Fashionable haircuts for medium hair 2018

Stylish haircut is an integral element of the female image. Properly chosen hairstyle makes a person expressive, emphasizes the winning features of appearance and distracts attention from shortcomings. Fashionable haircuts for medium hair, as shown in the photo, in 2018 are experiencing a boom in popularity.

Oles of medium lengthMedium HaircutStylish haircuts 2018Fashionable haircuts 2018

Fashion trends haircuts for medium hair

Most girls prefer the length of the hair from the chin line to the shoulders, that is, the average, considering it the best solution. Short haircuts are not suitable for every type of appearance, mostly thin women, and long curls (lower shoulders) require careful maintenance and long-term complex styling. For this reason, stylists proclaimed haircuts for medium hair trend of the season.

The palm is unconditionally given to graduations, Vidal Sasson technique, multi-layered haircuts. Clear, even sections, though not completely disappeared, are no longer so popular. Asymmetry, shaven temples are actual, mainly, on the one hand, large negligent curls, waves.

Short hairstyleShaved haircutMedium Length Wavy HairLarge curls on medium hair

Despite the fact that the trend is natural, today it is rare to find a girl with natural hair color. In 2018, stylists urge girls not to be afraid of experiments and to try modern methods of coloring:

  • Venetian or Californian highlighting for light brown hair color;
  • ombra with both clear and blurred shades;
  • natural red shades;
  • gothic black;
  • shatush;
  • noble chestnut;
  • coloring
Hair dyeing 2018Highlights on medium hairColoring for blondes 2018Fashionable car

Fashion element - the effect of light chaos, which is created with the help of slightly curled locks and disheveled hair, while looking natural and at ease. To achieve such artistic disorder is not easy, it requires a certain skill. Fixing lacquer is not recommended to use - the hair-to-hair hairstyle is not in trend today.

As for hairstyles for medium hair, then in 2018, as the photo clearly demonstrates, stylists recommend lush styling. It is possible to reach volume with the help of a small amount of mousse and curling, with which waves are wound. Ideally, you get a styling, as close as possible to the natural.

Light wave on medium length hairVoluminous hairstyles for medium hairfashion curls for 2018Natural styling

Women with curly hair can emphasize the texture of the curls with wax.For this, a pea-sized product is warmed in the palms, and then distributed on separate strands that need to be emphasized.

Smooth and straight hair will require extra volume. Dry your hair clean and damp with your head tilted down and apply a light foam on the area near the roots. The softness and shine of the curls can be done with a small amount of oil, just be careful - if you take more money than you need, the hairstyle will look untidy.

Trendy haircuts for medium hair

"Cascade" - a favorite hairstyle of many women. Looks hairstyle, suggesting strands of different lengths, smoothly moving into each other, very stylish and feminine, does not require long-term styling and looks as natural as possible, and due to its multi-layeredness, thin hair acquires additional volume.

Another advantage of cascading haircuts is that they fit any type of appearance. For example, a ladder with long bangs is ideal for chubby girls, and with a short ladder for ladies with an elongated face.

Long and short bangs

The hit of the season is a cascade of long asymmetric (oblique) bangs.This element perfectly emphasizes the very stylistic idea of ​​a haircut and introduces into it a fashionable element of negligence.

Cascade with oblique bangsOblique bangs 2018Hairstyles with oblique bangsFashionable hairstyles with oblique bangs

Does not go out of fashion and quads. In 2018, this female haircut for medium hair, as shown in the photo, becomes even more texture, a clear geometric silhouette. Bangs preferably long. Especially effectively this option hairstyle looks on thick straight hair that keeps its shape.

Textured square on medium hair

Fashionable last year's short car, suggesting a length of curls just below the earlobes, is also popular. The characteristic elements of a haircut are the lack of clear cuts and straight lines, the emphasis on individual strands, thinning.

Short caret

The classic image is always in fashion, so the square with straight bangs to the eyebrows, side parting, flawlessly flat, shoulder-length hair and slightly twisted tips are still a sample of impeccable taste and style. This hairstyle is chosen by confident women of elegant age, but young ladies are still better to make a choice in favor of a graded car.

Classic hairstyle for medium hair

The Gavrosh haircut is still relevant, giving the image mischief and making the woman younger.A characteristic feature of the hairstyle is the maximum volume at the top of the head, which can be done by curling hair with a curling hair or slightly combing the strands.

Fashionable gavrosh 2018Gavrosh for medium hairStylish GavroshElegant gavrosh for 2018

The modern “Bob” is very different from the classical version, but it invariably causes sympathy among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. For medium length hair, this haircut is ideal.

Modern beanFashion Bean 2018Bob on medium hairBob for a stylish girl

Whatever haircut you choose, remember that the key to a good hairstyle is healthy hair.

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