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The activity of food enterprises and catering establishments should be accompanied by the use of grease catcher systems. These devices prevent major damage to sewage pipes: only a grease trap for cafes, factories, kitchens, and meat-packing plants will be able to radically solve the problem. The consequences of the destructive effect of fatty sewage on the state of sewage networks often result in substantial fines for organizations that do not have special grease catcher equipment.


Fats of plant and animal origin are among the permanent pollutants of wastewater. If they fall into the sewage system as part of household waste, then usually their concentration does not disrupt the operation of the cleaning system. A completely different picture is created when sewage and fatty waste from restaurants, canteens and food enterprises is dumped into the sewer network. Pipes clogged with fatty deposits lead to the destruction of the purification facilities,and only the installed grease trap for cafes, canteens, bars and other catering establishments can save the situation with the quality of water purification.


Since in cafes and restaurants the kitchens are mostly not very large, the compact cleaning device is quite suitable for them. Such an installation can be equipped directly under the sink, and it will work smoothly, provided that it is periodically cleaned of accumulated fat. The principle on which the grease catcher acts for cafes, restaurants and other enterprises related to food production, one for all modifications of grease traps, is the separation of fat. The treatment plant is divided into process compartments. When entering the first compartment, the wastewater is first settled, freed from heavy solid particles that are in suspended form. Going into the second compartment, in which there are a number of partitions, the waters are maximally cleared of grease and drained to the sewer.


If there are several washing baths, the device of this series can be placed sequentially in the amount of two or three - this option will replace the more powerful fat separator and seriously reduce the volume of fat fractions entering the sewage system.If the drains reach significant volumes, then the enterprise installs a shop assembly, which is distinguished by high productivity and corresponding dimensions. Therefore, it is better to allocate a special room, where the shop grease separator will be placed. Both compact and workshop cleaning mechanisms are made from polypropylene - a very durable thermo- and cold-resistant polymer that can last for 50 years.


The same strong and durable material is another polymer - reinforced fiberglass, which is made in Finland. The most modern equipment is used to wind glass threads that make up the polymer, and due to the increased glass content, the mechanical and physical qualities of products made of this material are enhanced. Industrial fiberglass grease separator - a huge grease-cleaning structure - due to its size requires installation on open ground with free access to it by a sewage truck. Being permanently outdoors, this unit must have a high resistance to ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes and other negative manifestations of the environment.Fiberglass, from which the industrial grease trap is made, is not subject to any atmospheric influences, which determines such a long service life of the device - several decades. The lid and water seal ensure leak tightness and no offensive odors.

High work efficiency; simple installation; no-cost operation of a sewage treatment plant - these are the main advantages of a grease trap of any modification.

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