Fashionable wedding styles. Organizing a wedding with your own hands: photos and ideas for a flawless celebration

on 29.04.2016

Wedding is the most significant and exciting event in the life of each couple in love. For this reason, absolutely all newlyweds strive to make their wedding the most romantic, intriguing and memorable. And in order to make it so, the bride and groom have to abandon the traditional registry office and banquet and hold the wedding in a certain style.

But in this case, there are pitfalls. A festive event should be planned so that both you and your guests will enjoy everything. Therefore, in no case be shy and bring your ideas to the celebration. If your ideas can not be opened with one theme, try to combine several styles at once.

The main thing in the article

Fashionable wedding decoration styles in 2017: how to pick up your idea


It is necessary to choose the style of a wedding together with your soulmate. Just sit down and discuss all your ideas, think about how to combine them so that they complement each other. Pay special attention to the design of the wedding. It would be better if you decide in advance not only with the theme, but with the color scheme of the celebration, the design of the hall, the attire of witnesses, and, of course, the venue.

Also do not forget to choose the right outfits for yourself. Since you are planning a themed wedding, the bride's dress and groom's suit will need to be supplemented with details that would be perfectly combined with the overall style.

Recommendations for choosing a wedding style:

  • Search for ideas on the Internet.Just find photos of a specific subject and look at them well. So you can find out how your ideas will look like. If you do not like something, you can make adjustments before the celebration.
  • Decide on the format in advance.Think about what you would like more, a quiet family celebration, a noisy party, or a magnificent and luxurious wedding banquet. Based on your desires and select the style of wedding decoration.
  • Guest list.Look through the list of invited people, break it into age categories and think about how many acquaintances are among them. The chosen style of the wedding should be close to almost all guests.

Wedding in Provence style with a photo: a celebration in the spirit of France


Probably, it is difficult to find a person who would not like the beauty and sophistication of the French Provence. This place is not for nothing called paradise on earth. Endless lavender fields, emerald vineyards and majestic olive groves create some special atmosphere. Time here seems to have stopped, and nature froze in its original form, making this place cozy and attractive. If you want your wedding to be light and sophisticated, then spend it in the style of Provence.


  • Color spectrum.The main color of the celebration, of course, should be lavender. It can be diluted with delicate pastel tones of a milky, beige and olive hue.
  • Provence decor. Since Provence is a French country style, the whole decor should be simple, natural and, if possible, vintage. At such a celebration would look perfect sophisticated wicker furniture, a variety of baskets,vintage suitcases and wine crates. The latter is best beautifully decorated with lavender.
  • Dresses newlyweds and guests.Since you are planning a simple and sophisticated wedding, then your outfits should be appropriate. In this case, it is better to abandon corsets, shiny stones and bright makeup. Images of the bride and groom should be light, fresh and simple. Guests can also do without the strict costumes and evening dresses, and put on lighter and more elegant clothes.
  • Wedding menu. The main highlight of the wedding banquet should be a good wine. To him should definitely submit several types of cheeses and as much as possible fresh fruit. Do not forget to include in the menu seafood, meat with truffles and world-famous French soups, mashed potatoes.

Tiffany style wedding: a tender wedding for loving hearts



If you like the charm and elegance of a past era, then hold your wedding in Tiffany style. The triumph of this subject assumes a special aristocratic atmosphere with light notes of brightness, elegance and recklessness.

For such an event, it is best to rent a fairly spacious room, with large windows and high ceilings.It is desirable that in this room there were as many mirrors in massive frames, crystal chandeliers and furniture in modern style as possible. If you are lucky and you can find such a room, then consider that you have already done 50% of the preparatory work.

