Gifts to a friend for the New 2018

Toilet water or a mug with the inscription is too trite. A gift to a friend for the New Year of 2018 is better to pick up the most unusual and memorable - such that the mood is lifted even with its one form.

Unusual and funny gifts

What to give to a friend for the New 2018? Since on the eve of this day you will have to prepare a lot of presents, including for relatives, relatives and friends, it is not necessary to amaze with generosity. Most importantly, the gift for a long time to remember.

Gift, new year, friend

Even an ordinary thing can turn into an original gift, if you know well the preferences and tastes of the donee. You can present:

  • cap with fan;
  • neck pillow for a good rest at any time of the day;
  • luminous laces for sneakers;
  • set of mustaches: on the New Year's carnival they will find application;
  • a flash drive of an unusual shape, for example, made in the form of an army token or a car key;
  • entertaining pocket puzzle;
  • an apron with a seal on it pumped male body;
  • T-shirt with his photo or photo of your friendly company and creative lettering;
  • phone case in the form of a cigarette case, a cookie or a piece of cheese;
  • a stand for a collection of disks or a set of markers for signing;
  • slate magnetic reminder board on which it is convenient to take notes with chalk;
  • a collection of crosswords, if solving them is the main hobby of your friend;
  • the continuation of his favorite computer game, which was released recently;
  • Coffee machine packaging of good ground coffee or Turk;
  • tea collection;
  • piggy bank for beer caps or corks for wine;
  • funny corkscrew;
  • bottle opener in the form of a wrench;
  • a very creative gift can be a subject related to fishing or hunting, or any funny gift that beats this theme; You can give it to an amateur to travel often to nature;
  • key fob-defroster locks for the owner of the car;
  • flashlight on the remote;
  • keychain for finding keys;
  • unusual suspension in the car, etc.

Friend gift

Nominal engraving will help turn the faceless thing into the most unusual gift. You can do it on anything from wireless speakers to a computer to a regular clothes hanger.Since the symbol of 2018 will be a yellow dog, the inscription may be associated with it.

Gifts to a childhood friend for the New 2018

You can give a close friend who understands these jokes and practical jokes:

  • stand in the bathroom, which will fit the book, a glass of the form and a couple of plates, if your friend likes to bask in the warm water for a long time;
  • a personalized pillow for an amateur to sleep, for example, in the form of a brick, log, car wheel, cake or processed cheese;
  • foot warmer;
  • alarm clock in the form of a target, which is turned off only by a shot;
  • entertaining wallet in the form of a cheesecake or bun;
  • stand for the phone, amplifying the sound, if it is difficult to get through to it;
  • bracelet with funny or creative engraving;
  • earphones in the form of bolts;
  • a sign on the door with the inscription: “Vasya lives here (Kolya, Seryoga or Oleg);
  • nominal Christmas calendar with his image;
  • ballpoint pen in the form of a syringe to a friend whose profession is connected with medicine;
  • set for the care of a beard and mustache (if he, of course, has them);
  • a board game that you once played as a child together or a toy he dreamed about at the time;
  • slide show with long forgotten photos and descriptions of distant events, etc.

Gift, fish

Ideas of gifts to a friend for the New 2018 may be many.
Any, even a small gift is sure to be remembered if it will cause a strong emotion. Of great importance and flow. The gift must necessarily be beaten, demonstrated in action.

If the friend is a family man

Going to the celebration of the New Year for a family man, you can choose a common gift for two or give each family member a small, but original and interesting gift. To keep the presents from being idle in your friends' house, try to choose only the most relevant ones:

  • concert tickets;
  • slate heartboard for writing;
  • figures of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, snowmen, Christmas-tree toys, funny New Year's candles - they will always come in handy;
  • original housekeeper in the hall;
  • breakfast table in bed (let them serve it to each other in turn);
  • black mittens (they can also be used alternately);
  • wine glasses with a tube for lovers of quality alcoholic beverages;
  • electric corkscrew;
  • wine cooler;
  • photo frame in the form of a family tree;
  • a very unusual gift - a small LED box in which a family photo is inserted, or a three-dimensional photo frame in the form of a glass cube with a system of mirrors projecting photos in 3D;
  • the nozzle on the faucet with light gives cold water to blue and warm red color;
  • original horseshoe charm;
  • a brownie figure protecting the house from adversity;
  • a pair of small heart-shaped pillows;
  • vodka bottle in the form of a bag of gifts;
  • If your friends have a country house, you can give a square shape for snow, a very creative New Year's gift, with which you can build real snow fortresses.

Children need to choose high-quality sets of sweets. It makes sense to give toys only if you know the addictions and tastes of the younger generation. Teenagers will be more appropriate to hand over small computer gadgets: a creative USB flash drive, which is always useful, a key chain, a disk, an unusual shape computer mouse, an original pad for it, or just a small funny dog ​​figure - the symbol of the year 2018.

What can not give?

You can safely add to the list of prohibited gifts:

  • worthless, useless items;
  • gifts that hint at a friend’s shortcomings because of which he is very worried (for example, lack of education, short stature or sexual failure); even if he himself allows himself to be ironic on these occasions, it is unlikely that these jokes can be called too merry;
  • gifts with overly explicit sexual overtones; if frivolous jokes are accepted in your company, teach that they most likely will not please their family members;
  • it is not customary to give even close friends items of underwear;
  • According to popular superstitions, gifts in the form of watches, scarves, slippers, any sharp objects, including knives or mirrors, can bring a misfortune to a donee.

Gift friend

If you decide to donate an animal or a plant, be sure to ask whether this gift is appropriate. In case of agreement, be sure to take at least symbolic money for it, otherwise living beings in the house will not take root.

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