Easy subway in the Moscow region 2019

Recently, it has become a big problem for residents of the metropolitan area to get to the metropolis on time and quickly. Easy metro in the Moscow region of 2019 should solve this problem and open up prospects for further development of the Moscow region.


Light rail project

The authorities in the Moscow region began talking about transport in 2013. After that, the design of this type of transport began. The launch of high-speed trains, which will connect 20 cities of the Moscow region, was scheduled for 2019. However, in 2017, the government changed the concept of this transport. According to their plan, now LRT should be connected with the Moscow metro. We are talking about stations:

  • "Nekrasovka";
  • Chelobitevo;
  • "Kotelniki";
  • Volokolamskaya;
  • Myakinino.

Easy subway in the Moscow region 2019

The first two are only planned to build. This fact is connected with the postponement of the construction of light rail.

Currently, all the routes going to the cities of the Moscow region pass through the Moscow Ring Road. This creates a lot of inconvenience.A new mode of transport should fix this problem. It is planned that LRT will unload both the railway transport and the roads of the Moscow region. This will make the movement of residents of the Moscow region more comfortable. In addition, light-rail transport will open up new prospects for the development of the Moscow region and will improve the ecological situation in the region.

According to the project, the first section should link Domodedovo and Podolsk. According to experts, it should take about four years to design and commissioning. Total costs will amount to 57 billion rubles. The launch of the “light rail” as a whole is scheduled for 2022. Ten stations are scheduled on this line.

Next, the construction of the next LRT line will begin. She will link Ramenskoye and Domodedovo. This branch will go through “Zhukovsky. Its length will be 35 km. The cost of the first starting complex will be one hundred seven billion rubles.

The listed cities of the Moscow Region were not chosen by chance. The motorways of the south of Moscow region are the most intense. In addition, the passenger flow of Domodedovo Airport is constantly growing. Already, he is equal to thirty million people.

Entering the first part of the LRT will also make it possible to link the railway points of the Ryazan, Kursk and Paveletsky Railways directions. This will enable the residents of the Moscow region not to call in the capital to use the railway transport.

Scheme LRT suburbs

The new transport will have the following scheme:

The southwestern branch will combine: cities - Odintsovo and Podolsk
Southeast link connects: Domodedovo, Lyubertsy, Vidnoe, Zhukovsky
Northeast direction will link: Fryazino, Mytishchi, Ivanteevka, Korolev, Balashikha
The North-West chain will unite: Krasnogorsk, Dolgoprudny, Khimki.

The construction of LRT will take eleven years. By 2028, fifty stations should be launched. The total length will be 245 km. It will unite all important settlements of the region, railway stations and airports.

Easy subway in the Moscow region 2019

Distinctive feature of the light metro

LRT trains will consist of three doubled wagons equipped to the latest standards. In each car will be:

  • climate control system;
  • surveillance system;
  • air conditioning;
  • WI-FI.

The composition will move at a speed of 80-100 km / h. The interval between trains will be a couple of minutes, as in the Moscow Metro.Soon, residents of the Moscow region will be able to reach Domodedovo Airport in a matter of minutes, instead of the current 1.5-2 hours. The train seats five hundred people. In the year LRT will be able to take advantage of sixty million people.

Who finances the project

Experts who design a light metro, argue that it will cost about 259 billion rubles. This is a large amount even for Moscow. Each kilometer of such transport will cost 1.5-2 billion rubles.

About ten domestic and foreign companies expressed their desire to implement the project. They are ready to offset the costs by twenty percent. Investments will be returned, both by paying for tickets on the light metro and by developing the territories adjacent to the LRT. The approximate price of the ticket will be commensurate with the cost of travel on the suburban transport.

It is planned that next to the light metro will be new fuel dispensers and other infrastructure. Land will be bought by the state, but investors from China, Germany and France will be engaged in the construction of new facilities.

Easy subway in the suburbs in 2019. When the launch, scheme, station

Representatives of the financial circles of Russia also expressed their desire to participate in the project:

  • VTB Bank;
  • Sberbank;
  • Eurasian Development Bank, etc.

Among the investors of the project: "Morton" - a company engaged in the construction of houses in Vidnoe. This organization is ready to finance the branch directly to their housing estates. This is about 280 million dollars.

Uralvagonzavod and other enterprises will invest part of the investments. It is planned that the rolling stock will be built on domestic enterprises. This means that many Russians will benefit from the easy Moscow metro, as their enterprises will work on LRT orders.

Also participate in the project expressed:

  • Alstom;
  • CPPK;
  • Russian Direct Investment Fund.

Western partners will take part in the construction, including Siemens.

At what stage is the construction now?

As stated by one of the leaders of SETEK MO, which is developing this type of transport, in 2018 the concept of LRT will be finally approved and competitive design will begin. The construction of a line from the Kuznechiki microdistrict of the city of Podolsk to Domodedovo Airport will start in 2019. The length of the site is 36 kilometers. Also on this line is planned the construction of a new depot.

A competition has already been announced for the design work of the next LRT line from Domodedovo to Ramenskoye, 33 km long.

At the third stage, this branch will be connected to the Zhukovsky airport.The length of this section is 5.4 km.

In general, in 2019, the first line with a length of 74.5 km is to be built.

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