Economic Development Roadmap

September 21, 2016

Economic Development RoadmapEven during the time of the Roman Empire, the main factor in the prosperity of the land was the high-quality roads that have survived in Europe to this day. Therefore, the Russian government considers modern road construction to be one of the priorities of its work. The quality of roads depends on the materials used. One of them is a modern high-tech concrete Klin - one of the centers of production of these high-quality mixtures.

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The Federal Target Program for the reconstruction of federal highways has been created and is being implemented. So, on May 20, 2015, an inspection of the Caspian federal highway M-6 was carried out. Particular importance is attached to the durability of the concrete pavement and the technological effectiveness of the road infrastructure (lighting, barrier structures, drainage systems, road junctions). The inspection was satisfied with the quality and pace of the contractor’s work. At the same time, it is noted that the local routes, which are under the administration of regional offices, also require modern restoration work.

  • For this you need:
  • create an information base on preferred materials, contractors and technologies;
  • conduct marketing research to find sources of financing;
  • use satellite data and digital technologies to streamline transport flows in the region.

Domestic manufacturers of building materials and equipment provide a wide enough range to meet any needs of road construction. It is important to choose really high-quality and durable coatings. For example, if necessary, you can buy concrete in Klin, where new developments of mixtures with different quality characteristics are constantly being conducted.

Research in this area is fascinated by its performance: concrete has already been created with a self-healing function due to the activity of symbiotic bacteria. Its high cost is quite compensated by durability and lack of costs for seasonal repairs. An additional benefit is that a developed transport infrastructure is a necessary basis for the successful development of economic potential.Thus, road construction is a starting point for the development of knowledge-intensive industrial complexes.

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