Handicrafts from autumn leaves

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Autumn leaves are so bright, beautiful, fragrant - I want to collect more of them and certainly bring them home. They can be put in a vase or dried. And these leaves - an excellent material for creativity. In this article you will find a selection of ideas that will inspire you.

autumn crafts
What crafts can you collect from autumn leaves with your own hands? The first thing that comes to mind is a herbarium. Yes, this technique is very popular, and we have already acquainted with it. And what else? Of course, the wreaths on the head of the beautiful wide leaves, which are so popular in the autumn photo shoots. However, there are still many ideas of various handicrafts - we will talk about them today.

Some of this is useful for parents of schoolchildren and preschoolers, as the workshops on working with leaves are very popular with children. And some ideas will be able to slightly transform your interior - add comfort, beauty, autumn mood. So get inspired, and then go to the park, collect beautiful autumn leaves and start to work!


This is one of the most obvious handicrafts made from autumn leaves, however we tried to pick up unbeaten ideas. If you have children, they should like these funny pictures. Look, remember, and then collect the appropriate leaves.


leafy bird

Well, or chicken - whatever. The main thing - collect a beautiful colored tail from the leaves. In the center, place a round monophonic sheet of dark color and add blanks for the eyes. We fix everything on glue. Or on the stapler, and hide the paperclip under the leaf, imitating the beak.


leafy girl

For this application, you will need a pre-made template or drawing. You can use children's coloring with princesses. You can make a hairstyle, a blouse or lay out the hem of a dress from small neat leaves. Add some more leaflets to the craft to simulate leaf fall. By the way, such a picture can be laid out on a Whatman paper and hung in the room, inserted into the frame. Or decorate a notebook in a similar way.


leaf deer

And this handicraft of leaves for the smallest. Even a preschooler can handle it if you help him. Paper, PVA glue, suitable leaves and some creativity - that’s the whole secret of this application.Take a look at the picture - it will not be difficult to repeat it.

Little birds

Handicraft of leaves in the form of cute birds is a very popular option. We suggest you look at not quite standard, but at the same time very simple ideas that even children can repeat with their own hands.

Spread the chickens out of several yellow leaves.

leaf birds

Only three bright autumn leaves - and you get a funny outlandish bird.

leafy bird

Of course, you need to make a parrot out of bright leaves - like without it? Connect the most colorful copies, add a button instead of an eye, glue everything on paper - you’ll have a funny character.

leaf parrot


Making a hedgehog application is very simple.

leaf hedgehog

Even the one who does not possess artistic talents can draw a face, and the needles are collected simply by overlaying some leaves on others. The option when all the leaves are dense and approximately the same size looks very nice.


With the help of autumn leaves you can make unusual photo frames. You can quite decorate the finished or create it from scratch. Whatever you choose - it will be great.

decor photo frames

Take a regular cardboard and stick a photo to it.Cut off the excess edges, and then start laying out the leaves, fixing them on the glue. Add any decor. This frame can be hung on the wall using double-sided tape.

If you have a child, with him you can also do this piece of autumn leaves. Just take a wooden or cardboard frame without decor and glue colored leaves on the PVA glue. If smudges remain, apply a layer of dry spangles on top.

Photo frame

In addition to the leaves, you can add other natural materials to the frame. Dried apples, berries, grass, flowers or something else. Fix all this on superglue.

autumn photo frame

Frames are very convenient to do on thick cardboard. If you do not have this, glue a few sheets together. However, most often the photos in such handicrafts are smeared with glue around the edges, so that when you eliminate the frame you will have to cut it.

Children's crown

Such a leaf decoration is suitable for a children's party, or it can be used simply as entertainment. Going to the crown is very simple.

leaf crown

The most popular option is a crown of maple leaves. Cut a strip of cardboard and glue it to the size of the head. The leaves are glued vertically.To avoid gaps, add a layer of intertwined leaves, linked by petioles. By the same principle weave wreaths.

