Dream Interpretation Distance, what is the dream Distance to see

Dream Esoterica E. Tsvetkova

What is the dream in dreams?

Distance - Time; after a long time if a long distance.

Numerological Dream

What is the dream distance?

Distance - Pass in a dream a distance of 1, 19, 28, 82, and so on (adding all the digits of the number, get 1) meters or kilometers, means that in real life you can achieve much more than you think. Most likely, an idea that was born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th day of the current month will bring you material wealth and will give you the opportunity to continue working along the same lines. Or a case that you find out about these numbers will become a matter of your life. If you had a dream in which you were tired after passing all these meters or kilometers, then in reality you will have to fight for your cause, since you will have many opponents. If you feel a surge of strength in your sleep, then in reality you can count on the authorities to be on your side.If you measure the distance and find that it is 1, 19, 10, 28, 82 and so on (in the same way you add numbers and get the number "1") centimeters, meters or kilometers, then in real life you will be depressed that you do not have enough money for a new business, about which you have been thinking a lot lately. You will be supported by an organization whose sum of digits in the telephone number is one.

Dream Interpretation Rick Dillon

What dream about Distance:

Distance - Measure the distance with a ruler, tape measure or centimeter and as a result get 2, 11, 29, 92 centimeters, meters or kilometers (as well as other dimensions, from the digits of which, when added, it turns out "2") means that in 2 days you will have the opportunity additional earnings. The greater the measurement result in a dream, the more money you will be able to earn. To walk in a dream a distance of 2, 11, 20, and so on (according to the same scheme) to meters or kilometers means that in 20 weeks your life will change abruptly. Probably, the person you will meet on Tuesday next week or the one who calls you in two days at 2 pm will play a significant role in this. If all this distance you do not pass,while flying or swimming, then on the 20th or 29th of the next month you have to make a profitable purchase or sell a stale product. In any case, this event will be the beginning of your future business success. For women, such a dream predicts an unrequited love for the cunning and heartless man.

Dream interpretation E.Avadyayeva

What dream about Distance:

Distance - If you had a dream in which you walk a distance of 3, 12, 21, 30, 300, and so on. P. (when adding numbers give three) centimeters, meters and kilometers, then in reality you finally take a decent you and your abilities post. If you had a dream in which you are experiencing fatigue or body aches, then this place will not be according to you - most likely, you overestimated your possibilities. However, if in a dream you are enjoying the road and are full of joy and cheerfulness, then this position will be only the first step on your career: in 3 months you will show everyone what you are capable of. This dream is especially good for young and ambitious women - he predicts their victory over male competitors. If you drive this distance by car or bicycle, then expect confusion in your plans, which will arise thanks to a person born on the 3rd or 12th.Sailing the same distance or flying a plane is a sign that they talk a lot about you and gossip. Try to keep in the shade for 3 weeks, no less, until the passions around your person have subsided. If you are too active and zealous to take up the case, then your every mistake will be inflated by your enemies to gigantic proportions.

Pocket dream book by T. V. Lagutina

What dream about Distance:

Distance - If you had a dream in which you walk a distance of 4, 13, 22, 31, 49 (and any other number whose numbers add up to four) meters or kilometers, it means that you can get away with trouble if after 4 days make an independent decision and do not give up yours for any price. This dream advises young people to show sobriety when choosing a future profession, as well as to listen to all the advice, but not to allow anyone to put pressure on themselves or in any other way influence their choice. If you swim this distance on a ship or fly by plane, helicopter or balloon, then in 31 days you will receive an important letter in which you will be described in detail all the actions that could lead you to victory.Be sure to use this information, and besides, do not forget to thank the person who sent you this email. If you have a dream in which you are not alone or you are driving all this distance, but doing it in good company, then in reality you have many false friends, and if you don’t urgently reconsider your attitude towards them, then in 4 weeks you will fall into the trap of an intriguer with whom you stood in the way. Please note - this person lives on the fourth floor or goes home by transport with the number "4". If you are tired of the distance traveled in a dream, then in reality you may get sick or get a domestic injury due to your negligence. Women should watch over their children in both eyes and the 4th and 13th numbers should not allow them to use gas or mess with firecrackers. If the distance traveled in no way affected your well-being in a dream, then in reality you should take up sports, since your body needs to be trained.

What dream about Distance:

Distance - A distance of 5, 14, and so on in a dream (again, adding five digits of the number to five turns out to be five) meters or kilometers means that you are too brisk to dowhich was offered to you by phone by a person who was born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd of the day, and you may soon find that you are exhausted and do not have the strength to finish the job. If by May you do not do anything significant, then it is better to leave this case, all the same you will not reach the top of it. If you had a dream in which you feel pleasant tiredness in your whole body, having passed the indicated meters or kilometers, but in real life you were afraid of an imaginary danger and exposed yourself as a coward. After 14 days, you will realize that you made an elephant out of a fly and lost a good opportunity to diversify your daily life. If in a dream it is hard for you to go and you are sweating profusely, then wait after 41 days the appearance of a huge problem in your life that will not let you go until the end of your life. It may be a matter of health problems, but it is likely that you will have to go through a sizzling passion and never get the desired satisfaction. To swim in a dream all these meters or kilometers and enjoy the sea below you - to bright hopes and bright prospects. If you had this dream on the night of the 5th or 14th, then all your aspirations will come true within a year, but if you saw this dream on the 23rd, then even your real projects will collapse, let alone the ghostly ones.To fly or drive any transport of 5, 14, 23, 32, 59 and so on meters or kilometers means that you urgently need to contact by phone or in writing with a person whom you have not seen for 5 months, because he urgently needs your help, but he is shy or afraid to address you.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T.Smirnova)

