Funny congratulations on the Day of the Police (Militia)

Good day! In 1917, on November 10, immediately after the revolution, by a decision of the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR “to protect the revolutionary public order” a working militia was created.

At first, the police were under the jurisdiction of local councils, then in the structure of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs, and since 1946 at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Today, there is a criminal police and public security police.

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Congratulations on Police Day in verse and prose

Postcards Happy Police Day

Short Congratulations on Police Day

Congratulations to the man On the Day of the Police (Militsi)

You are not afraid of chases,
Shoot for the shoulder,
Good luck on police day
I want to wish you.

Let bypass the side
All the dangers of you
Waiting at home always with love
Beloved is yours.

Happy Police Day to congratulate

I am in a hurry, officer.
Every day you serve
And get ready for sight.

I admire your strength
And I wish you well,
In the heart of a brave and beautiful
Let it be enough for all the heat.

Let the bad weather bypass you,
May the Lord take care of you
Service star on epaulets
Let new bears you.

You are brave, strong, very courageous,

You keep our peace
Your work is responsible and important.
Good luck let goes with you!

Let it be always in order
Career let up growing!
Live in good always, prosperity
Health let not let you down!

Happy Police Day to congratulate

I want you on a special day.
Fight for light and joy
Throw a shadow out of life.

I wish you in your service,
To get around the danger
To fate reward in life
I found you soon.

Our companion companion -

Real cop
He is both agile and strong
No doubt smart
Knows "from and to" laws
He is not afraid of obstacles
And after him we are with you -
Like a stone wall.
Happy Russian Police Day
Congratulations from the heart,
Let all your colleagues
Will be just as good!

In the form of a policeman

I will congratulate the man
I wish a day of police
Be cheerful and strong.

I wish that on guard
Order did you stand,
Peace of Russian citizens
To guard.

To violators
Were you adamant
And the stars fell from heaven
Straight to the epaulettes.

The guardian of order

I send my congratulations
Let it be on Police Day
Great mood.

Let it be on the streets
Order silence
Police Siren
Do not let it be heard.

I wish that citizens
The law did not break,
Police uniform
To be respected.

Wish you
They kept their peace
Honestly and honestly
People to serve.

Congratulations to the woman. Happy Police Day

I wish on police day
You health, strength
And so the color of the ammunition
Under the color of the eyes approached.

Let not only stars
Decorate your life
But the family and the nest,
And gentle "love."

Success in service so
You could brag.
Let them be executed
All-all your dreams.

You're so brave, not afraid of anything.

Police Day is your holiday
Served start up easy!
Let the work does not interfere
To shine with beauty,
Be healthy and happy
In vain the tears are not lei!

You are a beautiful cop,

Superledi and fighter.
The criminal will meet on the way -
Everything, consider him the end.

Congratulations on a great holiday,
Honey, I'm in a hurry.
Strong to be, as a woman's weak
I want to wish you.

Lady in uniform is a special honor

Can be proud of him.
Let success come - do not count it,
Happy Russian Police Day!

Labor noble, dangerous sometimes
May success bring you
That in work always difficult
The world solved questions!

With the Russian police day,

Success and luck in everything.
I wish a promotion,
And in life: love, respect, friendship.

By you, I wish everyone to admire,
Appreciated, supported and a little afraid.
I wish to work with luck, without noise,
And in life to be you only super-smart!

I wish to always be on guard of order,

Fight your beauty outright!
Let the service go quietly and smoothly
Let only up your capital grows!

Let all the villains surrender at once,
I wish you all the cases opened!
Let all the tasks you succeed,
So that you, like a star in the sky, brightly shine!

laby floor? Unthinkable of course

After all, in the police you are the best of all.
Let the service be all successful
And smiles in the soul, laughter.

I wish everyone to catch criminals
And even unravel the difficult cases.
Congratulations on Police Day!
Surrounds let love you!

Congratulations to your beloved. Happy Police Day (Militia)

Responsible and difficult profession you,
You are always ready to help people,
Courage, bravery and honesty are inherent in you,
Let lucky you always, everywhere.
Darling, I am proud of you,
If you're around, I'm not afraid of anything
On the occasion of the militia, I heartily congratulate you,
Service safe from the heart I wish.

Happy holiday, my love, I congratulate you,
I wish you good health and good luck,
So that there are fewer sleepless nights,
Many happy and happy days.
May fate always smile at you
Let life flow like a full river
Let my love preserve you
Let friends always reliable surrounds.

Often in police officers,
There are very few weekends,
Throw away all the extra ambitions
And on the holiday we congratulate the guys dear.
For you, my love, today all gentle words,
Courageous, brave and honest be always
Let life give you a lot of happiness and warmth
Let fate grant you generously full.

Police order and the law always observes,
Angels - the guardians of you are called not for nothing,
At the first call, you will come to the rescue,
And trouble, like wizards, will lead from us.
Happy police day, my love, congratulations,
I wish you a long and beautiful life,
Let the bird of happiness come to you,
Let luck only chooses you.

Bravery and courage you do not hold,
You are used to helping people,
At any time of the day, in the rain and in the snowstorm,
Valiant militia is always on duty.
Today is your holiday, congratulations
You are worthy, beloved, only admiration,
I wish you peace, joy, good,
May fate favor you.

Valiant militia faithful sons,
You selflessly and honestly serve,
Day and night you are always on duty
You will always come to the rescue, where the trouble.
On the holiday of congratulating you, I am in a hurry
All the best, beloved, I want to wish
Let your service be all right
And let personal life be, like raspberry, sweet.