You can leave the leaves as they are, and just cut off all the excess. If you add such a wreath with sparkles or any other decor, you will learn very beautifully.

autumn wreath

Especially great look crowns of leaves, diluted with flowers, berries or blade of grass. They can be attached to the superglue. If the leaf layer is thick enough, you can also use a stapler to fix the craft.

autumn crown

Homemade crowns look very elegant. They can additionally be decorated with satin ribbons. If you wish, you can assemble an accessory not on a cardboard, but on an elastic band.

Lamps and candlesticks

Autumn leaves look very impressive if there is a bright light source nearby. Such crafts are the most beautiful. One problem - this material for creativity refers to the number of flammable. Therefore, it is better to keep it away from fire.

The best way is to paste over the finished container.

leaf lamp

There is no wisdom. Take an unnecessary cup or bowl, apply PVA glue on it with a thick layer.Glue the leaves so that their edges almost never protrude upward. Let the construction dry. Then apply another layer of glue directly on the leaves. Add another layer. Inside, place a small candle with a flat bottom.

Another great option is the decor of the jars. Take the standard glass jars, free them from the labels, wash, dry. Then take a small piece of sponge and blot it with white glue. Apply it directly to the sheet.


Glue the sheet on the jar. If smudges appear, clean them immediately with a sponge or cloth. Make three or four such decorative leaves on each can. Tie a straw bow under the neck. Add any decor.


Inside, place a small candle. When you light it, you will understand how cool your autumn hack looks.

autumn candle holders

Make a few lamps - together they look even better. We advise you to use different leaves to make it even more interesting.


You can make a beautiful decorative vase with your own hands from autumn leaves. It can serve as an ornament or as a saucer-stand.

leaf vase

You will need an ordinary balloon, PVA glue and many different leaves.Inflate the ball to the size you want to see a vase. Tie it up and cover it with glue until about the middle. Then attach the leaves.

Then leave the structure to dry slightly. After some time, cover with glue already a layer of leaves. Glue another one. The design can be removed after 5-6 hours. Simply pierce or gently release the ball from the future vase. So that there are no white traces of glue inside, cover the entire surface with a fresh layer of PVA and place leaves on it.

When the accessory is completely dry, it can be filled with dried flowers or cones. And if you want to turn the vase into a stand, cover it with a non-toxic varnish. So it will be possible to store something already heavier in it.

leaf vase

Saucer and decorative coasters

Are you into polymer clay modeling? Here's an idea for you: make a leaf print. This decor is suitable for decorating a saucer, stand for hot or just pendants-paintings.

leaf print

Roll out the mass in a thin layer. Put a sheet on it and press it firmly. Choose the most prominent to make the print more powerful. If necessary, use a fine needle and paint the veins.

leaf print

If you plan to make some kind of polymer clay jewelry with leaves (blanks for necklaces, earrings, brooches, etc.), roll out the layer very thinly and remove the excess edges with a chisel.

leaf decorations

Bake polymer clay according to the package instructions. When the work is cool, paint the autumn sheet with acrylic paints. Finished crafts close varnish.

You may need: stencils of autumn leaves


How do you imagine a bouquet of autumn leaves? Well, the leaves collected among themselves and tied up by a beautiful tape are the most popular option. And what if you make leaves of roses? Watch this short video tutorial to twist the leaflets correctly.


Screw more of these roses and collect in a bouquet. If you are lucky to find colorful leaves, it will turn out quite unusual.

bouquet of leaves

Add some leaves around the edges, decorate with berries or something else.

autumn bouquet

Such a bouquet of maple roses can be presented to someone for a birthday or to your teacher on Teacher's Day. Any teacher will appreciate this non-standard approach.

roses from leaves

If you add a ribbon or craft paper, you get an amazing composition.

We hope that you are inspired by this collection of ideas. As you can see, you can make really many beautiful things for home, decorations, children's handicrafts from autumn leaves. Your fantasy here can be limitless.

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