What dream about Distance:

Distance - If you have a dream in which you float on a ship or fly on an airplane or helicopter and cover a distance of 6, 15, 24, 42 (as well as other numbers from this range) meters or kilometers, then you will find the big news. If you enjoy the flight and look around with admiration, then you will be delighted and amazed to learn something out of the ordinary, and the event is already happening, and after 6 hours you will become aware of it. But if in a dream you are sick and sick, or you are trying to get ashore from the ship or jump out of the plane on the fly, then the news will be a shock for you, try to meet the grief with courage. If there is someone next to you in a dream, then this sad news will not affect you personally, but someone from your closest circle. If you had a dreamin which you walk and walk a distance equal to one of the above numbers, you can count on the fact that your worst suspicions and predictions will not come true, but not because you made a mistake, but because of the timely intervention of your superior. Economists and bankers this dream promises financial stability in business for 87 days. Tired at the end of the road - to the joy about and for no reason, to good health and mood, but if you are full of energy in a dream, then in reality you will experience their decline. Do not be sad, this situation will last only 6 days.

Dream interpretation of Catherine II

What dream about Distance:

Distance - If you have a dream in which you walk a distance of 7, 16, 25 (and other numbers of this order) meters or kilometers, then public views will be directed at you, your enemies will watch you tensely and watch, do not allow Are you a mistake. If you had a dream in which you were tired, then in reality you will justify the expectations of your enemies and allow a serious blunder in the work, which they will immediately use with joy. But if in a dream you are full of strength and feel joy, then your competitors in reality will bite your elbows from the fact that they can’t get you and hurt you in any way.Two Sundays on the third you will learn that you have left your business opponents far behind and there is nothing to worry about you. Sailing or flying in a dream is the same distance - to the pleasures of love. For women, this dream is predicted by the adoration of a beloved man and heartfelt joy. But if in a dream she becomes frightened or greatly surprised, then in reality after 7 days she will have to part with her elect for a long time, and she will suffer and cry.

Sensible dream book

What dream about Distance:

Distance - If you had a dream in which you drive on any animal and drive through 8, 17, 26, 62, 80 (there may be any other number consisting of numbers that, when added, give eight) meters or kilometers, then soon A person will enter your life who will teach you what will become for you in 8 years the work of a lifetime. If you get tired in a dream or you are uncomfortable to sit astride, then you will have a hard time learning, but you will be aware that all this will come in handy over time. If you enjoy a trip in a dream, then in school you will show your outstanding abilities and talents. If at the end of the path in your dream you stop and feed your animal, then in life you will fall in love with your teacher and experience real grief when he breaks up with you.If in a dream all this distance you swim on a ship or fly by plane, then in life you have little interesting and it depresses you. If you are sick and agitated during your journey, then after 26 days you will commit an act of boredom, for which you will be scolded by all who feel like it, but which, meanwhile, will cause your sleepy kingdom to come alive and fuss, and you are working for it. If during the trip you are not inconvenienced, then you will have to wait 89 days before something in your life changes for the better for you.

Children's dream book

What dream about Distance:

Distance - What dreams that you have passed 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81 meters and so on (adding all the digits of the number, you get 9) or the same kilometers, it means that you have entered a new phase of life. If at the same time you are terribly tired, then after a while you have to prove your right to a good place in the sun. If you are full of vigor and desire to continue the path, then in your time you will receive a reward for your work. When this happens, it will show the number of meters or kilometers you have traveled: 54 - 5 April, 27 - 2 July, and so on. Why dream that you measure the distance from one object to another, then in reality you will find yourself between two fires.You have to make a difficult choice, perhaps on one side of the scale will be your work, and on the other - your home. What you choose is up to you, but there is a hint - the number of millimeters, centimeters, meters or kilometers that you intended should be the starting point in your calculations. Suppose you get the number 54 - open any book that you have on your arm on page 54 and select the 9th line from the top. Read what you got, and based on this prediction, act. If you need a specification, then you can count out 9 words on the left - there is no place to be more exact.

Assyrian dream book

What is the dream about dream distance?

Distance — If the dreamer feels at a distance from people and objects, perhaps this reflects the way in which he moves himself away from them in a real environment.

What is the dream distance?

What it means to see in a dream Yard - Yard as a unit of measurement can symbolize a greater length (length) or quantity (yards and yards of cloth).

Magic dream book

Dreamed a Dream Distance - what does it mean?

You dreamed Distance to what it is - a symbol of time.Long distance - after a long time.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

Dreamed of a Distance to what:

Distance — you see your friends in a dream as if from a distance from you — in fact, for some reason connected with friends, you will feel annoyed; Your sincere wish is that all people are as obligatory as you. You see yourself at a distance from your home - you are to travel and negotiate with strangers; you will be able to change circumstances in a favorable way. At some distance you see some women - in connection with the new acquaintance, which seemed to you pleasant, you will have new problems.

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