Fishing in the winter for perch. Winter fishing on ice

Perch is one of the most commonfish, living in fresh water reservoirs of our country. It is found in slow and fast rivers, in lakes and seas, in small ponds, and even in brackish water.

general information

Fishing in the winter for perchBeing a fish of the day, schooling, perch preferslow-water. It lives, as a rule, in shelters or nearby: under snags, in pits and folds on the bottom. They feed on the larvae of insect larvae - bloodworm, caddisfly, maggots, small fishes, leeches and worms. On vegetable nozzles this predator is not caught.

In nature, two subspecies of perch are known: "grass", whose weight does not exceed one hundred and fifty grams, and ordinary deep, reaching almost half a meter in length and three or four kilograms in weight.

Winter fishing

Unlike many other inhabitants of ourwater bodies, it is fed with the onset of cold weather with no less, and maybe even more activity than in the summer. Maybe that's why the perch is most often caught in fishermen's catch in the winter. This fish is so widespread that it can be caught practically in all lakes and rivers of Russia. But more often than not, she lives in bays and low-water pools.

Fishing in the winter for perch can be carried out on almost all known gear for this season. However, with respect to it, any methods and strategies for fishing have their own nuances.Winter fishing

Tactics with which the winterfishing, depends, first of all, on seasonality. Based on the specific winter month, the perch changes its habitat, migrating along the reservoir. You have to be an excellent strategist to first find the prey, and then invite him to "play", so he pecks. In general, winter fishing on ice is a constant movement.


The beginning of the season - pervolie - comes whenthe reservoir only freezes. Fish is still very active, it eagerly feeds on the flooded beaches off the coast. It comes to where it is not deep. Fishing in the winter for perch in a shallow bay at a depth of only one meter can result in the capture of a real large slab.

However, the fish will not stay there for long. After three, a maximum of four weeks, she will leave these places. But do not despair, since the most catchy fishing in the winter for perch begins about a week after the ice finally rises. Good biting will continue until January.In winter, perch

Tactics of catching on the first ice

Since at this time the fish is still well fed,then the best gear for it will be spoon-bait with a balancer. The perch is very active, so it will gladly start to peck at the bait swinging in all directions, imitating a small fish. The balance helps not only to find the prey, but also to entice. The fish sees him from afar and swims to attack. Then comes the time for the spoon-bait. The perch takes it very well, especially the vertical one, although it sees worse. Therefore, you need to show the spinner in different places. And this means that winter fishing for perch should be carried out with a sufficiently large number of holes.Bezmylnye mormyshki on perch

Catching in the deaf-mowing

When the first ice passes, this fish becomesalready not so active. Climate conditions change, which means that baits will also need to be replaced. In January and February, to find prey, you have to wander around the reservoir. The more ice grows, the farther the perch leaves from the shoreline. In deaf-mowing, he begins to hold on to small flocks.

Low temperature makes fish look for thoseplaces where the water is still warm. During this period the perch is more often. In the deep winter, it is important to be in that part of the body of water where there is most oxygen. Therefore, it is necessary to look for it at the borders of the dump, in the pits and riverbed. Only the smallest individuals keep close to the shore and hide in scanty remnants of reed thickets.


Fishing in the winter for perch requires careful selectionof the surfer. It should be amortized at the cuts, be thin and have a length of at least ten centimeters. The thickness of the fishing line for perch experienced fishermen is selected with a diameter of 0.08 to 0.15 cm. Very often this change in size affects the bite. Going on fishing, many take fishing rods with different lines on the spool to be able to change quickly.Winter fishing on ice

It is better to choose a nod with a hard, conicalform and length not more than ten centimeters. It is better that it be lavsan, using plates of metal and polycarbonate. These nods react less to the wind. In addition, due to its great rigidity, the angler has the ability to play at high speeds with a mormish. The nods need to be adjusted so that the winter mormyshocks per bass can not bend their weight, otherwise the bite will not be noticeable.

