Fashionable shoes fall-winter 2017-2018 year

Shoes - the most important element of both female and male image. In the collection of modern women of fashion you can find more than one pair of shoes on a steady run, comfortable heels or extravagant heels. In men's wardrobe shoes are not only a significant element of the image, but also demonstrating the success and availability of good taste.

Choosing a model taking into account your preferred style of clothing, as well as relying on current fashion trends of 2017-2018, which we will acquaint in this photo review, you can easily create a stylish business image, pick up shoes for every day, for a walk around the city or for romantic date

Women's shoes with a creative heelWomen's shoes with a transparent heelWomen's socksMen's classic shoes

Fashion trends

On the eve of the new season, the views of fashionistas are directed to the catwalks of famous fashion houses, because the fashion trends of 2017-2018 largely depend on what shoes will be offered by eminent fashion designers. Opening the veil of mystery, we hasten to announce that the coming year will bring a lot of interesting new products, namely:

  1. slippers;
  2. unusual in shape and design heel;
  3. high platform;
  4. Labutenes;
  5. models of sports stylistics.

Toe shoes are a logical continuation of last year’s fashion trends, which combined the sock with various models of summer and demi-season shoes. This unusual solution offers the fashion house Fendi to everyone who is looking for fresh ideas for a stylish look. The model range includes both elegant models, worthy to become an ornament of an evening dress, and practical everyday options.

Trendy socksSocks shoes 2018Shoes socks metallicYouth shoes socks

Extravagant heels. Replacing the heel and the usual for many sustainable wide heels come designs of complex shapes with creative design, decorative inserts and inlays. Such options were presented on the catwalks by many European and Russian shoe designers.

Heel microphoneUnusual heelHeels fashion 2018Exclusive shoes with the author's heel

Platform. Shoes with an extremely high platform again relevant! Original models in this style can be found in the collections of Dolce & Gabbana, McQueen, Versace.

Platform shoesShoes on a comfortable platformExtreme platformFashionable platform 2018

Labuteni. The stylish shoes that Christian Louboutin creates have long since become an attribute of luxurious life for fashionistas. In the new collection, the designer offers a large selection of models in which femininity, elegance and chic are read.

Labutans 2018Fashion shoes laputenaClassic LabutenesLabutans 2017-2018

Sport style. Love the sneakers, but you regret that without a heel you don't look glamorous enough? There is a way out - these are trendy new items presented in the photo.These shoes are sure to appreciate the youth audience, because they will be an excellent addition to the image instreet styleor military topics.

Sport ShoesAthletic Wedge ShoesFashionable sports shoesStylish sports shoes

Women's shoes

Fashion trends always attract attention. But, not everyone is ready to carry the latest fashion trends to the masses, attracting the attention of ultrafashionable onions or extravagant decorative elements.
To create a stylish everyday image you can find many interesting ideas. In the coming season, classic colors (white, black, brown) and bright shades (yellow, green, pink) will be relevant as well. It is safe to choose both monophonic shoes, and combining several contrasting shades.
You can always be stylish and fashionable by combining fashionable shoes with classic skirts and pants, jeans or juggins.

1. For a business image, stylists are advised to pick up always relevant shoes. This is really a win-win option for a trouser suit or midi length skirt.Classic shoes

2. Romance and lightness will add lacing with ribbons, stylish buckles or other decorative elements.Shoes with ribbons

3. At the peak of popularity there are also textile shoes with a floral print, as well as leather models decorated with embroidery and perforation.Floral Shoes

4.Under the jeans are perfect slip on wedge shoes or light suede shoes at low speed.

Leather women's shoes with perforationFashionable moccasinsLow running shoesSport Shoes

5. Appreciate the comfort and go a lot of fluff - feel free to choose comfortable oxfords or brogues. Although these models came into female fashion from male images, they are very popular because they provide maximum comfort for the legs and emphasize the sophistication of the female image.Comfortable women's shoes

Male shoes

Men's fashion is more democratic. Famous designers see stylish male representatives in practical and comfortable models of shoes, offering a wide range of options in the classic and alternative style:

  1. always up-to-date classics from high-quality genuine leather;
  2. suede models;
  3. shoes with the texture of reptile skin;
  4. sleepers or moccasins;
  5. brogues.

Classic shoes (oxfords, bluher, loafers) blend perfectly with the suit. In 2018, you can safely choose any model with a round or slightly elongated toe, made in traditional shades (brown and black).Fashionable men's shoes

Suede shoes or sportswear options are more appropriate for a casual look. Such models are indispensable for those who spend a lot of time on their feet and love long walks.

Suede Men's ShoesMen's suede shoesSporty Suede ShoesStylish suede shoes

If you want to attract attention and emphasize prosperity - give preference to shoes with texture under the skin of reptiles. This is the most current trend of the upcoming season.Fashionable reptile leather shoes

Slippers or moccasins are a great addition to trendy jeans. Designers advise to combine such shoes with clothes in a youth or street style. Also, informal models will find their place in the wardrobe of casual style lovers.Men's loafers

Original brogues - the choice of bold mods. Perforated shoes are versatile. Models in classic colors can be combined with a business suit of modern style, and models of blue, mustard or other shades - with classic jeans or fashionable today rolled.Men's brogues

In 2018, men's fashion, as well as women's fashion, accepts deviation from the rules, providing a lot of opportunities to create their own unique image. The main rule that every man must follow is the acquisition of quality shoes and proper care for your favorite pair of shoes.

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