Empire V - 2018 film

  • Premiere: in November 2018 (in Russia)
  • Countries of production: Germany, Russia, USA
  • Genre: fantasy
  • Producer: Victor Ginzburg
  • Cast: Pavel Tabakov and others

The premiere of the film Empire V is scheduled for November 2018. The project is based on the book by Victor Pelevin. It only remains for us to add to the prevailing fact that the producers of this movie are counting on getting a big hit, which will be even higher than the night watch box office. What do you think about this?

The story of these supermen

"Night Watch" Timur Bekmambetov, since we remembered him, in 2004, collected in the world box office over 30 million dollars. In Russia alone, the revenue for its authors was about half of the final result. By the way, the basis of this fantasy is also the novel - the book of the same name by Sergey Lukyanenko, which tells about people with extraordinary abilities.

Empire "V" or "Empire" 5 "", "Empire V" or "Empire V" and everything like that are the names of the eighth novel by Victor Pelevin. The subtitle of the book is as follows: "The Story of a Real Superman."

In 2006, the famous Russian writer and author of cult novels like “Omon Ra”, “Chapaev and the Void”, “Generation“ P ”” and “Betman Apollo” Viktor Pelevin pleased his admirers with his next work, which can be treated differently.

Victor Pelevin

There is a group of people who see the author as a genuine genius, whereas in opposition to them are those who consider the laureate of numerous literary awards to be just a hack. Of course, there were those who were somewhere in the middle of it. They, so to speak, remain neutral.

Victor Pelevin, despite the praise and dissatisfaction of the rich number of readers, continues to produce something year after year that is literally shocking. For example, in 2016, the Eksmo publishing house published the fourteenth novel by the author, named like this: “The Lamp of Methuselah, or the extreme battle of the KGB with the Masons”. Well, something like this.

In 2011, the first adaptation of the works of Viktor Pelevin, which can really be called a success, was released. Victor Ginzburg decided to transfer to the big screen the story described in the postmodern novel Generation “P”, which describes the generation of Russians that grew up and was formed against the background of political and economic reforms of the 90s.

The producers of the film "Empire V" say that, generally, to their joy, Victor Pelevin was completely satisfied with the way the generation of his "Generation" was handled, so he trusts filmmakers this time too. Apparently, the team of cinematographers engaged in the production of "Empire", in the core of its composition will be the same.

Director and screenwriter of the project

Victor Ginzburg again took up the directing of such a remarkable project on his proud shoulders. For him, this will be the second full-time career game work. In 1994, he began with the production of a documentary film called Neskuchny Sad, which he was fortunate enough to do with the support of American filmmakers.

Viktor Ginzburg

Like his two previous works - fiction and documentary - the third-age rating is likely to be also “18+”. Although then we ask ourselves: how do the creators expect to repel the approved production budget and collect more "Watch"? Has the influence of "Deadpool" already reached Russia?

Victor Ginsburg will undertake to rewrite the original source himself. He himself rewrote the book version of the story for the cinema, when he was busy with the “Generation”, although then Gina Ginsburg, who is the wife of the director of Empire V., helped him a little in this matter.

Go and see: Muslim, Admiral and Sweet Woman

Operator "Empire" agreed to be Alexei Rodionov. He previously had a hand in the filming of Generation.

To give the project the necessary, by design, attractive visual component of the world of supermen, in which the main action of the picture takes place, it seems to us that it will succeed without problems. Alexey Rodionov had previously shot for Elema Klimov a masterpiece of the military drama “Go and See” with the young Alexey Kravchenko in the lead role, as well as the following films: “Farewell”, “Muslim”, “Sweet Woman”, “Orlando” and “Admiral” and TV shows : “Confrontation” and “Shtrafbat”.

The cast of "The Tale of the present superman"

Among the actors of the "Empire" in "" while only Pavel Tabakov is listed.

Pavel Tabakov

And yes, you correctly thought: he is the son of Oleg Tabakov, the very one who: once voiced the cat Matroskino in the cartoon “Three Prostokvashino” and Barbosa - in “Bobby Visiting Barbosa”; who was Katerina’s married lover in Vladimir Menshov’s legendary film “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears” and Schellenberg in the TV series “Seventeen Moments of Spring”.

Well, many other recognizable images were in his long career. Perhaps, and he will find a place in the "Fifth Empire", who knows.

The plot of the movie about vampires

Actually, the plot of the film "Empire V" will not have to greatly depart from the original. There - in the book - the protagonist acts, whose name is Roman Aleksandrovich Shtorkin, on whose behalf readers will learn a lot of facts about the Fifth Empire Corporation and the detailed details of life in an environment where corporate culture has been legalized.

He is still young (he is about 20 years old), but he already had the opportunity to become a vampire at this age. It so happened that this “gift” was given to him by Brahma, who decided to start a suicide with his vampire life - right after he lost in a vampire duel.

Roma became a vampire when Brahma gave him a “tongue”. So in the novel is called a special entity, which, in fact, makes a man a vampire. With his help, Roma can read the thoughts of others, but only after he has tried their blood. In the language of vampires, this process is called "tasting." Actually, as you can see, they are quite selective, as they say, in the bloodsucking. Electoral bloodsuckers, so to speak.

As is customary among vampires, Roma must immediately change his former name to another, more imperial, something (or empire, if you will), with the result that he becomes Rama. But that's not all.Further, in front of a young man, his mentors set him the task of quickly changing the pattern of his thoughts. This is all he has to do right in the process of studying glamor and discourse, the two main vampiric sciences.

As you know perfectly well, Roma, who is also Rama, is gradually assimilated among a new society, into which, however, he did not get on his own accord. But over time, the newly-minted vampire still does not cease to ask questions that are not alien to any sensible person: "Where did the world come from?", "Is there God?", "What will happen after death?", Etc.

Movie release date

The release of the movie "Empire V" in Russian hire - November 2018. The exact number will be announced a little later.

The following films will premiere in Russia in November 2018: Superheroes X-Men: Dark Phoenix, action movie Bad Boys 3, sequel to family adventure fantasy Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live, biopic First Man, Widows thriller , the cartoon "Ralph breaks the Internet", the comedy "Night School" and the third part of the parody action-comedy "Agent Johnny English".

The authors of this cinema declare that their creation mostly ridicules the new world order established on the planet Earth today.And yet, they do not forget to mention that, above all, it is - a simple love story of two young vampires, described in the urban fantasy genre.

Empire V

The project is being developed jointly by filmmakers from Russia, the USA and Germany.

In the early stages of the preparatory process for future shootings, the production budget was collected by crowdfunding, but then the “mystical satire” was supported, to the joy of many, by the Board of Trustees of the Cinema Foundation.

All funds raised will necessarily go to the extent to disclose the stated history and clearly demonstrate that the current generation of viewers can find an undisguised awakening interest in something more complicated than we all have seen many times before.

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