Energy-saving glass for plastic windows

Any client who buys metal-plastic windows in the Dnieper in our company - “Window Center”, wants to get maximum comfort, comfort and warmth in his apartment. Plastic windows with a properly selected glass unit, energy saving, will be able to obtain these results.

Let's find out what exactly the glass unit with energy-saving sputtering or with and-glass. Currently, the glass is paid the most attention, and for good reason, because it is through the glass unit we lose the greatest amount of heat than through the plastic part of the metal structure. Energy-saving glass is a glass coated with a layer of silver ions. It is this coating and contributes to the preservation of heat in the apartment, not allowing him to leave the room. The thermal characteristics of a warm glass unit make it possible to obtain a temperature on the surface of the glass, plus fourteen degrees Celsius at an outdoor temperature of minus twenty-five degrees.In appearance, energy-saving glass is no different from the usual, it also well passes light rays into the room.

In order to determine what exactly the characteristics of energy-saving glass in plastic windows in the Dnieper, we compare its characteristics of resistance to heat transfer with ordinary double-glazed windows:

In a glass unit with ordinary glass, the heat transfer resistance index is0,32while at the energy-saving glass pane it reaches0,62 .

From this it follows that the ability to resist heat loss from an energy-saving glass unit in2 times taller than ordinary glass. Thus, we see that with and-glass twice as much heat is stored in the house, which means that in winter you significantly save on heating. Having installed plastic windows with such a glass unit, you will use heating appliances much less. We explain to our customers that in those apartments where metal-plastic windows are installed with a warm energy-saving double-glazed window, home plants feel much more comfortable on the windowsill than with windows with ordinary glass, as there are no cold air flows and temperature drops due to the deposition of silver ions.

Today, it is very important for consumers to keep the heat in the house, as electricity and gas tariffs are constantly increasing. Therefore, warm plastic windows with energy-efficient glass is a solution. Such warm windows will make your apartment warmer in winter and more comfortable for living.

Currently, a campaign is held in the city of Dnepr to the Window Center company - “An energy-saving double-glazed window as a gift” - you can read more about the action on our website -

If you want to buy plastic windows in the Dnieper and get a warm energy-saving double-glazed window for free, then call the Window Center company today - +380983767111 or contact us via the online contact form with the manager on our website.

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