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August 6, 2013
DIY furniture

Eurobook sofa do it yourselfFolding sofas in our apartments are very common because they are comfortable, take up little space and at the same time provide a full-fledged sleeping place. Now the stores sell a large number of folding sofas, among which the most popular eurobooks are sofas. As the name implies, the eurobook sofa has a transformation mechanism in the form of a book. Covering a sofa of this design is not very difficult with the necessary skills.

This sofa consists of a back, seat, sidewall and base, in which you can arrange a compartment for storing bedding. Most go to the store for a new sofa, but you can make this piece of furniture with your own hands. And although significant savings in the manufacture of such a sofa from high-quality materials and components will not be possible, yet there is a sense in home-made furniture - it will be more reliable and better than similar store products.

Folding the sofa in the form of eurobook is carried out by moving the seat forward along the guides all the way and in folding the back in a horizontal position - so it covers the top of the bedding compartment.

How to make a eurobook sofa with their own hands

    • Base. Starting to make a Eurobook sofa should be from the base. To do this, take boards with a width of 15 cm and a thickness of 5 cm. The size of the base is 65x190 cm. The boards are fastened to each other on self-tapping screws with a length of 10 cm and more. In the corners of the base of the boards are screwed for greater strength additional wooden bars.
      For the bottom of the base, you can use a sheet of fiberboard. For its fastener, in the base they gash down the slats, and in turn, the hardboard is nailed on them.

eurobook sofa do-it-yourself drawings

    • The back and seat. These details of the sofa are also made of 5x15 cm boards. The principle of manufacturing is the same as at the base of the sofa, dimensions are 70x195 cm. For this construction, sheets of fiberboard are filled from two sides, that is, from the bottom and from the top.

In the manufactured box of the backrest and the seat, bars are cut with a section of 5x5 cm, spaced 8-10 cm from each other. Then sheets of fiberboard are stuffed and the legs are screwed.

When the sofa is assembled and the back is raised to a vertical position, its soft part is turned outwards. Therefore, for the back it is necessary to provide cushions of polyurethane foam, for example, wrapped in any material to make it more soft (for example, holfeiber).

  • Sidewall. For this part, use a wooden box or make it out of chipboard.
  • Unfolding mechanism. In order for the sofa to fold out use the usual non-separable hinges that attach to the base of the back and the sofa itself. In order for the fastening point of the hinges on the back of the sofa to be very strong, you can use a board with a section of 5x15 cm, turned by an edge instead of bars.
    When all the details of the sofa are ready and assembled, you can proceed to gluing polyurethane foam (using special glue), and then fix the sintepon or holofiber. Ready sofa upholster selected furniture fabric with a construction stapler.


make a sofa eurobook do-it-yourself

  • Instead of fiberboard, you can use plywood with a thickness of 6 mm (preferably solid sheets). It is possible to reduce the thickness of the wooden bars to 30 mm.
  • Bars between two sheets of plywood can be glued with glue and attached on both sides with a pneumatic stapler with staples of 25-30 mm.
  • For the soft part of the sofa is better to use foam with a density of at least 30 kg / m2.
    On the one hand, 10 cm thick foam rubber can be attached to the back, and on the other, 2 cm.
  • The back cover can be made with a zipper, or you can simply attach the material to the bottom of the beam with staples and staples. Furniture trim does not take much time.

The eurobook sofa, made by hand, may not come out much cheaper than the store products, but it will definitely turn out to be convenient, high-quality and reliable, which means it will serve you for years.

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