Heart do it yourself

February 4, 2013

Heart do it yourselfEvery year in February, almost all people tune in to the romantic mood, because the holiday of all lovers is coming. At this time, even the most avid skeptics tend to make their loved ones pleasant, and for this you need to create a romantic atmosphere. It is easiest to do this with the help of an indispensable love attribute - the heart. You can give your heart not only in a figurative sense, but also make a festive handmade heart-craftwork with your own hands. There are hundreds of ways to make hearts and valentines from a variety of materials: candy, flowers, paper and cardboard, fabric and thread, beads and ribbons. In the form of a heart, there may be pillows, cakes, bouquets, candy boxes, caskets and boxes. All this will allow you to choose a gift for Valentine's Day and to please your soul mate with a romantic gift.

In this article, we offer several options for Valentine's Day gifts in the form of hearts. Make them easy, but the thing, made with your own hands, will serve as a reminder of romantic feelings for a year.

Heart with flowers from ribbons

Such a heart looks very impressive and can be used as an ornament on a wall or a wreath. For its manufacture will need a base in the shape of a heart. In this example, it is made of plastic, but you can make it out of cardboard or foam. To do this, a heart of the required size and shape is cut out of the chosen material, and then the sides are glued to it. In order for the base to look volumetric, the thickness of the heart along with the rim should be about 4 centimeters.

In addition to the base for the heart, you need a fabric of pink and red shades. You can take the fabric of one color or several shades.
heart of balloons with your own hands

  1. Strips of 7x40 cm are cut from fabric. They need as many as fabric flowers are planned to be made. These strips are folded along in half and stitched on a sewing machine from the side of folded edges.
  2. Then seam prisobirayut as shown in the photo.
  3. From the flat fabric begin to twist the rosette, wrapping it around the central part is not too tight.
  4. When the rosette is completely twisted, it is fixed at the bottom with a needle with a thread so that it does not break up. Thus, make the required number of roses.
  5. They are attached to the base of the heart with glue, positioning rather tightly together, so that there are no gaps.
  6. When all the roses are attached, the finished heart is left for some time to dry the glue.

Quilling heart

Gentle and airy heart can be made using the technique of quilling. To do this, paper is cut into thin strips of the desired length and twisted and folded them in the form of petals. Now this technique has become widespread, so you can find ready-made quilling strips in handicraft stores.
paper heart with your own hands

To make a paper heart, at first a contour of the heart is formed from a long paper strip, and then they begin to fill it with smaller details. Then, from the stripes, the flower petals are first twisted, then they are joined together in several pieces into flowers of different shapes and glued to the contour of the heart. Originally looks like a heart filled with flowers of different shapes and sizes. You can also use paper of different shades. The finished design can be used as a separate decorative product or used to decorate a holiday card or Valentine.

Heart of thread

surround heart with your own handsFor those who have absolutely no skills in needlework, you can make a very simple, but nonetheless beautiful, valentine from threads. For the manufacture of this heart will need a cardboard base in the form of a heart and thick knitting threads of several shades of pink or red. The tip of the thread is fixed with glue on the base, and then begin to wind the heart with threads in random order. After some time, the color of the thread must be changed and done this several times so that the heart turns out to be wrapped with threads of several shades. This is how a volumetric multi-colored heart turns out, which can be used as a decor or donated just like that.

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