice his "Toronto" played in the finals of the playoffs.

In 1970, HC "Buffalo Sabers" found the firstDraft-peak on the draft of newcomers. The right choice was used. Gilberto Perrault decided to draft, he played for the Montreal Canadiens. Young central striker for the first season has issued 38 goals. Naturally, he was recognized as the best new hockey player of the year and handed over for this "Calder Trophy". At the next draft in the "Buffalo" chose Rick Marten.

In 1971/72 the club acquired René Robert - a forward striker. All the young players the coach decided to bring to the bottom of the top three.

In principle, the first years of "Buffalo Sabers" werenot bad. For example, the club finished 1974/75 season with a result of 49 wins (!), 16 defeats and 15 draws. And these figures still remain the best in the history of this hockey club.

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Further successes

"Buffalo Sabers" - hockey club, emblemwhich depicts a powerful and aggressive bison. It reflects the spirit of the team itself. "Blades", as they are called (in fact, in addition to a wild animal there used to be two blades), they really tried to demonstrate their morale and attitude in all games. For example, in 1976, on January 4, the American team defeated the Russian "Wings of the Soviets" with a score of 12: 6, which was the biggest defeat in the history of the confrontation between Russia and America.

In general six times this club played with Russian teams. Four times they won, two lost. In addition to a loud victory over the "Wings" they managed to still beat with a crushing score in CSKA Moscow 6-1.

In 1979, the coach changed. It was Scotty Bowman. And this man spent 404 matches with the club, of which there were 210 victories. A total of 60 draws and 134 defeats. It was he who transformed and improved the "Buffalo Sabers". Composition of Scotty rejuvenated - attracted the most promising and young at that time hockey players, and this positively affected the quality of the game.

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From the 90's to today

In 1991, the director, engaged in hockeyoperations, became John Makler. He is a 5-time winner of the Stanley Cup. In October of the same year, he acquired Pat LaFontaine, who formed an excellent bunch with Alexander Mogilny (he escaped from CSKA and transited to America) - in a pair of hockey players issued 129 goals per season.

And everything went well, but in Seymour Knox died in 1996III, who is one of the founders of the club. In the next season it was decided to change the tone of the form. Now it has become black and red, and not blue-gold. Then the club had a new arena - "HSBC Arena". And then the club took first place in the North-East Division.

Then the team took control of a new coach named Lindy Ruff. He managed to bring players to the final part of the Eastern Conference.

In 1998 the second of the Nox brothers died. The club continued to exist and win. In 1999/2000 passed the jubilee, the thirtieth season for the team. In the next they registered 46 wins and missed the least of all the other teams. Then the team proved: "Buffalo Sabers" is a hockey club, which is one of the best and brightest in the USA.

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Interesting Facts

In this club there were a lot of stars andchampions. So, for example, the most points for the season was designed by Pat Lafontaine - as many as 148! The greatest number of goals, gear and points also belongs to Gilbert Perrault. They were on his account - 1326 for the period from 1970 to 1987. Most of all washers scored in the gate rivals Alexander Mogilny - the same one who escaped from CSKA Moscow. On his account, 76 per season.

The most winning pucks are listed in Danny Gareand Alexander Mogilny - 11 each. Most effective results were made by Pat Lafontaine (95 in the season). Most of all the penalty minutes recorded on his account, Rob Ray - 354 (!) For the season. In general, as you can see, the team really has a lot of achievements and a fairly rich, rich history. And you can be sure that all the fun is just ahead.

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