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Siren is dreaming, to what?

If you dream of a mythical siren and you hear how she sings, then you will soon receive some false news that you do not need to believe, as it is sent to you in order to put your vigilance to sleep. If you dreamed of a very loud howl of a siren, then you need to talk less. Inadvertently spoken words can hurt you a lot. If you heard a police siren in a dream, then you will be forced to ask your friends for help.

Lamia, siren, harpy - Lamia is a half-serpent, a half-woman who has entwined men with a snake's body and crushed to death. The sirens and harpies were half-breasted, half-women, whose beautiful singing beckoned men to death, often to hidden reefs in the sea. Dream dream lamia, siren, harpy - Why dream: These attractive but dangerous creatures usually mean a threatening person, often a woman who uses physical attractiveness or sex to hurt or destroy the dreamer.

Dream interpretation A. Mindell

What does it mean if Siren dreamed:

You had a dream Siren - if you hear the sounds of a siren - there will be a great temptation to overstep the limits of what is permitted, but you will stand. What does it mean in a dream to hear Siren - To the disturbing news. Imagine that the sound of the siren stops, and instead you hear your favorite music.

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What does it mean if Siren had a dream in a dream:

  1. Hear the siren - "ambulance" or a fire truck - means warning of danger. In the elderly, it can evoke memories of war and destruction, or serve as a pretext for liberation from anxiety (if a “all clear” signal arises).
  2. Archetypically siren involves deception and distraction of a person from his goal. In dreams, this usually has a sexual background, which is difficult to handle. In the dream of a woman, if a woman is not in contact with the siren inside herself, she can become destructive. From a psychological point of view, a siren is a temptation, and often it appears in Greek or Roman attire, which further enhances the eroticism of the image. In dreams, the siren usually sits by the water, as it works with emotions. In some cases, she represents the Feminine in the male (see Introduction).
  3. From a spiritual point of view, if a person resists the temptations of a siren, he will be free and become a whole person.

Sonic birthday

Given the date of birth Siren to what dreams:

If you were born in the spring, why dream of a siren - To the troubles associated with the police.

If you were born in the summer, what did the siren dream about - To scandal, noise.

If you were born in the fall, why did the howl of a siren dreamed - dream to anxious expectation, to fear.

If you were born in the winter, what siren dreams about - do not believe in false oaths.

The value of sleep by day of the week

Whether a night vision is fulfilled depends not only on its content, but also on what day of the week and what time of day the dream has occurred.

In addition, that means what he saw, will tell the alignment of the dream by Lenormand. A more accurate understanding of the dream will help the lunar calendar of dreams.

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