Eastern Horoscope for the Bull for 2019

The typical representative of the year of the Bull is entirely similar to its patron. This is a stubborn man, a leader who by force of his will can move a mountain and pull it along with itself for as long as it takes. Imagine that the Bull retreats before an obstacle is simply impossible, he will not even try to circumvent the obstacle, but will go ahead and, in most cases, succeed.

He is not indifferent to the fate of the rest and, if possible, will always help. However, it is slow in making decisions and finding the right line of conduct. This often leads to the fact that having come to the rescue, he discovers that he is already late and the situation has been resolved without him. But even such blunders will not make the representative of this sign of the eastern calendar to become agile, spontaneous and risky.

Those born in 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009 are reliable, but stubborn people. In horoscopes you can often meet other patron names: Buffalo or Ox. And, as these large animals are distinguished by diligence and unbreakable strength, so the people of the above-mentioned years can boast stubbornness, firm character and even genius in everything,with regard to the improvement of their lives and the lives of loved ones.

There are Buffaloes and negative traits from which their environment suffers more. This is a demanding sign that overestimates the level of requests so much that relatives barely manage, and at some point the likely "other half" simply stops trying.

The coming year will be held under the sign of Pig, and all the representatives of the year of the Vol will certainly be interested to know what surprises the economic and kind-hearted hostess of 2019 has prepared for them. For your convenience, we have compiled a Horoscope for a Bull for 2019, not only in the areas of your interests, but also taking into account the spontaneous characteristics of your year of birth.

Career and money in 2019

horoscope for 2019 bull man

The main guide to the world of financial well-being for you will be dedication and specifics. Immediately schedule yourself tasks and think about ways to achieve it so that you don’t have to face difficulties the whole year. Good luck awaits those who work in the field of mental work.

Vibrations of space will allow you to reach the maximum concentration, and more than once in the next 12 months the insight will come to you.If your work is more connected with brute force and physical actions, it does not matter.

You can apply strategy and tactics to any activity, develop time management schemes - and then the hardest work will go easier, you will become more productive and, as a result, you will receive pleasant bonuses and bonuses.

It is very important not to overdo it and not "burn out" at work. Gilt is not against work, but also loves and relax - it is worth copying its behavior. Especially to the Bulls, who on their way to their desired goal may not even notice that they are wandering out of their last strength. Do not drive yourself to exhaustion, work in pleasure, not for wear. Then the results will be brighter, and the monetary reward - more.

east sign bull

The credulity and directness of a buffalo can lead to monetary losses. Do not believe bright advertising and spam e-mails with offers to buy something at a very reasonable price. Surely this is just a way to deceive you and get your money.

In order not to fall into the hands of fraudsters, seeing the "offer of the year" or an attractive share, consult with more sophisticated people. And in general, in matters of economy it is better not to save, but to buy real goods for real money.

Love horoscope for the Bulls for 2019

You can safely forget about the concept of “love front” for the near future, because relationships will turn into a quiet, reliable rear for you. The family will become an inexhaustible source from which you can take strength and inspiration for career breakthroughs.

But this source will also require your attention. No matter how much time everyday issues take away, find at least half an hour a day for the most dear and beloved people.

Horoscope born in the year of the bull

The time has come to act for the Oxen, who have long been thinking about the appearance of children. 2019 is a suitable period to give rise to a new life and by the end of the year to know all the joys and difficulties of motherhood or fatherhood. Moreover, there is a chance of an unplanned miracle, even if you have not yet thought about the baby.

Love luck awaits those who are now in search, or generally satisfied with work and friendships. Interest in your person will be high and among the sudden admirers will be the person with whom a serious long-term romance is possible, as well as family life.

True, the stars warn that in the intimate area there is a risk of running into scammers and swindlers.Be wary of overly obsessive tokens that they might flatter you.

Health horoscope for 2019

It is difficult to call a bull lazy, but it happens that the representative of the sign goes to extremes, and periods of activity are replaced by the desire not to get out of bed for days. If you do not remember when you had a day off - your legal right to enjoy inaction and linger in front of the TV, giving rest to your body and brain.

horoscope for 2019 bull woman

But if you feel strong in yourself and just want to be lazy a day or two, remember that at this moment someone else can intercept your initiative and luck. 2019 does not forgive useless pastime.

Buffalo health and endurance is much higher than other people. He withstands illness on his feet, and often even the flu with high fever is not a reason to go to the hospital. The hardest time for you this year is summer. Do not forget to drink plenty of water and eat light, vegetable food.

Failure to follow the rules of proper nutrition can lead to dehydration and hypertension, also against the background of heat. Heart problems caused by workaholism and a disturbed regime can permanently disable you.

The best rest for the body and the nervous system will be a change of scenery. Get out on weekends to nature, visit old friends, take a trip to the resort with a mild warm climate, and you will avoid not only serious health problems, but also fix the "minor problems" of your body.

Detailed horoscopes for the elements

Metal Bull

2019 for a bull

The metal buffalo elements in the last 100 years were born only in 1961. The upcoming 2019th year for you will be a trial and error in all that relates to love. Family representatives should wait for a new round of "grinding" and life tests for livability. For those who are still alone, fate will send a long-awaited acquaintance, and not even one.

It is important among the variety of options to make the right choice. And, most likely, the obvious candidate will turn out to be not at all what it seems. With regard to work and money, then you are waiting for generous and productive months, your work will be appreciated and rewarded with interest.

Water Bull

bull forecast for 2019

"Waterfowl" Ox was born in 1973. Your year will be full of temptations. Do not give in to them, because this is a test of strength and willpower, and not bonuses from Fortune.

The opportunity to have an intrigue on the side or to turn a profitable, but dishonest work, will create the illusion of security. Unfortunately (or fortunately), any deception will be quickly revealed.After that, it will be extremely difficult for you to restore your reputation and build relationships with those whom your wrong choice is hurt and injured. Resist the temptation, and the year will be positive.

Wooden bull

Chinese horoscope for 2019 bull

1925 and 1985 obeyed the elements of the tree, and gave the world restrained and influential people. The coming year for you will be held under the motto of financial growth. But monetary success will not be a gift of fate, but will be the result of your hard work. Many of you will have to know (or remember) parental responsibilities: the likelihood of replenishment is high in your family, or the families of loved ones.

Fire Bull

characteristics of bulls

Those in whose passport is emblazoned in 1937 or 1997, it is worth waiting for a warm and cozy year. The existing novel will be strengthened and move to a new level of mutual understanding, and those relationships that will start in 2019 will be long and will end in marriage in half the cases.

It is fire Buffalo that is the most deceptive, especially in the area of ​​online shopping. Trust only proven network resources, and ideally - make shopping in physical stores, where you can always see the product and, if anything happens, return or exchange without problems.

Earthen Bull

Pig Year 2019 for bulls

Born in 1949, waiting for domestic chores associated with significant events in the lives of younger generations - weddings, birth of children, travel. Forces, money and time will suffice only if competent planning and alternation of rest and work.

The young buffaloes of 2009 must throw all their strength into study and self-improvement.

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