Gifts beloved girl for the New 2018

Gifts for his girlfriend in 2018 wants to give every man. Many are limited to colors or small jewelery. But the representatives of the stronger sex, who really want to please young people, think about what to give your beloved girl for the new 2018 unique year? How to show care in a unique form? Learn more about the ideas of unusual gifts for your girlfriend for the New 2018 year - below.

Simple gifts for your girlfriend for the New 2018

Quite typical groups of gifts that all women like are:

  • Flowers;
  • Jewelry;
  • Household appliances and electronic devices;
  • Permits to the resorts.

Presents of these species, according to surveys, the fair sex most often want to receive. But even among the above sections of gifts there are really unique things.

Of jewelry

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From jewelry creative gifts are:

  • Pendants with original inscriptions;
  • Pendants and necklaces with compositions of semi-precious stones;
  • Rings with engraving.

Before purchasing a ring, you need to remember to know the size of a girl's finger. You can do this by measuring the diameter of your beloved finger while the beauty sleeps.

Of flowers

Flowers are quite a typical gift, but with the right selection they can be a creative gift that will be remembered for a long time. When choosing flowers, one should take into account the presence or absence of allergy in a girl to different types of flora. The window sill of any of the fair sex will enrich:

  • Hypocirta naked;
  • Coleria fluffy;
  • Vriesia.

From home appliances

Interesting gifts that will help in everyday life are:

  • Smart watches and fitness bracelets;
  • Mini-fans that connect to the computer via USB;
  • Exclusive headphones.

When choosing home appliances and electronic devices, it is important not to buy what your beloved girl already has or has had.

From travel packages

Unusual trips that will dilute everyday work can be:

  • Photo tour in the Arctic, in a visit to polar bears;
  • Trips to Mauritius;
  • Travel to the beaches of Zanzibar.

Tours suggest that the girl has an array of free time (at least 4 days). On the number of weekends that are given to the beloved for the new year, you need to know in advance.

Unusual gifts

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Unusual gifts are most valuable for girls. Creative gifts show the guy's imagination and ingenuity, his respect for his beloved and awareness of the role of women in the life of a man. All unusual gifts can be divided into:

  • Things with inscriptions or title deeds;
  • Items that are intended to decorate the home;
  • Original accessories;
  • Beautiful little things;
  • Extreme gifts;
  • Gifts that are associated with a girl's hobby.

In more detail each of these groups is considered further.

Things with inscriptions

This group includes:

  • Plates, cups, mugs and glasses;
  • T-shirts and tops;
  • Sets of sweets;
  • Wallets and handbags;
  • Pillows;
  • Napkins;
  • Vases.

Interior items

It is desirable to present interior items to a girl when a woman lives with a donor and a man can imagine how this or that thing will fit into the interior of the room. Of the items that are intended to decorate the home, original gifts are:

  • Florariums;
  • Bio Fireplaces;
  • Paintings, portraits, processed photos;
  • Candle holders

Original accessories

  • Umbrellas with stars;
  • Musical alarm projectors;
  • Original lamps in the form of figurines, fruits;
  • Blankets (especially large, designed for two people);
  • Aromatic lamps and candles;
  • Mouse pads with original print;
  • Phone covers.

Beautiful little things

Inexpensive, but unusual gifts will not leave indifferent any representative of the weaker sex. Such pleasant trinkets will be:

  • Key rings in the form of hearts;
  • Board games;
  • Travel maps;
  • Stuffed Toys.

Gift, New Year

Extreme gifts

Extreme gifts - a special category of gifts. Often they are purchased in the form of coupons for certain services. During the selection of an extreme gift, you need to at least provide some idea of ​​what kind of adventure the girl will agree to, and what she will refuse outright. Adventure presents include:

  • Trips on quad bikes, motorcycles (if both have rights of the right category), maps;
  • Flights on airplanes, paragliders, hang-gliders, skydiving;
  • Visiting extreme parks (climbing rocks, suspension bridges);
  • Visits to master classes in martial arts, shooting, fencing;
  • Water sports (diving, surfing);
  • Attending master classes in winter sports (alpine skiing, snowboarding).

Hobby items

Hobbies are an important part of any woman’s life. The gift giving, which is associated with hobbies will show the interest of a man not only to the body of the fair sex, but also to her soul, lifestyle. Excellent presentations that are related to the hobby will be:

  • Set for embroidery;
  • Bead collection;
  • Sewing accessories kit;
  • Watercolor pencils, pastel or oil paints;
  • Clothing or equipment for sports.

Before buying a gift for hobbies, it is better to ask the girl what she likes, which types of knitting, sports or drawing. In the event that such a survey is not conducted, there is a possibility of buying things that are absolutely not needed by the representative of the fair sex. For example, a set for embroidery satin, not a cross.

How to hand a gift?

Any gift for your girlfriend is important to invest in a bright, beautiful packaging. This will preserve the intrigue and mystery of the present until the opening of the box and will pleasantly please the young lady by untying the ribbon bow. Little things, such as trinkets, can be enclosed in a box of candy or kinder surprise.

Gift, New Year

If the girl works a lot, a gift for the new year can be transferred to her office with the help of a courier. The joyful opening of the box with a gift will raise the mood of your beloved and give her a reason to brag to her colleagues.

Also original ways will be:

  • Presentation with the help of the so-called "fake box", when the original thing will be enclosed in a large box from home appliances or utensils;
  • Organizing a quest with a treasure map, riddles or riddles, deciding which girl will find her prize.

When handing it is important not to forget to say a few words about love, care and loyalty to your beloved woman, describe a long and painful choice of a gift, tell about the excitements that a man’s heart visited when selecting a present.

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