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Until recently, the fourth part of the series "GTA"was considered the most successful. It has an excellent graphic component, a much more fascinating and developed plot, improved capabilities in all directions, right up to the relationship between the characters. However, it's time to change generations, and now the best is already the fifth part, which provides you with incredible opportunities that the fans of the series could not even think of. But at the same time you can expand this potential even more, as you can use cheats in GTA 5. Unfortunately, there are not so many of them, as in the previous parts, in which only a list of codes occupied several pages. But maybe just not all of them have been found yet, and after a while the lists will expand.

Ways to enter cheats

gta 5 cheats

In GTA 5, cheats differ in that they have at onceseveral input options. The simplest of them is a game console. You need to call it using the "tilde" button, then enter the code in the line that appears and confirm its activation by pressing the Enter key. As you can see, in comparison with the previous games of the series, everything became much more convenient, because earlier you had to write blindly the combinations, and you could not check if you were mistaken, and the keys you pressed could affect what is happening on the screen (for example, if in the text of the code contained buttons that are responsible for movement, then your character started to move when pressed). Now you open a separate console and in it all prescribe.

But, as has been said before, this is notthe only way. Another you can use if you have a gamepad with which you play. Here you need to press a certain combination of buttons to activate the cheat. Well, the last and most interesting method is a phone call. Your hero has his own smartphone, which you can use to negotiate with friends and on business. But also you can dial a certain number, and with its help the code will be activated. As you can see, in GTA 5 cheats can be entered in a variety of ways, and it's unfortunate that the codes themselves are not so much, because even the input process itself is already enjoying.

Effect codes on the gameplay

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In GTA 5, cheats are a forbidden reception that youYou can only apply if this does not affect the rest of the players. What does it mean? Just the fact that at the very moment when you enter and activate your first code in the gaming session, you will not be able to get achievements, record the result or progress in the tables and so on. Thus, your game becomes completely local, and the passage will not be counted. To eliminate the effect of code, you will have to quit the game and load the save, in which you have not yet entered the cheat. Accordingly, the developers made sure that the codes served only for entertainment and could not help players unfairly move on the plot and get achievements. So in GTA 5 cheat is just a toy that will make your life more fun, but it will not have any effect on the gameplay.

Some cheats

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Let and it was said earlier that it is not sonumerous in GTA 5 cheats, the PC version still expanded the possibilities, and therefore it will be very difficult to list absolutely all the combinations that you can use. Moreover, we have already mentioned the fact that until now, most likely, all cheats are not open, so for now you will have to experiment a little. For example: you can get the maximum health and armor, it's a cheat that will never lose its relevance. In the console you need to register Turtle, but if you enter the codes through the phone, then the number you need to dial is 1-999-887-853. Also for this code is a combination on the gamepad, but it is recommended to use this method only if you play on the console, because all cheats consist of at least 12 clicks of different buttons, which is not very convenient. It's much easier to open the console and enter a short cheat.


gta 5 cheat codes

In the GTA 5 cheat codes, unfortunately, will not give youfull control over the game, as it was in the previous parts. But many trainers available on the Web can help in this situation. They will fill the gaps created by a small number of codes, allowing you to access virtually everything that is available in the game.

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