Electric drill choice

January 25, 2018
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Electric drill - one of the most common tools for drilling holes of various materials of different degrees of strength. Its main distinguishing feature is convenience. Electric drill from https://abo.ua/ can be equipped with various types of drills: for metal, brick or ceramics. There are also reinforced drills that are equipped with a pointy tip and allow you to drill holes in concrete walls. With the help of a special nozzle installed in the cartridge, you can use an electric drill as a grinder.

Electric drill choice

There are a large number of types of electric drills - from small and low-power, used by designers, to professional tools, with which you can carry out repairs in the house and use as the main working tool.

Electric Drill Tips

To choose the right electric drill for the functionality and capabilities, we recommend following a few simple tips:

Each drill has such characteristics as the number of revolutions and power. If the drill is used infrequently, then it is necessary to choose an electric drill with a small excess headroom - in home use conditions there are usually no daily hours-long tasks. This will give a certain amount of cash savings when you buy, and at the expense of saving electricity.

Electric drill choice

Therefore, do not use a professional drill for home use.

Availability of perforation mode. This mode is used for drilling materials with a "shock" effect: brick, concrete. So that you don’t have to purchase a perforator separately, you should definitely buy an electric drill with perforation mode.

Quick-release cartridges. The electric drills must necessarily include replaceable cartridges (or at least a design for replacing them). Sometimes it is necessary to drill a hole whose diameter exceeds the standard diameters of standard drill bits. Since a drill is a fairly reliable tool that can last for many years without special repairs, only preventive maintenance (cleaning and lubrication) is sufficient.

Adjustment of turns.If the drill is equipped with this function - there is no need to purchase a screwdriver, since the electric drill will replace it in terms of functionality.

Electric drill choice

Drill from https://abo.ua/elektroinstrument/ - almost a perpetual power tool. If you buy a tool, for example, a German manufacturer, then the tool is guaranteed to last for many years without breakdowns and will help you with more than one apartment repair or household belongings. The electric drill is a poluy the main electric tool in the apartment. Usually with her intelligent owner begins to collect a set of home power tools and accessories.

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