Games for the New Year 2018

Whatever company gathers around the festive table, games for the New Year 2018, which will delight not only children, but also adults, will help dilute the eating of delicious treats, solemn toasts and watching entertainment programs.

Games for the New Year 2018


How to prepare for the New Year games and competitions?

Games for the New Year 2018

As you know, any entertainment program requires advance preparation. Given the composition of the company gathered at the table, it is necessary to decide in advance on the selection of New Year's contests.

For children's games you may need the following details:

  • large album sheets and a set of colored markers;
  • Balloons;
  • musical accompaniment;
  • sweets and incentive prizes.

For adult New Year's fun come in handy:

  1. glasses (for competitions with drinks);
  2. a box or pouch (for games that involve pulling fans);
  3. tight kerchief (for blindfolding).

Christmas games for the whole family

Games for the New Year 2018

For a large family company, the contest called “Prediction” will be the perfect solution.Preparing for the game is a snap. It is necessary to cut out various pictures from old magazines, for example: a car, a computer, a house, money, picturesque mountain or sea landscapes and place them in a box. Game participants are blindfolded with a handkerchief and offered to pull one picture out of it. The image chosen by the igork and will be a pleasant prediction of what awaits him in the Year of the Dog.

Another exciting game for the whole family can be the New Year Fairy Tale role-playing game. The goal of the game is as follows. Between the participants of the game are distributed the roles of fairy-tale characters, which they will masterfully play according to a previously prepared scenario.

Text fairy tales

In the forest grew slim and tall herringbone. Once, Bunny ran past her, and an evil gray wolf ran towards him. Frightened animal hid behind a green beauty and she gently covered him with its branches. The wolf sniffed for a long time trying to discover the prey, but it did not work out for him and he left. At this time, the Blizzard was walking in the woods. She dressed up in the Christmas tree in a luxurious outfit. Bunny froze and rode into the forest. After some time, two woodcutters approached Yolochka.Seeing her beauty, they cut down the beauty, brought them into their yard and dressed them up with toys. Herringbone sad and cried. Her cry heard Santa Claus, who drove past on a reindeer sleigh. He regretted the beauty and took him back to the forest, where she again dismissed her luxurious branches. And in order to cheer up the Christmas tree even more, the gray-bearded wizard called his granddaughter by the name Snow Maiden, who, together with her friends, Blizzard and Bunny, began to dance around the Christmas tree, merrily singing New Year's songs.

Christmas games for kids

Games for the New Year 2018 for adults and children

One of the most popular children's games for the New Year - “Magic ball with a surprise.” The goal of the fun is as follows. Inside the colorful balloons put notes with interesting tasks. Kids are offered to choose the balloon they like, burst it and fulfill what is written on the leaflet. Missions can be very diverse: sing a song, recite a poem, dance a dance, portray a favorite fairy-tale hero. The winner is the one who makes it funnier than the others.

Many children really like the game called “Symbol of the New Year”. It will need colored pencils and several album sheets of paper.Children are invited to show their imagination by portraying the hostess of 2018 - the Dog. To complicate the task on the back of the sheet, you can write additional words, for example: scarf, crown, food, doghouse, tree. Thus, the little ones will have to draw the Dog in a kennel or a scarf. For the most original drawing relies prize in the form of sweets.

One of the most fun and mobile is the “Snowball” Christmas party. All participants in the game are divided into two teams. The fun mission is simple. The little ones should, without the help of their hands, be able to grab with their mouths wadded snowflakes suspended on threads and carry them to the designated place. Wins a team that will cope with the task faster than rivals.

Adult Games

Games for the New Year 2018 for adults and children

After the children had plenty of fun and received New Year's gifts, parents can also relax and take part in adult competitions.

One of the most fascinating fun at the height of the holiday is the “New Year's cocktail”.
Necessary attributes for the game: glasses, a scarf and various drinks. Contestants are divided into pairs. One participant is blindfolded, and the second at this time mixes different drinks in a glass, for example, mineral water, cola and champagne.The task of the blindfolded player is to taste the cocktail and guess all its ingredients. The winner is the pair that most accurately described the composition of the drink.

No less exciting game - “Caterpillar”. As a rule, two teams take part in it (from three players in each). The participants line up one after another, and between them is placed an inflatable balloon, to which you can not touch your hands. After the start, the teams start moving around the room to the music. The “caterpillar” wins, which has managed to preserve its integrity without bursting and dropping a single ball. This New Year's entertainment will be quite relevant for the whole family, and for a large friendly company.

Thanks to the above ideas, you can easily organize a real New Year holiday for children and adults, which will bring pleasant memories to you for a long time.

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