External Independent Evaluation (EIT) in 2018

Every year, upon completion of schools, Ukrainian graduates undergo an external independent assessment. Successful testing allows you to go to an institute or university without entrance exams, only at a passing score, and applicants have access to both paid and budget places. VNO in 2018 is waiting for a number of changes aimed at improving the efficiency of assessment and accessibility, including for children with disabilities.

VNO in 2018 after grade 9

Most likely, an external independent assessment in 2018 will be carried out not only for graduates of 11 classes, but also for ninth-graders. The Ministry of Education plans to reform and introduce a 12-grade school. The main feature is that the high school will last 3 years and have a specialized direction.

According to officials, the VNO after grade 9 is necessary, and several arguments are in favor of their arguments:

  1. Some students after grade 9 go to study at colleges, lyceums or other educational institutions.Enrollment of applicants according to the results of VNO will significantly simplify the admission procedure. In addition, it will reduce corruption in schools.
  2. With the introduction of the senior vocational school, an additional test of knowledge will be required, which will allow an objective assessment of the knowledge gained and determine the direction of further education.

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Since the development of test tasks and the definition of subjects takes time, in 2018 the VNO for ninth-graders will be held in pilot mode. Schools from different regions of Ukraine will be selected for the event.

It is also planned in a test mode to conduct an external independent assessment for students of 4 classes. The final decision on this issue has not yet been made by the government. In the future, passing tests after 4 classes may be selective, but not necessary, although this will become known after the test results.

What changes to touch on VNO subjects in 2018?

The need to supplement the list of compulsory subjects in a foreign language has been discussed for a long time. For the first time, English language tests at the request of graduates were conducted in 2016 and they consisted of two parts - the written (actual tests) and the audit (listening record).

During the assessment, some flaws were discovered.It turned out that the main problem was the technical side. Some assessment sites lack the necessary equipment to listen to the recording, which impedes an objective assessment. In addition, it was found that the tasks for most students were very difficult, and they could not cope with them. Parents who spoke about the fact that there are not enough hours of a foreign language at school, so there is not enough time to prepare, to defend the graduates.

It is planned that until 2018, all the identified problems and shortcomings will be corrected and new tasks will be compiled, which will correspond to the level of students' knowledge. The need to pass the English language on VNO is necessarily due to the fact that in many universities there is an entrance exam in this subject. Now students must pass the Ukrainian language and literature, as well as math or history to choose from. The third exam on the choice of a graduate of the proposed options.

VNO in 2018 will be available for children with disabilities

Among the 2018 VNO news, it is also worth noting the desire of officials to make tests available to children who have physical limitations.Previously, children with disabilities were unable to undergo an external independent assessment, and therefore, enrollment at a passing ball to higher educational institutions. The government decided to correct this situation and eliminate discrimination.

To allow such students to take tests, the following measures will be taken:

  1. Cabinets will be equipped so that children in wheelchairs can move around in them.
  2. For students with vision problems, the tasks will be printed in Braille.
  3. Ramps will be installed on the stairs and climbs to ensure free movement inside the premises.
  4. Bathrooms will be equipped to the needs of disabled children.

The new approach will allow children with disabilities to also be evaluated and have a chance to enter the budget places in universities and institutes.

What other innovations and changes in VNO are planned in 2018?

The following changes are unlikely to please future graduates. It is known that the certificate, which had been valid for 3 years, will now only be valid for a year. If a graduate after passing the ZNO in 2018 for any reason did not enter the university, the next year he will again have to take tests.This significantly reduces the chances of enrolling in a higher educational institution after a year or two.


In addition, the Ministry of Education reported that there will be only one wave of enrollment, therefore, documents must be submitted without delay. Recall that universities have the right to set a passing score on their own, but it should not be less than 100 points - the minimum threshold. When enrolling is also taken into account coefficient. For example, this year the coefficient for children from rural schools is 1.02. The same coefficient for those who want to enter the technical and mathematical faculties.

In addition, it is possible VNO will be introduced for bachelors who plan to go to study at the magistracy. But while it is too early to talk about it, since neither the program nor the features of the testing are thought out.

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