DIY frame decoration

January 31st, 2012

DIY frame decorationThe stores sell frames of various sizes and different types, and if you have not made a wooden frame with your own hands, you can make a frame decor and get a thing that fits perfectly with other interior elements or an exclusive gift for a loved one. There are a lot of options for decorating the framework; you can use various materials and techniques, the main thing in this work is to show imagination. If you successfully pick up the idea, then in addition to making a beautiful and stylish thing, you can also use materials that are idle, such as reels, buttons, laces, ribbons, etc.

This article presents three options for decorating the framework, and each of the methods does not require special skills or monetary costs.

Frame decor with spools of thread

For the manufacture of such a frame, a ready-made frame of a simple form is suitable, or you can make a frame with your own hands from four flat plates and the bottom stand. This stand is needed so that you can not hang the frame on the wall with the help of special fixings, but put it on a table or a bedside table.Also for work you will need: twine, coils of different sizes with colored threads and beautiful buttons. This frame can be used not only to decorate photos or paintings, but also to make a mini-board from it, on which you can pin notes, photographs, etc. for this, the back of the frame can be made of a soft material into which buttons can easily be inserted - for example, from a cork sheet.

  1. We are preparing everything necessary for work. If the frame is made with your own hands from flat plates, it can be carefully polished with fine-grained emery paper and painted with white paint. Separately, you need to prepare a stand.
  2. We begin to cover the stand with string. The side of the stand is closed with pieces of twine, which should fit snugly to each other.
  3. Next, we begin to wrap the wooden plank of the stand with string, tightly pulling it and avoiding gaps.
  4. As a result, the whole stand must be wrapped with string so that the base is not visible.
  5. We begin to wrap the frame with the same string, but not tightly, but with a rope with gaps and in any order.
  6. After wrapping the frame, attach it to the base and attach the back.

    decor photo frames

  7. Next, using a glue gun fasten colored spools of thread to the front of the frame. Well look different in size and color of the coil. They can be glued both vertically and horizontally. You can also glue small coils to the frame with the ends.
  8. Buttons can also be used to decorate the frame. In addition, if a button is glued to buttons, they can be fixed on the back of the frame with notes and photos.
  9. Attach to the finished frame using photo buttons, buttons or sheets of paper with reminders. This frame can be safely given to needlewomen and those who are fond of sewing.

Frame of threads

The frames wrapped with threads look very original. This method of decorating the framework is also good because it allows the use of yarn residues. Even a small ball of thread is sufficient for wrapping the frame. Also, using threads with different thickness, color and texture, you can create different frames. As the basis of the frame, you can use ready-made versions of the frame and homemade ones.The frame can be made of four plates, or you can even use thick thick cardboard - a square or rectangular base is cut from it. Corrugated cardboard for boxes is also suitable for these purposes - it is rather dense.

DIY frame decoration

Frames are made as follows. The end of the thread is fixed in one of the corners of the frame and then begin to wind the frame in a circle, placing the turns of threads next to each other and overlapping so that the base is not visible. You can wind several layers of thread and then the frame will be more voluminous. Using threads of the same color, but, for example, of a different texture (smooth and boucle), you can get an original composition from frames. After the end of the winding, the end of the thread must be firmly fixed on the back side of the frame so that the threads do not begin to unwind. In order to hang such a frame on the wall, special hooks or brackets are attached to its back side.

Frame with paper flowers

wooden frame decorThis frame looks very gentle, and for making such paper flowers you will need a regular newspaper, napkins or even toilet paper (it is very flexible and it is very easy to turn flowers from it).These delicate roses are twisted from strips of newspaper, and beautiful color is given to them with the help of painting with acrylic paints.

Paper roses are made as follows: paper is cut into strips a few centimeters wide, from which twisted the tubes and pressed down to make them flat. From these flat ones, they start to twist the flowers, glue the paper with glue and bending the edge in some places for greater naturalness. Ready roses leave until the glue dries, and then painted with acrylic paints. The finished roses are glued on a smooth frame. Looks beautiful frame, decorated with roses of delicate shades - pale pink, yellow, cream and pale green.

Tree with frames

decor photo framesAnother original idea suggests how to decorate a wall in a living room or bedroom. To do this, you need a large number of frames of different sizes and shapes.

The idea is to hang frames in the form of tree leaves. It can be painted on the wall, and for those who like to change the interiors often, the wood version in the form of a vinyl sticker is more suitable. You can buy such a sticker or make it yourself.If the tree is painted with paints, then it is better to do it on a solid surface. A tree looks original, the trunk of which is drawn in the corner - this gives it a volume. You can even draw the tips of the branches coming into the ceiling. After applying the paint, the tree is allowed to dry, and then hooks or carnations are fastened in selected places of the tree branches and the frames are hung, which look like tree leaves. This decor will be appropriate in the bedroom and in the living room.

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