Favorable Feng Shui Wedding Days for 2019

In planning a wedding, there can be no trifles and every detail is important: every bride who prepares to marry and wants everything to go perfectly will confirm this. It is during the pre-wedding period that girls become especially superstitious and try to take into account all the signs and instructions of wise people in order to ensure a happy family life.

To guarantee their harmony in a relationship with a partner, many people organize a wedding, according to Feng Shui. This doctrine allows you to very accurately determine the most favorable date for the celebration, as well as to choose the right place for the celebration and even the clothes of the newlyweds.

How to choose the date of marriage

In the teaching of Feng Shui, a wedding is far from being an ordinary holiday, but a truly significant event, because it combines two fates into one. Determining the correct date for the celebration is considered extremely important, because it may determine how successful and happy the joint life of the couple will be.

Moreover, even if the newlyweds are not compatible with the signs of the eastern horoscope, a wedding held on an auspicious day will fully compensate for this and provide all the conditions for creating strong and harmonious relations.

But it is worth noting immediately that it is difficult to determine the date of the festival according to Feng Shui, because for this it is necessary to have deep knowledge of this teaching and be able to analyze information about the bride and the groom.

The best day for marriage in 2019 can be called by a Feng Shui specialist who will give precise advice on when and how to hold a wedding. It will not be easy to do everything yourself, although there are special schemes that will prompt favorable dates.

feng shui wedding in 2019

Ideally, the choice of when to appoint a wedding follows from the definition of the year, although, of course, this is possible only if the couple can afford to wait a long time. So, years are divided into several groups, each of which is suitable for people born under a certain sign of the eastern horoscope:

  • Dragon, Monkey, Rat;
  • Bull, Snake, Rooster;
  • Horse, Dog, Tiger;
  • Goat, Pig, Rabbit.

For example, if at least one of the newlyweds was born under the sign of the Tiger, the couple may also marry in the year of the Dog or the Horse. Thus, it is possible to determine the year suitable for the celebration for each group.

Choose the desired day is somewhat easier, because the choice of options in this case more. According to Feng Shui, favorable dates for the creation of a new family are: 1, 2, 3, 12 and 21 of each month.

wedding calendar for 2019

In addition, a good solution would be to organize a festival on the 8th or 9th, which are considered symbols of the fulfillment of dreams and infinity. Given this, you should choose the date in which the number or sum of the numbers corresponded to those mentioned, for example, 19, 26, 18, 9, etc.

But that's not all: when choosing a marriage day, it is important to take into account a few more nuances. So, you can not hold a celebration in the period between solar eclipses, because the flow of vital energy at this time is extremely unstable, and therefore, the harmony between the newlyweds will also be unstable.

It is also recommended to avoid the days of Sha, which are filled with the energy of contradiction and conflict. If you ignore this advice, then family life will consistently spoil quarrels, tardiness, unnecessary and unpleasant expenses.

If the date of the holiday has already been set, and it turned out that it falls on the day of Sha, then you should not fall into despair. Correct the situation will help the choice of the correct time of marriage.

best days for a wedding in 2019 by feng shui

But it will be even more difficult to determine the right time on your own, so it’s better to turn to a specialist who will take into account all the important points and say what time and minute will eliminate the harm that an unfavorable day carries.

In general, the recommendations on the choice of dates are quite a bit and it is easy to follow them. One has only to delve into the teachings of Feng Shui, in order to better understand it and imbued with its philosophy.

Where to celebrate a wedding by Feng Shui

On the choice of the date of the celebration, the headache of the newlyweds does not end, because in order for everything to be perfect, you must also find a suitable location. For this, there are also specific instructions that will help weed out all the options that do not meet the requirements of Feng Shui.

dates for the wedding in 2019

So, it is very important that in the immediate vicinity of the place of creation of a new family there is a source of water. It is not necessary to look for a restaurant near a river or a lake, because the presence of an artificial stream or fountain is quite sufficient.

There should be a lot of space and light in the room itself. No low ceilings, dark corners, poorly lit rooms and heavy beams - all this makes it possible to concentrate positive energy.Pay attention to the lighting: it should be side and soft, very good, if there are lit candles in the banquet hall. You should also remove all watches.

It is necessary to decorate the festive space concisely and with taste. Avoid too much interior and decor, and there should be as few sharp corners as possible. Decorate the table of a young couple should be paired elements: the same glasses, tied with one ribbon, candles, decorative rings, etc.

Choosing a bridesmaid dress

wedding in 2019 favorable dates dates

For brides the choice of dress is often much more important than finding the right place for a feast or determining the right day for a wedding ceremony.

Usually girls are looking for a white dress, but this color, according to Feng Shui, is full of anxiety energy, so clothes made in it are unlikely to bring good luck. Given this, you can choose a champagne color outfit that will look no less solemn.

Most strongly attracts the positive energy of red, but not every girl would prefer such an extravagant dress. But it is not at all necessary to dress in all red, it is enough to supplement the image with several bright accessories.For example, a good “magnet” for good luck will be a belt, a bouquet or decorations in red.

By the way, the bouquet should also be chosen according to the rules of Feng Shui. It should be borne in mind that each flower has its own value and attracts a certain energy.

when to play wedding

So, peonies in a flower arrangement are responsible for the longevity of the senses, and chrysanthemums - for the happiness of living together. But the roses, which are so fond of the bride, personify love. Thus, if the bouquet consists of red roses, then you can attract tender feelings and good luck to your side.

To organize a wedding for Feng Shui, you have to spend a lot of time and effort, because you need to take care of a large number of details, each of which can be decisive in creating a happy family life.

Following simple recommendations, each bride will be able to decide on all elements of the celebration and attract the maximum of well-being, goodness and happiness.

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