Ford Kuga 2018-2019

About the American classics - cars of concern Ford it is not necessary to tell much, only one name speaks for itself. But the classic remains an unquestioned authority, and competition requires constant progress. That is why there are new details about one of the most popular on the world market compact crossover Ford Kuga. Specialists and numerous motorists position it as the most popular to date, high level of terrain. But in this segment, almost all major automotive companies are working, making up serious competition among themselves. This situation forces designers and developers to introduce new generations of SUVs to the market. And judging by the photos available on the network, this is being successfully implemented.


About Ford Kuga in basic terms

This line of cars has been on the catwalks of salons - dealers since 2008 for quite a long time. The model has gained enough fans, but in recent years, the level of demand for Kuga has slightly decreased, which led to the objective need for a conceptual review of the compact crossover, all its elements, parts, and tooling.Spy photos and official information fully confirm the effectiveness of the activities of developers in this direction.

Ford Kuga 2018-2019

Despite the novelty of the exterior, the sophistication of the design and the modern options, the new Ford Kuga, according to reviews, has remained faithful to the best traditions of its predecessors:

  • First of all, it is exclusively “Ford” safety of impeccable quality;
  • Exceptional reliability of the design and base platform;
  • In the new body of the car has become much more dynamic;
  • The Kuga crossover as a conceptual model has become much more comfortable, more refined, more luxurious, as far as possible for crossovers;
  • Permeability is significantly improved, the car has become much easier to manage, navigation options are provided with the latest equipment;
  • Completion and prices are exclusively focused on the consumer with an average level of income, which allows expanding the consumption segment.

According to expert estimates, the manufacturer is considering the prospect of producing passenger cars of the Ford Kuga line on an electric power system. Most likely, the release date for the Ford electric vehicles is mid-2021.News for domestic motorists - the beginning of sales in Russia of the presented version starts in the last months of 2019.

News about the exterior model 2019

Ford Kuga 2018-2019

First of all, even in comparison with the predecessors, the new car has become somewhat larger in size due to the use of the new global platform, which will also be the main one for the Ford Focus. In addition, the updated crossover has the following features:

  1. Large-sized grille, solid longitudinal inserts, expressive vyshtampovka on the hood;
  2. Wide wheel arches, increased protective inserts, new forms of plastic body kit.
  3. Carried out test drive demonstrated excellent aerodynamic qualities that provide a multi-stage bumper design and a small lower air intake;
  4. Radically changed the lighting system. Narrow head optics, new design of the rear light, numerous LED elements allow the car to actively move at night, in fog, in a blizzard and rain;
  5. The 2018 model Kuga crossover is equipped with a modern spoiler design, which is equipped with a stop signal.

The exterior changes have made the crossover expressive, charismatic, powerful, where Ford’s corporate identity is clearly visible.

The interior and its changes

New Ford Kuga 2018-2019 model year

Crossover infused features of recognition, individuality, sophistication and inside. The interior seats the front seats more adapted to a comfortable ride, the increased visibility, the presence of a new multifunctional steering wheel and the design of the center console, where the enlarged touchscreen display and numerous control options are located, attracts the attention.

Latest news for fans of aesthetics. Finishing with elements of plastic and aluminum, modern wear-resistant materials are used. The interior is illuminated by internal LED lighting in a wide range of colors and lighting the floor area.

About motors

Specifications of the new items, as always, at Ford at altitude.

Volume, l Power, l. from.
Petrol 2, 5 199
Turbo 3, 0 284
Diesel 2, 0 TDCi 140.0 163 l. from.

The European version will be produced in the city of Valencia, Spain, the starting price of 25 000 Euro. The Russian model will be released from the conveyors in Elabuga, the lower price of 1,550,000, 0 rubles.

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