Hairstyles for prom 2018

The prom is the first event in the life of a girl, when you want to look like a princess. Here the smallest detail is important: the style of the dress, makeup and, of course, the hairstyle. Everything should be beautiful and harmonious. What hairstyles at the prom in 2018 will be the most relevant and popular? This article will tell this.


How to choose the right hairstyle

In order to create the perfect image, it is necessary to take into account many factors. Speaking specifically about hairstyle is:

  • face shape;
  • hair length;
  • their type.

If the girl is the owner of a triangular face, then she needs to minimize this disproportion. The disadvantages are easily smoothed asymmetric hairstyle. This may be a long bang or curls, covering part of the face.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

If the graduate has an oval face, then she can pick up almost any hairstyle.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

Those who have a square face type will again have to hide their flaws using asymmetry. She is able to smooth facial features.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

Girls who have a round face, fit volumetric bouffant.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

In this case, the use of smooth hair and smooth selection is not recommended.

If the hair to the prom is not the industry, do not be discouraged. With the help of short hairstyles, you can also achieve a romantic image.
It is enough to make a little bouffant, and curls to gather back, as shown in the photo.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

Short hair can also be made a masterpiece and at the same time use the most common tools. Making this hairstyle, you can decorate it with the help of various accessories. They perfectly complement your graduation outfit.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

If you do not want to bother with a complex hairstyle, you can do the usual styling. True, for this you need drugs that fix the hair. It can be:

  • varnishes;
  • mousses;
  • skins and gels.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

The most beautiful options: Grade 9

Most often at this age, girls prefer hairstyles for medium hair. This is perhaps the most win-win. For medium hair, there are lots of hairstyles that can be handled by a master of any class.

In 2018, hair with a scythe will be extremely popular. Weaving hair can reach various options.This may be the usual French braid, rolled into a flower or a voluminous hairstyle in the form of a basket.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

Will not lose its relevance and hairstyles in the form of a beam. They can be decorated with stones, rhinestones, flowers and other similar accessories.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

This hairstyle can be complemented by curls that will decorate the evening look. Looks gracefully and released strands.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

Hairstyles for prom: grade 11

For older girls will look laconically hairstyle in retro style. She has folded large curls, wavy curls and parting parting. It can be worn with feathers, textile colors, bandages.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

Retro-inspired hairstyles emphasize the young lady’s sexuality and sensuality.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

If a high school graduate has luxurious long hair, then she can recommend a hairstyle in the Greek style. In this case, the hair can be either loose or stabbed. Quite often similar hairstyles are used in wedding ceremonies.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

With the help of this hairstyle achieved the tenderness and romance of the image. In addition, the hairstyle is not only attractive, but also very comfortable. Usually it is decorated with stones, a bandage, flowers and even a diadem.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

Fashionable hairstyles for 2018

Hairstyles for young girls can have the most bizarre forms. In this regard, the masters of hairdressing is where to turn. Every year there are new trends that contribute to an even greater disclosure of the image of graduates.

We will try to remember hairstyles that have been in constant popularity for many years:

Bridget Bordeaux Style Hairstyles, made in this style, fill the image with elegance. They are characterized by volume, which is created by matched hair and a pile at the crown.

Hairstyles for prom 2018

Baroque style It includes all kinds of curls, lush curls and weaves.

Hairstyles for the prom 2018. Most beautiful with photos

Malvina It includes all kinds of curls, lush curls and weaves.

Hairstyles for the prom 2018. Most beautiful with photos

In 2018, various bangs will continue to be popular. They are selected depending on the type of person. They can be even and thick, asymmetrical, elongated, shortened, etc.

Hairstyles for the prom 2018. Most beautiful with photos

Also will remain relevant staining of individual strands and toning hair. Californian highlighting will be popular when several tones of blond are applied to long hair. It should be noted that the Dim-out coloring technique returns, in which certain parts of the hair are darkened.

Hairstyles for the prom 2018. Most beautiful with photos


To create the necessary image stylists are advised to use the full arsenal of all kinds of jewelry. It may be:

  • various ribbons;
  • rhinestones;
  • various flowers;
  • stylish hairpins;
  • tiaras;
  • dressings, etc.

At the same time, the hairstyle should not be overloaded. There is a golden rule: the more complex the styling, the less all kinds of decorations should be and vice versa. If the hairstyle is simple, then it can be supplemented with ornaments.

Also, the hairstyle decoration depends on the dress. If it has ornaments, then their hair should be as small as possible.

Hairstyles for the prom 2018. Most beautiful with photos

Choosing a hairstyle for the prom, do not forget about the natural beauty. Hairstyle should emphasize your personality.

If you decide to do your hair yourself, then you need to remember about the harmful effects of some devices, such as: hair dryer, curling iron, styler, etc. All sorts of gels, varnishes and other products also damage the hair. To keep the hair healthy and attractive, you must use balms, special solutions and other protective agents.

And more, if you want to have a prom night with a bang, and you are irresistible, try to choose an outfit and hairstyle in advance.If necessary, discuss all issues with friends or relatives.

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