Folding bike Stels Pilot 450

Holding "Velomotors" (Russia) offers its customers to purchase a quality folding bicycleStels Pilot 450. The universal model was released recently, in 2016. Characterized by a variety of colors.

stels pilot 450

Model specifications

Bicycle Stels Pilot 450Ideal for children and teenagersfrom 120 cm. But thanks to a comfortable and thoughtful adjustment of the steering wheel and seat on the bike, it is quite convenient and safe to drive even an adult.

This model is convenient not only formoving around the city, the bike will show itself well on the intercity route. Model Stels Pilot 450 is equipped with a speed switch with 6 different indicators. In the complete set the manufacturer delivers a manual pump and a luggage carrier.

Small wheels allow you to comfortably use the bike Stels Pilot 450in urban conditions. And the small size of the bike allows it to be stored in the conditions of even a small apartment.

bicycle Stels Pilot 450

Brake pads guarantee quick responsereaction and safety of movement. It is worth noting that the manufacturer does not recommend riding a bicycle in the rain. This can reduce the efficiency of the braking system.

Features of the folding bike Stels Pilot 450

The manufacturer of the folding model offers buyers to try out a number of its features and evaluate the benefits. Among them:

  • Saving space in your apartment or car during its transportation. The understated design of the bicycle frame ensures a quick and compact folding of the model.
  • The speed selector allows you to choose the most optimal and comfortable ride speed, adjust the load and ensures an excellent balance even in mud or sand conditions.
  • Economical and reliable braking system.
  • Wheels size 20 inches will provide good maneuverability of the bike Stels Pilot 450
  • Vehicles of this brand are available in several colors: black and red, dark blue, black-orange, white-red, purple-pink, etc.
  • The model is universal, it can ride both guys and girls.

stels pilot 450 reviews

Advantages of a foldable bicycle

The main advantage of the bike- its universality. With him, you can comfortably experience not only city routes, but also to go on small hikes and travel. Undoubted advantage is the ease of operation. Dismantling and assembling the vehicle is quite simple. The manufacturer has provided a special lock, which allows one movement to prepare a bicycle for the trip.

Folding bicycle in no way inferior to ordinary incoherent models. We can say more - by the parameters of ergonomics and compactness, it far exceeds them.

What do customers say?

Reviews of Stels Pilot 450say one thing: this model is worth the attention and money spent on it.Do not be afraid that because of his constant chargesand the analysis mechanism will quickly become unusable and the bike will have to be thrown out. Far from it, he will serve you for many years with faith and truth, if you carefully look after him. Fans of cycling claim that this is the best universal model that is available in the sports market.

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