Dressing slippers

Posted by10.09.2017

We give old shoes a second life with a simple and intuitive decor. If you have slippers, the upper part of which is rather worn out or just tired, it's time to "update" them. Today we will tell you how to do this with the help of decorative fabric balls. Nobody will recognize your old slippers, now they will look very different!


By the way, this method of alteration is also suitable for the manufacture of slippers. If your slippers are not the cutest in the world, transform them! It is very simple.

What do we need?

  • base slippers
  • fabric or wool balls
  • glue gun

How to decorate slippers?

For a start on the balls. In general, they can be found in any department for creativity. As a rule, they are packaged there in bags by color - you can take some bright ones. One set usually combines wool felted balls of different sizes, and sometimes something like a string of them. However, you can make such decorative elements themselves. Need wool for felting and needle.True, the work is quite painstaking. But most of all lucky for those who have an old sweater or scarf, decorated with such balls. It used to be fashionable to embroider clothes in this way. Now such balls on dresses / sweaters and other clothes are no longer relevant, so you can safely cut them and put them on the décor of accessories like handbags, cosmetic bags and shoes (and this is just very popular).

In principle, the instruction is very simple. You just need to consistently mount the balls one after the other with a glue gun, without leaving any gaps. We do this until the entire visible base is filled.

If you have any doubts, take a look at the step by step photo instructions.

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