Fashion Accessories Fall-Winter 2017-2018

Creating a fashionable and stylish image is a whole science, which often takes a lifetime to comprehend. For a woman to look perfect and make the desired impression, it’s not enough just to get branded items. It is necessary to learn how to correctly combine them, complementing the image with various accessories.

Couturiers offer fashionable women in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season to pay their attention to such accessories as:

Fashion Accessories 2018

Fur boas and boas

Natural fur perfectly emphasizes femininity and elegance of the image. It is not for nothing that items made of chinchilla, vicuna, mink, sable, lynx, silver fox or ermine are considered the best gift for a real woman.

Boa and boas are much cheaper fur coats, but at the same time they bring notes of elegant luxury into the image of the hostess. Such accessories can be combined with various types of clothing, from a light overcoat to a luxurious evening dress.

We offer to evaluate in the photo how elegantly the accessories from fur complement the female image in different styles elegantly.

Fur boa fashion 2018Luxurious natural fur boaFur boa 2018Fur accessories 2018

Men's Ties

In 2018, the trend of the season will be the use of male elements in female images. Want to look stylish - feel free to complement the image of a tie. Short and long, narrow and wide, plain or with intricate patterns - almost all models are relevant. The main thing is to choose the shade and print, taking into account the preferred style and basic elements.

It is worth noting that modern women can easily combine ties not only with classic blouses and jackets, but also combine these original men's accessories with a dress or sweater, getting extravagant looks.

Women's tie 2018Stylish tie for a womanMen's tie in the women's fashion in 2018

High gloves

Such fashion accessories as high gloves, in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season, have included many European designers in their collections.

In the wardrobe of a modern fashionista there is definitely a place for several pairs of sophisticated models of gloves above the elbow (or even up to the shoulder):

  • thin kid - for evening dress;
  • stylish leather - to a fur vest or fur coat with short sleeves;
  • inexpensive knitted - to leather or nylon raincoats and vests;
  • luxurious fur - to the classic coat or jacket of a strict cut.
2018 high glovesFashion Gloves Fashion 2018Leather gloves above the elbow 2018Fur gloves 2018

Women's belts of 2018

The fashion of the autumn-winter 2018 season is very diverse and every woman can easily choose stylish and fashionable accessories according to her preferred style.

For an elegant dress or raincoat, a thin leather belt would be the best complement. To a jacket or knitted tunic is better to buy a wide textile option with a big fancy buckle. Owners of aspen waist can also boldly complement the image with extravagant belts from a wide variety of chains, the highlight of which can be either weaving itself or exclusive fasteners.

Fashion Belt 2018Stylish belts in 2018 imagesChain Belt 2018Fashion belts - accessories 2018

Retro Scarves

The silk scarf is a stylish accessory that has not been out of fashion for many decades. Today, fashionistas are familiar with hundreds of ways to beautifully tie this trendy element: pin-up, a la grandmother, retro styling, Bedouin style, pirate-style, and many other variations.

It is worth noting that a stylish scarf can be used at any time of the year, complementing this accessory with light summer dresses as well as demi-season jackets, coats or raincoats.

Retro look fashion scarfWomen's military-style scarfFashion scarf 2018Stylish silk shawl

Clamps and shawls

Special attention in the season of autumn-winter of 2017-2018, the designers recommend to draw on such fashion accessories as clamps and shawls.

Cozy stylish sound (yoke) of large knitting is a great alternative to boring traditional scarves and hats. The versatility of the clamp allows you to get fashionable images in a variety of styles, combining the accessory with any wardrobe items. It can be worn with demi-season sleeveless jackets and a poncho, a coat of a classic cut, light jackets and even warm down jackets.

Shawls will be indispensable for creating a stylish look on autumn days, as well as in those moments when the temperature in the offices drops below a comfortable 20ºС.

Fashionable yoke 2018Scarf-yoke fashion 2018Fashion shawls of 20182018 Scarves and Shawls

Hoops and headbands

Fashion is cyclical and in 2018 once forgotten hoops and headbands will be relevant again. Such accessories were used in their collections for the autumn-winter season by many famous designers.

Narrow leather or wide textile, decorated with wrought-iron elements, decorative flowers or natural fur, such accessories will help to emphasize individuality and give an image of femininity and elegance.

Hoops and headbandsFashion accessories on the headFashion hoops 2018Headbands fashion 2018

Bags in uniform design with clothes

A single print for accessories, shoes and outerwear is the trend of 2018! It was such an extravagant twist that famous fashion houses surprised their fans at the shows in New York, Paris, London and Milan.

An exclusive handmade clutch or a stylish handbag that repeats the print of a dress, raincoat or coat looks very impressive. The unusual character of this image cannot remain unnoticed, which means that you will be in the center of attention at any event.

Striped dress bagBag under the fashionable image of 2018Extravagant BagBag with a trendy print

Extravagant glasses for the fall-winter 2018 season

Do you think that glasses - only a summer accessory? Keep up with current trends in high fashion! In the fall-winter 2017-2018 season, glasses in extravagant frames promise to be one of the most popular accessories. Stylish and unusual, they will be the highlight of your image, giving it a hint of mystery or light shocking.

We offer to evaluate on ofto model points. Which could be seen at fashion shows of Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Gucci and others.

Fashion glasses 2018Glasses fall-winter 2017-2018Extravagant glasses 2018Stylish glasses fashion 2018

Massive decorations

This winter has a trend of massive jewelry, which means that when choosing, it is worthwhile to give preference to noticeable or attractive earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants.

In 2018 will be relevant:

  • pearls, precious and semi-precious stones in volumetric frames;
  • earrings kafa;
  • asymmetrical earrings;
  • massive bracelets;
  • fancy brass rings;
  • large pendants on massive chains.
Fashionable cafes of 20182018 massive earringsFashion accessories and jewelry in 20182018 massive pendantsFashion bracelets in 2018Decorating the streets for the new yearFlowers on the streets of VietnamFlowers on the streets of VietnamFlowers on the streets of VietnamFlowers on the streets of VietnamFlowers on the streets of VietnamFlowers on the streets of VietnamFlowers on the streets of Vietnam

As you can see, the choice of stylish and fashionable accessories is huge.The main thing is to learn how to choose the right elements to create a holistic and harmonious image.

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