In addition, the following should be considered:

  • Registration of the room.Decorate the room with satin ribbons, bows, crystal vases of flowers and small gift boxes for all guests. The color scheme in this case can be quite different. If you like light colors, then give preference to white or milky beige color. In case you like dark shades, make chocolate the main color of the celebration.
  • Dresses newlyweds.The groom must be dressed in a classic tuxedo. The bride must choose an A-line outfit, blue or white. It can be sewn from taffeta or satin. .
  • Evening banquet. In this case there should be a lot of champagne, small gourmet snacks and chocolate. For those who love food the best way is best to set up a buffet table with fish and meat cuts.

Wedding chebbi chic: an elegant classic combined with wealth


The celebration in the style of chebbi chic is most suitable for romantic people who are very close to comfort, warmth and refined relationships. The main decoration of such a wedding are flowers. And it would be better that these were not roses. Prefer lush flowers such as peonies. Decorate them with ribbons, ostrich feathers and pearls. All this will help to create a fairly light and gentle atmosphere.

  • Primary colors of a celebration and decoration.For the decoration of the hall it is necessary to use pastel colors: milky, beige and muted pink color. They can be used individually or combined with each other. Light wicker chairs, wooden garden benches, old photos and delicate lace will help create the right atmosphere.
  • Clothing bride and groom.The bride's dress must be white, made of lace, silk or organza. It should be as free as possible without corsets and petticoats. The bridegroom is best to wear a suit of white or beige color. Outfits can be complemented with fresh flowers buttonholes.
  • Wedding menu.The food at the banquet can be completely diverse, as long as it is originally decorated and properly served.You can serve your guests a variety of snacks, light salads, fish and meat. You can try to surprise the guests with an original decorated cake.

Summer wedding in marine style: a romantic holiday on the coast


Sea, sun, blue sky and sandy beach ... All this is the perfect background for a romantic wedding by the sea. In this case, nature itself will help you create the right atmosphere. All you need to do is to bring warmth, happiness and love to the surrounding landscape. This will help you make the marine scenery, the right colors and outfits.

But first you have to find the perfect venue. If you do not plan to hold a fun beach party, then you will need a room for a banquet. Ideally, you need to find a restaurant with an open terrace, and already arrange it in a marine theme.

Tips to help you make the perfect wedding:

  • Wedding decor colors. Almost all the sea is associated with clean and blue water, so it is the shades of this color that will become the main element of the whole decor. If you wish, you can use a deep blue color, but it is best to dilute it with pale white shades.The open terrace should be decorated with shells of various sizes, starfish and light, almost transparent fabrics.
  • Clothing for newlyweds. For a marine celebration, an open dress of white or soft blue free cut is suitable. The groom also does not have to wear a strict suit. He can easily do with a white shirt and trousers made of lightweight fabrics.
  • Food for guests.The main course on the table, of course, should be fish. From it you can cook both snacks and hot dishes. Grilled seafood served with fresh vegetables will help to diversify the menu. From drinks you can serve champagne, wine and vodka.

Wedding in Russian style: a combination of modernity and old traditions


If your couple loves the traditions of their ancestors, then you need to do a wedding in the Russian style. Preferring this theme, you can please the guests of different generations. Indeed, in this case, you can easily combine old Russian traditions and modern wedding trends. The main highlight of the Russian wedding, of course, should be entertainment.

Forget about exotic dancers, jugglers and fashion artists.If you want your celebration to really resemble a Russian wedding, then for entertainment, find a good harmonist and buffoon.

  • Location.The wedding banquet is best carried out in a restaurant of Russian cuisine. In such places there is usually all the necessary attributes: wooden tables, wide benches and beautiful self-woven tablecloths. You can decorate the room with wildflowers, horseshoes, embroidered towels and even antique icons.
  • The image of the bride and groom.For such a wedding, you can choose and modern outfit and vintage. The main thing that it beautifully combined red and white colors. On the head of the bride, besides the veil, there must be a beautiful sparkling crown or a wreath of fresh flowers.
  • Festive food.On the table should be as much as possible a variety of dishes. It can be a variety of pickles, baked fish, meat and, of course, pancakes. Instead of standard alcoholic beverages, you can serve liqueurs and liqueurs.