From organic baits this fish is the mostprefers moths or moth larvae. You can even cut a piece of fin from already caught prey and put it on the hook. But the best and catchy - mormyshki per perch. Their game is very like this fish.


Although this kind of bait a small predator likesmost of all, but its use has its own characteristics. In order to winter mormyshki per perch successfully caught, the holes will need to be made even more than for the spoon-bait. After all, the radius of their action is quite small. Therefore, it is necessary to drill holes every two meters. And in this season it is better to use large mormyshki per perch. It is good to fish at great depth, especially with the wind, because in this case the line is stretched well.

Features of winter fishing

Tactics of catching

Features of winter fishing for perch - is, infirst of all, the correct game of bait. For large-scale mining, tungsten carbide mushrooms are often used for perch. The most popular forms are a droplet, an oatmeal or a pellet. And the most successful colors for them are the shades of natural lead, as well as black, white, green and lemon.

But even if you choose the right mormyshki onperch, it's still half the battle. Fishermen should be able to use the rod competently, that is, move only the brush. At the same time, his hand should be completely relaxed. Yes, and the availability of skills for catching with a bow rod is also necessary. Since catching a bass is very important to catch a perch, it is necessary to master the vibration technique. Only in this case mormyshki per perch will get the required frequency of oscillations.

The Right Game

Experienced fishermen believe that the best arebezmotilnye mormyshki per perch. A short nod makes it possible to obtain a very high amplitude of oscillations. The technique of "playing" this bait allows very small "knocking" on the bottom. And this, in turn, provokes the perch into a grip. It often happens that it is not so important that it is baited on a hook, therefore, according to many hunters, it is best to use bezmotilnye mormyshki per perch. The main feature is this: the lower the bait, the smaller the "game", and the higher - the smooth. Pauses must be made in the lower and upper "dead" points. Sometimes it happens that a perch just "knocks": pushes a closed mouth with a mormish. This means one thing: the "game" for him is unconvincing, so it's better to change the frequency or the tempo.Catching mormyshky per perch

One of the main methods of wiring - when the fishing rod is sandwiched between the middle and thumb. It must rest on the base of the palm, so the "game" is a slight tapping on the whip.


This - tackle, fishing with which requires a specialgames. It is necessary to be able to communicate to it a high frequency of fluctuation not only at the moment of its being in some water layer, but also with vertical wiring. This can be achieved, not only exercising, but also necessarily having the right tackle, which should be, first, an easy and not tiring arm. Secondly, the proportionality of the parts of the tackle is of fundamental importance: not every nod can inform the mormyshke of the necessary frequency of the "game".

The main secret is tofix the rod in a specific position and do not let it follow its involuntary movements. For this, the angler's hand holding the fishing rod is pressed to the hip with the elbow, while the forearm rests on the knee.


Winter mormyshki for perchTo do this, you need a live small or fodderbloodworm, which can be bought at any specialized store. In addition, you can use a live bait. Typically, experienced anglers take with them for this purpose minnows in a jar with water. This will not only increase the intensity of biting, but it will help to hold a flock of okunks near the hole. You can, of course, fish in advance, in a day or two. In this case, fishing in the winter for perch will be very successful. In addition, a live bloodworm, already managed to dig into the bottom soil, will effectively attract fish to this place.

Features of catching

One way of wintering perch in winter is tothe most deaf time, in the besklevye, many consider fishing for two fishing rods in one hole. This method consists in the following. One fishing rod fits on the ice, the mormish with the bloodworm descends to the very bottom. Another similar tackle initiates an energetic game near the first.Mormyshky for perch

Most often this is the only way to provoke a bite of stalled perch to bite, so that they react to the nozzle lying unchanged on the bottom. In the beechlead can successfully "work" and glossy mormyshkoy.

Do not forget that even in winterdaytime perch is capable not only of horizontal, but also of vertical migration. It can be caught both in deep water bodies, just a few meters from the bottom, as well as in the water and even higher.

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