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Drastic changes to the internal image of your apartment can be done quite easily and in a short time with the help of drywall. Buy drywall is now easier and nothing happens. It is also often used for interior cladding of office and business premises in industrial and civil buildings, as a fairly inexpensive, but fairly durable finishing material.
Drywall consists of a layer of gypsum with the addition of modified additives, lined on both sides with sheet cardboard, on which, in consequence, various finishing substances are easily applied. Additives give gypsum mixes various characteristic properties: accelerating hardening, reinforcing, moisture resistant, fireproof .. However, in unventilated, closed places with constant high humidity, such as baths, saunas and bathtubs with showers, the use of any type of gypsum board is impractical.
Gypsum cardboard perfectly proved in facing of walls and ceilings. Sheets can be simply glued directly to even, well-cleaned from any dirt and primed surfaces.And, for a fairly uneven plane, it is better to use a wooden or metal frame and fasten the sheets already to it. Also, frames are used for the device of multi-level ceilings, interior partitions, in the manufacture of figured arches and decorative trim parts. Gypsum plasterboard can be given a rounded, wavy or any other shape, for this the sheets are moistened, gently bent and fixed until completely dry. For more strongly bent elements, the cardboard is trimmed from the inside.
The use in the repair and construction of drywall greatly speeds up the process and facilitates it, since no finishing material is as easy to use as it. And possession of many of the most important qualities helps us make a choice in his favor. Drywall has good thermal and sound insulation qualities, fireproof. Low cost, low proportion and ease of operation makes this material indispensable and very popular.

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