Game Hellpoint 2019

Canadians from Cradle Games, an independent Indian studio, made of veterans from Ubisoft, Activision, and other big names in the game design market, started their fantastic project, which was steeply mixed with the secrets of occult science, black rituals and futuristic technologies.

He has a rather specific, but easily recognizable panache, as well as a number of unusual features of the gameplay.

General information about the game:

  • Genre - RPG / Action
  • Setting fiction
  • Developer - Cradle Games
  • Publisher / Localizer - Cradle Games
  • date of releasethe beginning of 2019

At this stage, the game has not even moved to the official beta stage, but the creators insist on a close dialogue with future players, urging them to protest the upcoming project in the mode of a demo on the incentive.

For them, it is important to get a quality feedback, which will help you understand how to better orient the game to the emerging target audience, as well as take into account all its desires in the process of preparing a release.

Story line

There was a powerful quantum cataclysm in the world (whatever that means ...), thanks to which all forms of life in the Universe began to suffer from amnesia.They got a strange connection with their alter-ego in parallel worlds, and therefore they behave very strangely.

This same tragedy gave rise to an incredible power of essence, which had previously been reliably locked in the depths of other dimensions.

hellpoint 2019 pc

And it is not surprising that, in the development process, our character will have, first, to clarify the entire undercoverness of such obscenities, and, secondly, of course, to act as the very force of good, which will again show everyone byak their true place.

The story begins with the first awakening of the protagonist in the abandoned Irid-Novo space station, which drifts in outer space in the Quantik system near a giant black hole. And he will not be the only creature inhabiting it - the neighbors on an involuntary journey will turn out to be quite sensible and normal, but, only in a certain position of the station in space.

In other cases, it will be aggressive and dangerous critters, trying to destroy the player. The orbit cycle is 21 game hours, and each period event generation is carried out in a dynamic way.

Game world

hellpoint 2019 game

A game card is possible, someone will seem somewhat unusual, but not to former Doom followers,all the universes of which were narrowed to the framework of a single complex, passing through the levels from the beginning to the end, cutting down all the sinister and bosses, it was possible to complete the game.

Hellpoint has gone a little further: the stations are randomly generated here with each pass, therefore, replayability, at least for a while, is here, of course, conducted and quite reasonably.

The bestiary reminds disguised endemics of Dark Souls, but with futuristic chips. This is a full range of demonic entities, crazed demi-people, zombies, machine guns and a number of other monsters.

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In addition, with the amendment to the ENT, the sci-fi setting is enriched by a demonstration of strange occult experiments and rituals, some of which must be prevented, and part - changed in such a way that they go to the benefit of the goal pursued.

Gameplay Hellpoint 2019

The view is available from a third party, but with the modes while the information is somehow contradictory. It seems that in the announcements it is mentioned that you can pvp-s in the rules of the split screen.

But, in fact, the game movies only show a patina of two characters in the above-mentioned format for the passage of one level (the joint destruction of mobs, bosses, etc.). Solo is also available to the main mission, described in the section Plot.

hellpoint system requirements

The combat system is quite lively and much of it is based on strategic thinking. You can create weapons and generate special skills, but the details of the crafting system have not yet been announced.

It is also very important for survival to hone reflexes, use all your cunning and tactical skills. For death lurks literally around every turn, therefore (and the trailer, by the way, perfectly demonstrates it), a lot of quality “bu” is guaranteed here.

One of the authentic chips will be the ability to create a personal network of checkpoints to move quickly, and it will not be possible to immediately stick them with the entire card - their number for one player is strictly limited. And also the fact that previous actions affect the population of the current location of mobs with certain types of abilities and other features.

hellpoint 2019 gameplay

And, by the way, a change in the general concept of the passage and events also depends on it, since at different times different gods can take control over other parts of the ship. And, accordingly, in the end they will have to fight.

Game graphics

According to the schedule it is the same Dark Souls, but in the space setting and on its own authoring engine.Not that it is very beautiful and proportionate, but quite anthropic and thoughtful.

Gloomy, angular, and juicy shades of red, black and blue going wild. Actually, as it was intended according to the plot.

System Requirements and Platforms

hellpoint screenshots

Release is planned immediately and on consoles (so far only "Sonya" and "Microsoft"), and on the PC (Windows). But, the developers promise that if the public is interested in the project enough, they will transfer it to the rails of game consoles from other manufacturers, as well as on Linux and Mac systems. For the same reason, in the game in 2019, only one language is still available - English.

Well, in the asset we have the operation of proven technologies DS, but from a slightly different angle of view. In liabilities - the obvious backwardness compared to other more spectacular, thoughtful and interesting games.

Although, it is possible that there is an excessive bias and rigor to the project, which has not even left the kickstarter site, not to mention the presence of a serious official teaser. Therefore, it will make sense to make a final opinion about it closer to the official release.

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