To be healthy tomorrow and the day after, it is better to take care of yourself today.
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Golden Rules: How to restore health after childbirth

The first 40 days after birth is the period set aside by nature for the recovery of the woman.

And in a good way, the preparation should begin during pregnancy. It is clear that if you are well prepared for childbirth, it is easier to move away from them.

Stage 1. Pregnancy

What habits should be acquired and practiced before childbirth:

  • Daily walks in the open air - ideally, the seashore or forest. At least square. At least 30 minutes a day. Starting from 7 months -1 hour. Better alone.

The woman in this period is completely mystical and is as close to the Mother Goddess as it is possible in life. Do not waste this precious time on idle chatter and disturbing news. Better turn to higher powers and ask for blessings and help.

What do you people, if given temporary access to the gods. They will surely hear you and fulfill the requests - this is such a bonus for the birth of a new life.

  • Massage the abdomen and chest with oil.A little or a lot of vegetable oil on the palm and slow gentle circular movements - warn stretch marks. Every day at night. I used sesame. It helps with cramps - in and out. Our great-grandmothers with the same success used simple sunflower oil.
  • Light pleasant exercise stretching. At least three times a week. In the evening before bedtime, 20-30 minutes.

I am an absolute fanatic of physical exercises and body practices. They work well and qualitatively improve life and mood.

  • Singing is a great habit that increases the volume of your breathing. This is useful in the last months of pregnancy, when the baby takes up a lot of space and decently tightens the lungs.


I am extremely grateful to my midwife Zlata, who gave me clear rules of behavior and insisted on their strict implementation in the postpartum period.


The ideal option is to lie on your stomach for a month and a half. Even if you feel great. Even if you really need to do something. Forget it. All you need is to recover. And you have 40 days.Then it will be too late. Move is highly undesirable. All later.

Everything that I did during this period was a child in my arms at home and was walking with him in a sling on the street.

Explain to your man, your mom, or to yourself - that this is absolutely necessary for your health.

If a woman does not spare herself during this period, she begins to ache later. When I read interviews of women who happily talked about how they worked until the last day, and then from the maternity hospital they rushed to work, as if nothing had happened, I think that they clearly do not have a decent doctor and a competent midwife.

Cleaning, grocery shopping, delegate to loved ones. You have a better deal. Career is also temporarily inferior to health in this case.

  • Prevention of mastitis (immediately after childbirth!)

My mother went to the hospital with purulent mastitis when I was only 1.5 months.

Getting mastitis after childbirth is easy. Mother Nature, taking care of the baby, sends a lot of milk at the very beginning of his life, and only then his quantity adjusts to the child’s individual appetite.

There is such an important nuance - milk after birth does not come immediately - and this is normal.Milk is normal comes on the second or third day, I repeat - this is normal. It came to me in the evening of the third day, my husband was already exhausted by that time. It seemed to him that the child was crying from hunger and that he needed to do something to cause the milk. He offered me a drink of something lactogonic, and this is a classic mistake. Milk and so will come, and many will come. It is not necessary and even dangerous to stimulate its additional production. I was lucky that Zlata strictly forbade any lactogonic agents for two weeks. It is during this period that the production volumes of milk are adjusted to the needs of the child.

Due to the lactogonic properties, the two-week-long sanctions fell under the following rules:

  • Any hot and even warm drink - tea, warm water, soups and compotes. Hot and spicy food.
  • Milk
  • Spice

Even with the observance of these rules, lactostasis happened to me two times. And for the first time I did not even understand that it was him.

Lactostasis is a condition where there is a lot of milk and it stagnates in the breast. This is an incredibly tasty delicacy not only for the baby, but also for the bacteria, so lactostasis easily and quickly turns into mastitis - inflammation of the mammary glands is a rather dangerous condition.

Manifested as swelling and pulling pain in the mammary glands and flu symptoms.


When I had lactostasis for the first time, it seemed to me that I was just fine - I had a little cold, it seems, because there was some strange thing in my throat, and my chest was still pulling a little. But the child is strangely cool to the touch and eats little.

When parsing it turned out that the baby slept feeding. Against the background of milk stagnation, my temperature rose, so she seemed to be cold. The pain in my chest intensified, I felt a strong weakness, it was hard for me to lift a three-kilogram child, I quickly got tired.

What to do when lactostasis

  1. Suck up the milk. You can breast pump, better than a child and a husband)))

Optimally dry sisyu (both). Before taking action, take a warm shower to open the milk ducts. But you can and so.

A little technical secret for men: when sucking milk, grab it with your lips and wrinkle not only the nipple, but also the area of ​​the dark mug around the nipple - the areola.

  1. Cabbage sheets on the chest. It is very convenient to use small cabbage. Although it depends on the size of your breasts.
  2. Very gently try to grope and stretch the painful tightness in the chest, if it already exists. But not with your fingertips, but with the whole palm. A PHOTO.
  • A frequent problem - aggravation of hemorrhoids - is removed very simply and efficiently - with a candle made from raw potatoes.
  • Handling breaks, if any

After each visit to the toilet, rinse with cold water and chamomile infusion. It is convenient to put in the toilet two containers with a ladle. Then pour hydrogen peroxide. Blot with a napkin. Apply panthenol - it accelerates the healing of tissues and is sold in the form of an aerosol. One zilch - very convenient.

Even if there were no tears, minor bleeding may continue for 2 weeks normally.

  • Stomach

The stomach will be big about a month. Plus or minus. I got involved in two weeks. But it is very fast. Do not worry if two months have passed, and he is. Give him time. For 5 months you should not do any exercises on the abdominals - you will stay with a big belly forever.

The fact is that during pregnancy the abdominal muscles diverge - this is called a diastasis, it can be gently felt with the tips of the fingers along the midline of the abdomen. It takes several months to fully converge, if you start the exercises too early, the muscles will not converge.

An alternative allowable exercise on the press will be to create a vacuum in the abdomen.

Exercise vacuum: take a deep breath in the abdomen and exhale as much as possible from the abdomen. Without inhaling, make several movements inwards and outwards with the anterior abdominal wall, as if creating a vacuum in the abdomen. Repeat 3 times.

This is an extremely useful exercise for the abdomen I practice daily.

  • Food

After giving birth, in order to avoid colic in the child, I excluded almost everything - raw vegetables and fruits, sugar, bread, dairy products. Colic was still. But perhaps they became less. It is also believed that my mother's diet is only important the first two weeks.

The only thing I am sure of firmly is a minimum of medicines. In most cases, we can do without chemical artificial drugs. Minimum chemistry - the minimum risk of allergies. The rule also works for pregnant women.

These are the golden rules and advice that I honestly followed, and that helped me to gracefully and almost painlessly go through this difficult period. I hope you find them useful.

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