DIY bricklaying

August 18, 2010
Renovation of apartments

DIY bricklayingDIY bricklaying is a skill that can be useful in life more than once. Construction work, of course, requires considerable skill, and we usually resort to the services of specialists, but sometimes you can save time and money and do the work - on your own, for example, to lay a brick wall of a utility room.

At first glance, it seems that the technology of laying brick and building brick floors is the same for all cases, in fact there are several ways to carry them out.

The most common methods of brickwork - it is injected, injected and injected with undercutting.

Before the story about the technology of masonry consider the necessary materials and tools. We will need: a brick, cement mortar, a trowel and a piercing for a brick, as well as a hammer, plummet or level, rule, cord and order.

Brick masonry

We put the mortar, retreating from the future wall of 10-15 mm, and level the base from the mortar with the reverse side of the trowel.We lay the first brick and press it to the base. Part of the solution is collected by the edge of the trowel and we press it to the side vertical plane of the laid brick. We take a new brick with our left hand and place it next to the already laid one, while the metal part of the trowel is placed between two bricks. The trowel is quickly taken out, and the mortar is clamped with the faces of the bricks. Remove the excess solution with a trowel, usually done every 3-5 bricks. Further brick laying follows the same principle.

The brickwork laid according to the principle described above comes out even if you check its horizontal position and verticality with a level and a plumb in time. However, many consider this method too time-consuming and requiring a lot of unnecessary movements.


brick masonry DIYFor this masonry, a more ductile cement mortar is needed than for the previous method. First we prepare the mortar, then we line the cement base, retreating 20-30 mm from the outer surfaces of the future wall. Then proceed to the laying, laying the first brick. The next brick is fixed in an inclined position, we seize a part of the cement mortar from the base at a distance of 10 cm from the first brick laid with its pointed part.Then we move the brick close to the first brick, while the removed mortar will fill the space between the bricks.
This method is often used to perform brick masonry.

Brick mash with a grout

In this method, the technology is almost the same as traditional brick masonry, the brick is also placed on the cement mortar, which will be grabbed from one of its faces. The main difference of this method lies in the fact that the mortar is spread out with an indent, which is used during the laying of pressure (10-15 mm), and after laying the brick, all the seams are trimmed.

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