Dormer-windows features deaf structures


Skylightsable to completely transform the attic floor.

Skylights: planning to build a house, everyone thinks about rational savings. We are not talking about saving to the detriment of the quality of building materials, but about the rational use of living space. Increasingly popular in the field of modern construction is gaining attic - a unique opportunity to use the attic room as a cozy and spacious living room. When designing and arranging such an add-in, it is important to consider each element, one of which isskylights. There are many varieties of such structures with different functional loads, but the constant classics of choice areblank attic windows.

The advantage of the attic

The first to appreciate the advantages of arrangement in residential houses of the attic floor, the talented French architect Francois Mansart, in the distant XVII century,which gave the name of the original attic superstructure so popular today.
But for the first time, another Frenchman, Pierre Lescot, succeeded in realizing a brilliant idea. Parisians with great pleasure picked up the idea. The first desire that led them - the thirst for easy benefits. The fact is that for such garret premises in France in those days they did not take taxes, so renting an attic to poor people became a peculiar way of excellent earnings.


In Paris, the attic became an integral part of the urban landscape.

A little later, in the XVIII century, the fashion for the construction of pompous mansard floors came to Russia, which with the advent of socialism, unfortunately, was forgotten. Today, the classic construction traditions are reviving again. Having passed the whole way from a nondescript dwelling to a proud and stylish design, today the arrangement in a penthouse apartment building is not only functional and stylish, but also prestigious. If we talk about the traditional definition, attic space is a specially equipped floor in the attic space. It is partially formed by sloping roof surfaces.

The attic arrangement ideas

The construction rate of such a room is as follows: the ceiling height, which is at least 2.5 m, should occupy at least 50% of the area. By the way, in the aspect of town planning norms, the attic floor is still not taken into account in the total number of floors of the building!

The advantages of such add-ins are as follows:

  • Efficiency. This plus is important for everyone. Due to the fact that the frame structure, when calculating the estimates, it turns out that one meter of the attic floor is much cheaper than the usual one.
  • Illumination. Thanks toskylightsThey are built directly into the roof, the floor is more illuminated with natural light, which is both cozier and more economical in terms of energy consumption.


Attic can be the most bright and sunny room in the house.

  • The attic floor, decorated with modern windows of the most unusual forms, brings to the general view of the building notes of unsurpassed elite style.

The embodiment of new extraordinary ideas in a seemingly simple attic room, allows you to approach the design creatively, with imagination,creating a cozy and absolutely functional room. The aura of freedom and lightness inherent in such rooms is created largely due to the right choice.roof windows.


Attic floor can also become the most creative room in the house.

Deaf windows for attic floors

The variety of modern models, which is constantly updated with new products from leading manufacturers, can catch not only newbies, but also experienced pros. The classic choice will beskylightsthat are called deaf.

Deaf mansard constructions are windows without accessories and opening mechanisms.


Deaf skylights.

You should not think that such a construction is devoid of advantages in comparison with opening structures. There are several advantages that such models possess:

  • Price availability. This is a major advantage enjoyed bymansard monolithic window models. Why is such a construction cheaper than opening? The fact is that the manufacturer does not incur the cost of additional accessories, so the price for a deaf construction is always much lower.
  • Heat saving.Such structures have the highest degree of tightness, which allows to preserve heat in the room as much as possible, and this is extremely important for the attic floor.
  • Scale. Unlike windows that can be opened, monolithic structures can be made on an individual order of any, even the most large-scale size.

mansardnye-okna-osobennosti-gluhih-konstruktsij = 342

Designdeaf skylightsallows you to install even such spectacular options.

  • Space saving. Rational use of living space is always important. Therefore, these windows provide an opportunity to beat the design in a new and creative way.
  • Maximum daylight. Due to the fact that such models are mounted directly into the roof of a building, they provide full lighting of the room with natural light. And the lack of an opening sash allows him to freely enter the room.


You can create a truly bright room.

  • Aesthetics. Modern manufacturers offer a variety of forms of such structures, which allows to increase the level of aesthetic appeal of the building as a whole.

The main advantage of such deaf structures is durability. Due to the fact thatskylightsAre deprived of additional functional load, the probability of breakdowns or failure of the mechanism, disappears by itself. In addition, fordeaf skylightsIt is much easier to arrange care, but with the obligatory condition of the same access from the inside and the outside. Today, there are many unique devices in order to keep windows clean without much difficulty. Of course, along with a large number of advantages, blind windows, built into the roof, have disadvantages:

  • access for external cleaning is required;
  • lack of airing;
  • in the presence of rollers from the outside, the complexity of their washing.

As we see, there are not so many disadvantages as advantages. But choosingskylights, you need to consider all the factors to get the best result. The moment of airing the rooms is extremely important. If you still decide to installdead window in the attic, you need to take care of flawless mechanical ventilation. The ideal solution is the principle of combination. It consists in building both monolithic and opening structures in the roof of the house. Such a system will help to 100% avoid any shortcomings and shortcomings.


Deaf skylightscan be installed in places where their discovery would be in principle problematic.

Window construction

Skylightsnot much different from their front "brethren". It all depends on the material from which the window system for the attic floor is made. It can be either natural wood, also plastic or metal.

