Hallway design in the apartment

When planning repairs in the apartment, many of us, above all, focus on the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The hallway, at this time, remains unheeded. And it is completely in vain. Properly designed hallway design in the apartment is able to organize the space in the right way. If the size of the apartment allows, then installing a built-in wardrobe in the hallway can be a good idea. Thus, with the help of such a cabinet you can find a place for outerwear and shoes for the whole family. With a small room in the hallway you can put a small chest of drawers, a pencil case or hanging cabinets or shelves. They can also accommodate all sorts of things and accessories.

Finishing materials for this part of the apartment must be used sufficiently durable, such as thick wallpaper, kronospan or simply relief plaster, painted with water-based paint. This is due to the fact that in the hallway during gatherings one has to constantly touch the walls in order to lean on them. In addition, when households simultaneously come home,This will willy-nilly touch outerwear with the walls, which can also leave an imprint on the vulnerable and light coating, for example, on wallpaper.

It is very fashionable today to do the decoration of the walls in the hallway with such natural materials as bamboo, shells or pebbles. These materials can be decorated as the entire wall, and some of its part in the form of a decorative pattern.
Rounded door arches have become classics of the genre. Very many people like to change ordinary doors to interior arches. Such arches can be decorated with decorative bead curtains or something else. An important role in the interior of the hallway is lighting. It must certainly be very good and bright, so that all the household without exception can tie their shoelaces and dress in comfortable conditions without any problems.

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