Greek style for a wedding: photo ideas


Greek wedding is best suited for the warm season. The ideal place to hold it is any beautiful place near the water.If possible, place banquet tables right here and build a small stage for artists. If you wish, you can diversify the celebration of such Greek traditions as the breaking of the plates and the crowning of the bride.

  • Wedding colors and decorations.Color options in this case can be quite different. To decorate the wedding party, you can use white, blue, azure, yellow, orange and gold shades. Majestic columns, laurel wreaths, cupids and ancient scrolls will complete the picture.
  • Wedding outfits.The bride's dress should be light, white and airy. He should be overestimated waist and drape a golden color. The bridegroom is best to choose a light flax attire free cut. Heads of newlyweds can be decorated with laurel centuries.
  • Wedding menu.For such a themed celebration ideal Mediterranean cuisine. The menu should include olives, citrus fruits, seafood, kebabs from various types of meat and a huge amount of fresh vegetables.

Retro Wedding: Vinyl, Vintage Cars and Louis Armstrong


If you adore old cars, like to listen to vinyl records and can’t imagine your life without Louis Armstrong songs, then your wedding should definitely be planned in retro style.For the basis of such a celebration, you can take some historical event, or, for example, you can focus on the cabaret or casino.

To make the celebration perfect, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Registration of the celebration.Try to find a room decorated in a classic style. It should be as much as possible old furniture and high floor lamps. An old piano, a gramophone and a typewriter will help you to complement such decoration. Vinyl records hung at different heights will look very beautiful.
  • Outfits young.The bride's dress should be simple and at the same time original. The head is best decorated with a long veil or an elegant hat with a veil. The dress of the groom can be both very strict and completely free. The main highlight of his outfit can be a hat in a gangster style.
  • Solemn menu.Serve guests with some sophisticated dishes, such as baked quails with mint sauce or goose stuffed with apples. As a dessert, you can offer ice cream with fresh fruit.

Rustic Wedding: The Rustic Charm of Rustic Style


If you decide to celebrate this particular style, be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a rather large amount of money. Although at first glance it may seem that it is rather easy to plan a wedding in a rustic style, in practice it turns out that you need to work quite seriously on the images and decoration of the hall. It is these, at first glance, simple details of the celebration, will make up the bulk of the wedding budget.

  • Registration of a wedding celebration.The best option for a wedding in the style of rustic is a good log cottage. Create the right atmosphere will help cones, candles, hay, linen and calico fabrics and wooden furniture. The entire decor should be designed in yellow, brown, beige and orange tones. Field flowers and herbs will help you to refresh your space.
  • Clothing newlyweds.The image of the bride will make a perfect elegant dress in white or beige. It should be draped with aerial lace or delicate embroidery. The groom can be dressed in a blue shirt and sand pants with suspenders.
  • Festive banquet.The menu for such a wedding should be as simple as possible. You can serve guests a vegetable stew, baked fish and meat, salty and sweet pies.

Wedding in the style of a movie, cartoon or favorite book of the newlyweds

Svadebnoe-kino-v-stile-retro-glavnaya2 (1)

Planning a celebration in the style of your favorite movie or book can be quite simple. In this case, you do not have to invent something to look for interesting contests. You can hold a wedding by following the script of the film or the plot of the book. Instead of banal marriage registration in ZAGSE, you can hold an exit ceremony and arrange painting on a real film set.

The main nuances of the wedding in the style of a movie or cartoon:

  • Decor and color din of celebration.Your wedding can be designed in any color. The main thing is that the colors and festive decor even remotely resemble the scenery of a movie or cartoon based on which a celebration is planned.
  • Dresses newlyweds.The bride and groom can pick up outfits, like those of Hollywood stars, or choose beautiful romantic costumes like the characters of Love-story.
  • Wedding menu.Try to feed the guests so that you love yourself. Just try to diversify the menu so that every guest is satisfied with the wedding banquet.

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