Eastern horoscope for Pig (Cabana) for 2019

Care, sensitivity, desire for comfort - this is the basis of the personality of the person born in the Year of the Pig. They harmoniously intertwined the ability to understand and feel the mood of other people with natural patience and balance. Thanks to such valuable qualities, these people easily acquire useful connections, have many friends, their colleagues are drawn to them, and their relatives respect them.

On the second side of the scale - the tendency to exaggerate the negative moments, self-pity and lack of confidence in their own abilities and capabilities. Pigs always believe in the worst outcome of events and do not get tired of creating dramas on this basis.

Even in those moments when things are not so bad, a typical representative of the mark may become disheartened and give up. Only close ones can pull a person out of the depths of apathy, but not by persuasion, but only by solving the universal (according to Pig) problem.

Still, Kaban cannot be blamed for weakness. For the sake of his family, this man will do anything, and in the end he will achieve an ideal life.Positive traits and business acumen allow the Boars to achieve an impressive financial position, which they happily share with their close circle.

This is a very hardworking sign of the Eastern calendar, and in the near future your work will bear the expected benefits. Horoscope for Pigs for 2019 promises a good period for all spheres of life.

Still, the 2019th is the year of your patron, the Yellow Pig or the Boar. He will complete the 12-year cycle of the Chinese calendar and, finally, he will generously bestow his “wards”. The element that controls the year is the land, which means, first of all, everything connected with the house, the family hearth, the fortification on the familiar place will grow.

Love horoscope for Pigs for 2019

As already mentioned, the year 2019 is the year of the elements of the earth, which means everything connected with the land works and household chores is doomed to success. Married pigs and married boars it's time to take care of their homes. For some, it's time to buy your country house or apartment, someone has everything goes with the repair, and someone decides to move.

boar eastern horoscope characteristic

To any of the actions, the patron of the year gives the green light. It is worth noting that the joint participation of spouses in the arrangement of the family nest will now strengthen the relationship and create new strong threads-ties in the pair.Even those representatives of the mark who are not married, but who have a strong relationship, during this period can strengthen the union - again, by living together.

For single and single Kaban, the stars promise the beginning of a serious relationship, although the choice of a satellite must be treated responsibly. The position of the planets will influence the desire to accelerate and in a very short time to transfer relations from the initial stage to the stage of marriage. This will benefit those couples who have been together for a long time; It is better for new partners to be patient and give their alliance a strengthening.

For many couples, the appearance of a baby is possible, even for those who have not yet or have not planned to replenish. Unexpected joy, again, will bind you more tightly to the beloved man, and not forcedly, which is important, but on a high spiritual level.

Career and money

horoscope 2019 female pig

One of your main drawbacks is laziness. It will make itself felt at the very beginning of the year, and it will noticeably interfere with you throughout all 12 months. You understand perfectly well with your mind that success will not come into your own hands, it must be achieved through hard work and perseverance. But with your body and heart you crave peace, relaxation and rest.

Lie down for an extra hour on the couch in front of the TV,to postpone the tedious work with the papers for later, to take time off in the midst of working activity - this is what you want much more than humbly to work. To have a rest when there is really no power - it’s not forbidden, but to yield to laziness for the sake of laziness means losing a good chance.

Despite the favor of the hostess of the year, that career growth, that enrichment, will be only the results of your work. Just a reward will come to you faster, and to a greater extent than it would be in the year of another animal.

boar eastern horoscope

Not the last role in obtaining financial well-being is played by the innate love of comfort. Although pigs are associated with unpretentiousness to living conditions, born in the year of Kaban, on the contrary, they highly value convenience, beauty of interiors, the ability to eat well and tasty. The desire to get everything at once and the best is their main incentive.

The appearance of additional finance can be quite risky. The main danger is people who want to put a hand on your wealth. Be attentive to requests to lend money or financially assist, even if the request came from relatives.The debt will not be returned to you, but they can put you in an unfavorable light: they could have given you more and tactfully forgotten.


Health Forecast

horoscope for 2019 pig

Do not confuse laziness and a healthy need for rest. Any of the extremes - both lying on the couch, and refusal from weekends and holidays - are fraught with conflict with the body. Both conditions for Pigs are usually accompanied by overeating. These are small but hearty snacks in front of the TV, and fast food on the run.

Digestion is your weak side, as is metabolism, which means that food should be treated much more seriously. If you want to chew something at work or reading, and there is no strength to give up the habit, replace cookies and chips with dried fruits and vegetables. Although, 2019 is great for any undertaking: it is likely that for many Boars this will be the start of a healthy diet or diet.

A vulnerable link in your body are the joints. In order not to make problems with the locomotor system, move more. But you shouldn't overwork yourself with exhausting exercises on a stationary bike. Ideal for you - walking and swimming. In the year of the earth, it is possible to improve health with the help of the gifts of this element: visiting resorts with curative mud and mineral waters.

Detailed horoscopes for the elements

Earth Pig

horoscope pig men

Born in 1959, celebrate their year. You are surrounded by troubles about the financial condition of the family, for which you risk forgetting that close people need not only your money, but also you, your presence and moral attention.

Lonely representatives will also be too busy with work, not personal life. Look closely, surely someone from the environment shows interest to you - this is an occasion to slow down a little making money and give vent to feelings.

Water pig

Chinese horoscope pig 2019 year

Careful attention to their savings is worth all who were born in 1983. Help those who need help, but stop mindlessly spending money on those who can do without your help.

You yourself suspect someone who shamelessly uses your generosity; time to protect your account from such individuals. Finance is better to spend on yourself, to restore health and improvement of life. And some of the water boars in the near future will have to spend money on a wedding, or arrangement of a children's room.

Wood Pig

boar love horoscope 2019

Luck will smile at the pigs born in 1995. You are waiting for a rapid career takeoff - unless, of course, you have been making efforts for some time to get the ball rolling.

In relations, your position is twofold: everything seems to be calm and good, but the possibility of an intrigue looms on your horizon. You decide, but be aware that any deception in this period will be quickly disclosed. Those who were born in 1935 need to give yourself a rest and think about moving out of town.

Fire Pig

East horoscope 2019

Is your year of birth 1947? The mistress of the year will give your family the idea to make a surprise for you (and will provide opportunities for its implementation), so in January-February you will hint the household what you would like.

Born in 2007, the Boar promises the beginning of a new friendship and universal attention. Your achievements in studies or hobbies will make you quite a popular, and in your own famous person.

Metal Pig

what awaits boars in 2019

For you born in 1971, everything will be more than good. At work - a pleasant calm, flavored with an increase in salary. At home - order and a loving family, with which in the near future there will be no serious conflicts.

In love - harmony and mutual understanding, the amazing flexibility of the partner. Finally, a small crowd of fans at those pigs that are not yet in a relationship. Astrologers claim that this will change very soon, so thatGet ready for bright dates and hot declarations of love.

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