Fashionable evening dresses 2019: trends and novelties

Sometimes it gets a little sad that fashion every year goes towards practicality and comfort. Jeans are considered feminine, and corsets and puffy skirts have long been remnants of the past. On the one hand, women breathed more freely, on the other hand - they lost their fabulous beauty outfits, which with a slight envy can now be admired only in the theater and in the movies.

However, the evening fashion remained faithful to the old standards and ideals of women's attire. Evening toilets today provide fashionable women with exquisite styles of long dresses with plumes, trimming with sparkling crystals, lace and intricate draperies.

Of course, the spirit of modernity is felt here: only a hundred years ago, transparent fabrics, cuts from the hip and deep cleavage were considered wild and provocative, although nowadays these details are almost classics of a stylish evening dress.

Fortunately, many modern women are brought at least a couple of times a year to plunge into the atmosphere of true beauty, timeless.These are balls, ceremonies, celebrations - from prom, to wedding, from a party in honor of the anniversary, to a luxurious carnival on New Year's Eve.

To look great on any of these events, especially requiring a year-code, you should choose the right outfit. Fashionable evening dresses in 2019 will allow you to make the right choice in all respects. You can show yourself as a true lady, but do it in a modern and relevant way.

Let's consider them - the most trendy evening dresses of the year.

The perfect choice for a winter ball

In winter, there are plenty of reasons to dress in an exquisite dress - this is both New Year's festivals, and various corporate events (often themed), and winter weddings so popular today.

In order not to be cold in a lace toilet, stylists recommend paying attention to evening dresses with fur - one of the trends of 2019.

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It's not just about decorative fur cuffs or hem trim. The combination of a thin chiffon dress with a fluffy fur coat is in fashion. The coat, if desired, can be replaced with a small fur coat or shawl wrapped around the shoulders.

The main rule that designers strictly follow is the complete match of colors.The exception is bolero (or similar capes), which, in addition to fur, have inserts of the same fabric that is used on the dress. In this case, the fur may be of a different (but harmonious) color.

In addition, evening dresses with fur décor remain in the trend: fox cuffs or a painted rabbit hem.

Atlas - the choice of the year

fashion trends of evening dresses in 2019

This fashion trend - rather advice from famous designers. If possible, choose dresses from satin with a noble metallic luster.

Until recently velvet was the podium leader, but this year preference is given to satin, silk and similar glossy fabrics.

These fabrics are suitable for women of any age, and it is simply impossible to imagine a holiday where an inappropriate satin dress will be.

A scattering of flowers

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Transparent fabrics have received great recognition from the world's high fashion houses. For years, the best designers have created collections based on chiffon, gas, georgette, and brilliant organza. Fashion 2019 will not be an exception, and for any celebration you can choose a piquant charming dress with a translucent hem.

The new “trick” of this year is a plentiful volume appliqué in colors made from a variety of chiffon or tulle petals.The flower placer, resembling the abundance of real living buds from afar, serves not only as a magnificent decor, but also negates any hint of vulgarity or frankness.

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In addition to voluminous stripes, the trendy transparent dress can be decorated with embroidery of metallic threads or sparkling appliqués, the main motif of which is flowers and floral ornaments.

Swan princess

In order for your evening look to be remembered by everyone for a long time as the most fashionable one, choose a dress with ostrich feather trim. The airy décor adds lightness and alluring femininity to the whole, and gives the look of charm.

the most fashionable evening dresses

The more modest and sophisticated feather decoration, the more respectable the age of the woman wearing this dress can be. For example, a toilet with long sleeves and feather cuffs will suit ladies who have crossed the 50-year mark.

An outfit with a mantle or a feather bolero ideally accentuates the mature beauty of middle age; a dress with a feather-adorned skirt, as well as outfits fully decorated with feather, will suit graduates and young girls under 30 years old.

New evening classics

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An attribute of the evening dress, which has already been elevated to the status of elite classics, is considered to be mantle, or a light robe. It fills the festive image with solemnity and status. This is an indispensable thing for the most expensive and luxurious balls, receptions and ceremonies.

The mantle easily decorates both delicate flying dresses made of translucent fabrics and elegant dresses made of velvet or thick silk. It is important that the mantle is in perfect harmony with the dress. Win-win - dress and cape of the same color and material.

By the way, the mantle does not have to be a separate element, most often in fashion collections there are models, where the mantle is part of the dress.

Double hem or train?

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Such a question when choosing a formal dress, perhaps you should ask in the 2019th. Both types of decor skirts will be extremely relevant. If we are talking about a double hem, then the trend is a medium-narrow skirt-case, complemented by a fluffy tail, creating a beautiful volume of a traditional ball gown.

The fashionable train is the same - not a three-meter cut-off of lace fabric, but a rather laconic bow or drape that crowns the dress at the back.And the one and the other option would be more appropriate to look at the graduation ball, as well as at events with a carpet.

Jacket imitation

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Can an evening dress be as strict as a business suit? Can! The distinctive features of the lady-boss style are clear shoulders, accentuated waist and deep neckline - the dress creates the effect of a jacket worn on a naked body.

Vivid sexuality adds to him and fashionable cut from the hip. Such an expressive (and somewhat aggressive) dress is suitable for a party with colleagues or for an appearance on the occasion of a film or theater premiere.

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