Today, the police holiday celebrates
Brave guys we heartily glorify,
Thank you for everything and kowtow,
Let it be a full bowl of your home.
I love you, I wish you happiness,
Let all bad weather pass by
Let your life be beautiful,
May your dream come true

Congratulations to a friend. Happy Police Day.

My friend is honest and courageous, and an example for all,
He is a responsive and brave policeman,
He is always ready to help,
The man in his place speak of him for a reason.
Happy holiday, my friend, congratulations,
Good luck and victories in the service I wish
Let you get lucky in everything, always
All the blessings of the earth to you, well-being, good.

Your service is not calm and complicated,
Life sometimes you risk
Come to the rescue without delay always
Give your duty to the motherland in full.
Happy police day congratulations to you
Service safe sincerely wish
Let your career grow,
Let another star light up on your shoulder.

Guys to the valiant militia congratulate everyone
May success always accompany you,
Let the service be safe forever
Let the family wait at home with impatience.
Friend, I wish you only happiness
Let in all luck, and leave bad weather,
Let your life be like a full river
Let the Lord keep you always.

The police are near, and the trouble is terrible,
The procedure you induce without much difficulty,
The underworld keep in your fist,
Calm you guard in our country.
Today is your holiday, friend, congratulations
I wish you a long and happy life
May fate give you generously
Let good friends surround you.

The militia of our state is conscience and honor,
Merit and deeds, guys, your not count,
Your service motto is “always ready”,
Save the world from criminal shackles.
Happy holiday, friend,
Please let the life of you, and there will be no affliction,
Let hope never leave you,
Let the Lord protect you.

Glorious day of the police believe
The main holiday of the whole country,
We hope in you, and we praise you,
You are necessary to the fatherland as air.
On the day of the militia, friend, congratulations,
Let it be a great mood
May your dream come true,
Peace to you, happiness, joy, warmth.

Your service is dangerous and difficult.
We can't do without you guys
On fasting day and night you
Always ready to take from trouble.
Happy police day, my friend, congratulations,
Good luck, joy from the heart I wish,
Let it be all right with you,
Well-being to you, prosperity and good.

Congratulations to the Pope. Happy Police Day (Militia)

The policeman my dad is top class,
He is the main protection and support for us,
In love business is engaged for a long time,
There is no better profession for him.
Daddy darling, happy holiday to you,
Let conceived be fulfilled in full,
Let the service be safe,
Let friendship grow stronger with friends.

My father is an honest policeman,
He is the best example for many.
At the first call will come to the rescue
The exit from a difficult situation will always find.
Happy police day congratulations to you
Service safe from the heart we wish,
Be healthy and happy, daddy dear,
May good luck not part with you.

Valorous law enforcement officers,
Today you will celebrate your holiday
Let life be beautiful, smooth,
May never have to lose heart.
Today is a holiday, accept, father, congratulations,
Let the mood be wonderful
May happiness always smile to you
Let lucky you always, everywhere.

Your service, as air is needed,
She is full of courage and courage,
You are the real angels of good,
Come to the aid of people always.
Dear Daddy, I congratulate you,
Victory in your work from the heart I wish
May there be near true friends,
Let sorrows rush away forever

Professions are not important
The militia our rest protects,
Day and night they are on guard,
Will remove any trouble.
Congratulations on the day of the police,
Let life brings you admiration
Let luck be next to you,
Live happily, daddy dear.

The police always protects us,
Never forget that
She gives confidence to everyone
Calm to adults and children.
Let the holiday bring you good luck
Health strong multiplies in the bargain,
Long live and delight us, daddy dear,
We are so comfortable and good with you.

Congratulations on the Day of the Police Pensioner MIA

You served in the police,
And now retired.
We want you to live
Good and fun!

Happy Militia Day to you
Congratulations sincerely!
Let the fireworks fly
And sparkles sparkle!

Its hard, difficult service

You gave the best years,
Now you retired,
But I didn't lose my mood,
We congratulate the police on the day
You now wholeheartedly
We wish you health
Well, sadly you do not rush!

You gave many years to service,

And now a pensioner,
Happy police day congratulations,
You are the best example for us
Do not lose the positive
You are always on top
We wish you happiness
Do not count your years!

Let behind the baggage a huge adventure,

I wish you success and accomplishments now,
After all, the former police, it is known, does not happen,
So let you, as before, all appreciate and respect.

Eager for you, fire in your eyes and ardor,
And so that health never failed.
And life always boils and sparks a stream of sparkling
And let the look be as before: inspirational and radiant!

You stood guard over the law for a long time,

We guarded valiantly and defended.
And may you now retired
In the shower you will remain an officer.

Brave you always be,
If something happened, then you do not give up.
We wish you strong health,
Happy Russian police congratulations!

You served in the police honestly,

And now retired now,
That you are our friend, we are very flattering
We appreciate you believe me

And on the day of the police we wish
You beautiful, wonderful days,
Great joy endless
To be healthier and cheerful!

Militia Day has long gone beyond the framework of one department and has truly become a national holiday. And this is not by chance. Citizens' trust in employees is increasing. The company actively participates in the work of the internal affairs bodies. All this allows us to talk about the revival of the "people's militia", which protects the rights and freedoms of our citizens.

Since 2011, Russia is celebrated as Police Day.

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