Most often forroof windowsAluminum frames or metal-plastic are used. They have improved performance durabilityDue to the fact that windows on the attic are mounted directly into the roof, it is important to consider all these qualities.So, dormer windows consist of:

  1. Double glazing. Choosing one or another model, you need to understand that the glass unit can be ordinary or energy-saving. More economical models are complemented by ordinary bulk glass. If we are talking about window designs in the roof of a premium class, then the glass is installed tempered. For such a window, lightness is important, so many manufacturers carry out such double-glazed windows in single-chamber versions. To enhance safety performance, a special anti-vandal glass is installed outside.Its feature is multi-layered, which is separated by the thinnest film, which gives the glass packet powerful anti-burglary characteristics.
  1. Frame. As for the material of the frame, then plastic or wood may prevail. But it is impossible to do without metal frame reinforcement. If the frame is made of wood, the most commonly used wood is pine or spruce. With proper drying of wood, conifers have a fairly high degree of strength and durability. Wooden frames are certainly treated with special compounds - antiseptics and covered with several layers of varnish. Outside, they are protected by metal plates made of aluminum, which increases the level of resistance to any precipitation. If the frame is plastic, then, as a rule, it is reinforced with a durable steel profile to avoid deformation. The steel profile allows you to make the frame more durable. Benefitsmetal plasticroof windowsin practicality and durability.


The quality of the frame largely determines the comfort of the entire attic.

  1. Salary. This structural element performs a protective function of the roof window and roof.The salary is equipped with a special lead apron, which provides drainage in case of precipitation. The material is aluminum. The salary does not violate the overall aesthetics on the roof of the attic, as its lateral parts are partially or completely hidden under the roofing material. Types of salary forroof windowsa bunch of. When choosing a highlight is the height of the roofing material.


Salary also plays an important role in providing comfort in the attic.


If the roofing material with the addition of copper, then the aluminum salary can not be put on the windows! When two metals interact, electrochemical corrosion occurs, which subsequently “eats” aluminum salary.

This structure has a deaf construction. For opening models, specialized fittings and mechanisms are added to the device.Skylightsmounted directly into the roof of the building, that is, there is constant contact with the environment. If the attic floor is intended for a kitchen or a bathroom is planned, then wood is an inappropriate material, as it is “not friendly” with high humidity. When choosing materials you need to be extremely attentive in order to get a really decent result in the end.

Proper placement of windows

The construction of the attic floor is accompanied by a preliminary planning stage for the placement of windows that are mounted directly into the roof of the building. Undoubtedly in any wayblank attic windowwill provide access to sunlight. But in order for the indicator to be as high as possible, and the entire structure to bear the maximum of effective functional load, it is important to pre-plan the placement of such windows.

There are a few simple rules, adhering to which you can without the involvement of specialists, whose services are very expensive, to calculate the optimal location:

  1. The area of ​​glazing in the attic should be at least 10% of the total area of ​​the room. If it is planned to equip a children's room, a working studio or a living room on the attic floor, then the maximum of natural lighting is an indisputable plus of the interior.


Ideally,skylightsshould give 100% of the required light in the daytime.

  1. It is necessary to use the principle of combining structures.
  2. It is important to provide a good overview. Installing window designs, you need to remember that the tenants must appear not only the sky, but also the earth.The rule is as follows: the lower the slope of the roof, the greater should be the height of the window in the attic.


In some cases, however, to ensure the correct view does not allow the construction of the attic.

  1. Features of placement. A window that “looks” to the east will allow you to enjoy the sunrise every morning, and what is located on the west side will provide a delightful view of the sunset.
  2. It is necessary to maintain optimal placement parameters. At the same time, the top of the window openings should be 1.9 m from the floor.
  3. The total length of windows (vertical) should not be more than half of the roof slope. This calculation is applied separately for each ramp.


Sometimes, however, homeowners choose such radical solutions.

  • For optimal planning there is a formula: the distance between the rafters is equal to the width of the roof window and plus another 6-7 centimeters. Such a calculation will make the gaps for thermal insulation of the structure with mineral wool.

If you adhere to all planning standards, skylights will not only set a high level of prestigious functionality, but also give the building a whole of noble elegance.

Light window: let in the sun!

If there is a desire to create something unusual, to fill the room with light, freedom and transparent lightness, then monolithic light windows in the attic is the perfect solution. Deaf airtight design, called the lantern light, is installed on the roof, the angle of inclination of which is 15-85 degrees.

The main advantage is a combination of incredibly original aesthetics, practicality and simple functionality.This window has no opening-closing mechanism, so leaving does not require much effort by the household. The device of this design is as follows:

  • wooden frame;
  • the double-glazed window filled with argon;
  • system of contoured gaskets for greater tightness.


The original solution - glass panels instead of the classic skate.

Such a lantern helps to minimize the possibility of condensation due to temperature differences. Modern technologies allow you to create unique light designs for attic, which have the ability to open manually or by remote control.


Speaking of the skylight for the attic, you can draw an analogy with light windows. But, nevertheless, there are some differences.

As a rule, skylights - deaf structures for the attic floor, which are located on a flat or flat roof.

The frame of this window is made of aluminum. The mansard variation of a window in the form of a zenith lamp allows to achieve a unique effect and give the view to the sky. There is no more romance than watching the starry sky, without leaving the room! In the daytime, this design provides the highest possible degree of natural lighting. To protect such a window from the outside from the effects of all kinds of precipitation, you can install an additional Plexiglas dome. Many will ask, how to decorate such a window from the inside and regulate the light flow? There are many options: curtains on fasteners, roller blinds, blinds, and even textile designs that can be controlled using the remote control.



The anti-aircraft light is also an original architectural solution.


It can be made in various versions.

A variety of model lines for mansard windows offer homeowners great opportunities to create a unique interior. The desire to create an original project is always welcome. But, when choosingwindows for the attic floorYou need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the models, adhere to the installation rules and other important nuances. Approaching the issue with knowledge and creativity, the reward will be a cozy and bright living attic.

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