Groundhog Day in 2019

Groundhog Day - a holiday associated with the onset of spring and having pagan roots. It is traditionally celebrated in Canada and in America every year on the same day - February 2, when winter begins to decline. In 2019, the holiday falls on a Saturday. On this day, the woodchuck awakens from hibernation and by his behavior you can learn when to wait for spring.


As a woodchuck predicts spring

Groundhog behavior is associated with weather conditions. If the weather is sunny, then the people will take the animal, leaving the hole, is frightened by its shadow and dives back to the shelter. This means that spring will come only after 6 weeks, and you should not rely on heat. Well, if it is overcast and windy outside, it is, on the contrary, a good sign - the rodent comes out of the mink and hurries about his business - to prepare for spring, which will come early.

Fact! Meteorological observations, according to statistics, do not always confirm the result of the marmot predictor, but local residents attach great importance to this. 2019 is no exception - Americans are looking forward to the day when a furry clairvoyant will come out of hibernation.

Where did the tradition come from

The roots of this holiday grow from ancient folk beliefs. It is believed that German immigrants brought him to the USA. The first mentions of the tradition are found in ancient Roman sources: the Romans gave the role of weather forecaster to hedgehogs. In Germany, it was a badger, and in some regions of Europe - a bear. Bulgarian sign says that if a bear sees its shadow on this day, she continues her dream, because the winter will last another 40 days. In the USA and Canada, the beginning of February coincided with the marmot’s hibernation, where he spends 4-5 winter months, and the role of a clairvoyant meteorologist was assigned to this friendly animal. By the way, what date to celebrate was not chosen by chance, February 2 is the middle between the winter and spring solstice.

Groundhog in the grass

Interestingly, for Christians, this date coincides with the 40th day after Christ, which in some denominations is celebrated as the Presentation of the Lord: the day when the baby Christ was brought to the Jerusalem temple for the rite of consecration to God. Protestant churches around the world will celebrate it in 2019.

How to celebrate in the world

In the United States and Canada, spring has been celebrated with the marmot for a very long time - this date has been officially celebrated since the 19th century.This is a national holiday, and every state and even a town has its own tradition of holding it. He gained worldwide popularity after the release of the 1993 film Ramis “Groundhog Day” with the charming Bill Murray in the lead role. In the picture, the action takes place in the town of Panksatoni in Pennsylvania, where Phil Marmot predicts spring on the Turkey Hill. The small town never dreamed such attention of the world community - every year hundreds of tourists from all states and from other countries come to the event. Classes in schools are canceled because people are on school buses who want to look at Phil and his prediction. In Panksatoni, by the way, the Groundhog Club was created, whose members have the honorable mission to lure the animal out of the mink. All this action is filmed on television and broadcast on the Internet.

Groundhog Day in Panksatoni

Interestingly, the expression “Groundhog Day” after the release of the film stuck in Russia and in other countries. According to the idea of ​​the film, it means a series of events repeating day by day, a vicious circle characterizing the monotony of life.

On this day, festivals, performances and folk festivals are held in different regions of America and the USA.If you want to watch the holiday of 2019, you can find the site of the Groundhog Phil - you can watch the broadcast on it and find out what events will be held on this date.

Despite the fact that the holiday came from Europe, the tradition to celebrate it remained only the North American continent. In Russia, it is also not customary to celebrate it, a similar tradition of meeting spring with us is Maslenitsa.

The most famous marmots, forecasters

  • Star number one - Panksaton Phil, whom the local public title as "the wisest of the wise." By the way, according to unofficial data, the predictions of the “sage from Panksatoni” do not come true more often than in 40% of cases.
  • Chuck, who lives on Staten Island in New York, received public recognition. The solemn appearance of Chuck from the hole in the local zoo traditionally comes the mayor of the capital. Zoo workers claim that he correctly guesses the upcoming spring almost always. By the way, there are rumors that once at an event Chuck bit the mayor by the finger.
  • An important groundhog lives in the city of Lilburn, General Beoregard Lee, he has a doctorate degree in meteorology from a local university.Apparently, the degree awarded deservedly - on the website of the general write that the accuracy of his predictions is 94%.
  • Also in the United States are famous for Jimmy of St. Prairie, Sir Walter from the town of Raleigh.
  • Panksaton Phil
    Famous Panxaton Phil
  • Groundhog General Beoregard Lee
    Groundhog General Beoregard Lee
  • Marmot chuck
    Marmot chuck
  • Willie Marmot from the Canadian village Viarton
    Willie Marmot from Viarton
  • Billy Marmot from Canada
    Billy Marmot from Canada
  • Brandon Bob Marmot
    Brandon bob

Canada has its own local "stars":

  • Willy, from the Canadian village of Wiarton, is a whole rodent dynasty that takes the name Willy and has been "working" by meteorologists since the 1980s. According to local media, all Willy give a fairly accurate forecast and guess the weather in 80% of cases.
  • Billy from the town of Balzac, also in Canada.
  • Still popular are Sam from Shubenakaydi, Brandon-Bob, and several other four-legged clairvoyants.

Who exactly celebrities will give the correct forecast for 2019, we learn February 2 from the news.

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