Fashion trousers fall-winter 2018-2019 year

The change of seasons is an excellent reason to update your wardrobe and fill it with stylish things that will not only help you survive the cold, but also add chic and charisma to the image. Fashionable trousers are the must haves of the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season, so girls who want to get into the trend urgently need to go shopping in search of a palazzo or bananas.

Fashion trends

Collections of famous designers, which were demonstrated at the Haute Couture Week in Milan, Paris and New York, are convincing enough: this fall, pants take on extreme forms. These leggings are narrowly obscene, if the pipes are as wide as possible.

fashion trousers for the winter of 2018-2019

Opening the ankles pants, setting the tone in past seasons, have lost relevance, giving way to long pants on the floor. Stylists assure - the longer the pants, the more fashionable they are. Be it “pipes” or “flares”, the legs should hide heels. Paradox: more recently, long trousers that are narrowed downwards and form an accordion were considered a move, and today this phenomenon is proclaimed a hot trend.

High heel in this case is necessary.In shoes with a flat sole, you firstly become visually shorter, and secondly, you risk collecting all the puddles in your trousers.

Fashionable trousers for the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season are made of dense textures (wool, suede, knitwear), have tucks on the waist and arrows. Mega popular leather pants. The most trendy model is considered to have the following characteristics: narrow, flared from the knee, length 7/8. It is impossible not to pay attention to the pants, visually reminiscent of jeans, as well as models made of shiny patent leather.

Leather trousers fall-winter 2018-2019Leather trousers fall-winter 2018-2019
Wide-cut trousers for fall 2018Wide-cut trousers for fall 2018
Wide cropped trousers for fall 2018Wide cropped trousers for fall 2018
Fashionable tight pants for fall 2018Fashionable tight pants for fall 2018

Evening options are luxurious, flared down trousers made of flowing metallic fabrics. At the peak of popularity - velvet models, decorated with exquisite decorative elements. To use beautiful pants for everyday wear, you can mix them with sports sweatshirts, T-shirts, and sneakers.

Fashion trousers for stylish womenFashion trousers for stylish women
Beautiful pants for the fall-winter 2018-2019Beautiful pants for the fall-winter 2018-2019
Stylish women's trousers for fall 2018Stylish women's trousers for fall 2018
Velvet trousers for womenVelvet trousers for women

As for colors, the onset of cold weather is not a reason to abandon the bright juicy shades - pink, purple, orange, emerald. Of course, no one cancels the classics - black, gray, beige, white. Yes, white, you heard right! White pants always look gorgeous andelegantly. The most fashionable models: flared, with folds, turning into arrows, and pants with a length of 7/8 with cuffs at the bottom. Luxury snow white products can be seen in the collections:

  • Chanel,
  • Calvin Klein
  • Brandon Maxwell,
  • Guy Laroche.
Women's white pants for autumn and winter 2018-2019 yearWomen's white pants for autumn and winter 2018-2019 year
Fashionable white pants fall-winter 2018-2019Fashionable white pants fall-winter 2018-2019
Fashionable pants from famous designers 2018-2019 yearsFashionable pants from famous designers 2018-2019 years
Dzineersky trousers with hits fall-winter 2018-2019Dzineersky trousers with hits fall-winter 2018-2019

Also, women of fashion are invited to pay attention to such shades as:

  • fuchsia;
  • terracotta;
  • burgundi;
  • ocher;
  • bronze;
  • brick;
  • chocolate;
  • gray blue.

In the designer collections monochrome models prevail, but there are also printed ones in a cell, strip and so on.

Fashionable trousers fall-winter 2018-2019 with a patternFashionable trousers fall-winter 2018-2019 with a pattern
Fashionable trousers in a cage autumn-winter 2018-2019Fashionable trousers in a cage autumn-winter 2018-2019
Fashionable trousers with a print autumn-winter 2018-2019Fashionable trousers with a print autumn-winter 2018-2019
Fashionable colored pants fall-winter 2018-2019Fashionable colored pants fall-winter 2018-2019

Fashion models

So, what kind of pants you need to look first? As you already understood, wide pants made of tweed, wool or cashmere, the fashion for which was introduced by the fashion house Chanel - out of competition. Pants should have a comfortable fit and be wide along the entire length. The width of the trousers can be achieved by additional folds, tucks on the waist.

Stylish wide pants 2019Wide trousers for fall-winter 2018-2019Wide trousers from Chanel for 2019

As for the classic straight trousers, they also have a place in the coming autumn-winter season, but with characteristic features. Attention should be paid to such fashionable details as an average fit, arrows, side pockets, cuffs at the bottom or twists, narrowed legs.Experimenting with the classic designers of fashion houses Olivier Theyskens, Ryan Roche, Fendi, Chanel, Daks.

Office Style TrousersOffice Style Trousers
Beautiful women's pants fall 2018Beautiful women's pants fall 2018
Fashionable black pantsFashionable black pants
Bright cropped trousers fall 2018Bright cropped trousers fall 2018

Actual palazzo a la Marlene Dietrich, which in the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season are more like a maxi skirt. Luxury models with high waists, ideal for social events, look in the collections of the masters of High Fashion Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Christian Wijnants.

Bright trousers for fall 2018Fashionable autumn pants 2018Wide length maxi pants

An alternative to wide trousers - narrow wool pants with arrows. This season they are as simple as possible, not weighted with decorative elements. Length is allowed any. Interesting models are presented at Isabel Marant, Carolina Herrera, Alberta Ferretti.

Narrow trousers of autumn-winter 2018-2019Narrow trousers of autumn-winter 2018-2019
Straight women's pants fashion 2018-2019 yearStraight women's pants fashion 2018-2019 year
Tight black pants 2018-2019Tight black pants 2018-2019
Skinny models of women's trousers for 2018-2019Skinny models of women's trousers for 2018-2019

A more practical option is office-style flared knee or hip trousers. An indispensable condition - the legs should close the heel. Brock Collection, Louis Vuitton, Nina Ricci, Brooks Brothers bet on a spectacular flare.

Flared pants for fall 2018Fashion flares fall-winter 2018-2019Flared trousers for fall-winter 2018-2019

A pleasant echo of the 80s - pants-bananas, which, according to stylists, every self-respecting fashionable woman should acquire that season. The form remained the same (the volume in the hips, loose along the entire length of the leg is strongly narrowed downwards), added pockets, elastic at the waist, providing numerous folds. Inspired by the retro style of Balmain, Michael Kors, Marco de Vincenzo.

Bananas of pastel shades fall-winter 2018-2019Bananas of pastel shades fall-winter 2018-2019
Bananas fall-winter 2018-2019Bananas fall-winter 2018-2019
Trendy bananas for 2018Trendy bananas for 2018

Creative fashionable women will undoubtedly be interested in cargo models presented by Unravel, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang in various variations and colors - from khaki to bright pink.

Fashionable cargo season autumn-winter 2018-2019Cargo pants fashion 2018-2019 yearFashionable cargo 2018-2019 years

But girls who prefer an active lifestyle, can not do without the trend trousers with strips. These pants owe their popularity to Balenciaga and Marni. Strokes can be hidden inside or put on over shoes.

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