Dior Spring-Summer 2018 Collection

With the arrival of Maria Grace Curie to the post of the creative director of the Dior fashion house, collections of a famous brand have acquired a special femininity. The designer does not tire of pleasing fashionistas with new fresh ideas, successfully combining refinement and elegance with rebellious feminist notes and vivid images with reference to youth subcultures.

For the warm season of 2018, the Dior brand offers two fashion collections at once:

  • - Luxury cruise collection, the presentation of which took place in New York;
  • - a large summer collection, which reflects the most current fashion trends of the season.

Collections from Dior spring-summer 2018

The main trends of the collection RESORT Dior spring-summer 2018

The intermediate cruise collection resort (or cruise), presented by the fashion house Dior at fashion week in New York - is more than 80 fashionable images with a bright ethnic accent. When creating the collection, the designer sought inspiration in the challenging, but at the same time incredibly fascinating pages of American history and the original culture of indigenous peoples.

The most striking accents of the cruise collection are:

  • wide-brimmed hats;
  • ethnic pints;
  • cowboy fringe;
  • fur and feathers;
  • denim and leather;
  • transparent dresses.

Dior Hats

Replaced by recognizable female berets, which can often be seen in the collections of Maria Grazia Curie, the resort collection attracts attention with a variety of stylish hats in original cowboy style.

Fashion hats from 2018 from the brand Dior

Ethnics in images

In the design of individual elements are widely used prints inherent in the cultures of indigenous peoples of North America, as well as imitations of ancient drawings found by archaeologists.

Ethnics in the images of Dior 2018Ethnic motifs collection Dior 2018Fashionable images from Dior for 2018Dior fashion 2018


A variety of variations on the theme of fringe - the trend of 2018, but the fashion collection from the house of Dior offers for the spring-summer 2018 season an original solution in the form of thinly cut strips of leather, suede or fabrics imitating these natural materials.

Natural flax dresses with short fringe, knitted ponchos and evening dresses decorated with long threads look no less impressive.

Fringe in the 2018 Dior cruise collectionCruise collection Dior 2018Fashionable images from Dior for 2018Dior dress with fringe summer 2018

Fur and feathers

Although there is a warm season ahead, the cruise collection from the fashion house Dior provides an opportunity for connoisseurs of spectacular images to surprise everyone in the spring-summer 2018 season with luxurious fur capes with images of animals and outrageous feather dresses.

Fur and feathers in the images of Dior spring 2018Fashionable bows from Dior spring 2018Feathers and fur in the Dior collection

Denim and leather

The brutal natural leather jackets-leather jackets that the designer recommends to combine with light summer dresses and sundresses remain relevant in the warm season.

In 2018, trendy denim items will be richly decorated with embroidery.

Denim in the collection of Dior Summer 2018Leather jackets from Dior spring-summer 2018Fashionable jeans 2018

Dresses and skirts from translucent fabrics

Transparent skirts and dresses, which in the spring-summer season offers not only the cruise collection of the Dior house, but many other famous brands, will undoubtedly be the main trend of 2018.

The most fashionable will be the combination of such a skirt or dress with short fitting shorts, underwear of closed models without lace, and even better sports style.

Transparent Dior Summer 2018 DressesDior transparent dresses 2018White transparent dress from DiorFashionable dress from Dior for 2018

Trends of the main collection Dior spring-summer 2018

The READY-TO-WEAR collection presented in Paris turned out to be very bright, dynamic and diverse. In contrast to the cruise images designed in ethnic style, fashionable bows, shown in the capital of world fashion, had a slight French chic.

The first surprise from the Christian Dior brand was the hall itself, stylized as a crystal cave and model Sasha Pivovarova, who opened a fashion show in the top with the inscription "Why do we have no great women artists?").This unusual beginning emphasized the format of feminist sentiments and the spirit of freedom, in which the new collection for the spring-summer 2018 season is sustained.

Analyzing the images, you can identify such trends as:

  • the understated elegance of classic bows;
  • vivid images with elements of Gothic;
  • transparent skirts;
  • sporty chic;
  • luxury and glitter.

Fashionable classics

Marie Curie again emphasizes that restrained elegance of refined classical images is always relevant. You should not assume that the classics are exclusively images with retro notes.

Classic images from Dior

Notice how elegant and at the same time modern bows look, in which they are used:

  • pantsuits;
  • elegant jackets;
  • stylish coats;
  • fashionable cape.

Fashionable classic Dior 2018

Instead of the goose foot print that was fashionable last season, Dior suggests fashionable women to pay attention to black and white checkered stripes and stripes. We offer to evaluate how effectively bows look and stylish with these fashionable colors.

Black and white print in the 2018 Dior collectionFashionable jackets for spring 2018The cage and the strip from Dior for the summer of 2018

Elements of gothic style

References to the youth subculture are read in abundance of black total-bows, as well as contrasting combinations of black with pink and bright, saturated prints.

Dior summer 2018 - images in the Gothic styleGothic notes in images from DiorBlack color in the collection of the fashion house Dior for 2018

Trendy Transparency

The theme of transparent dresses and skirts, especially relevant in 2018, is also reflected in the main collection of the fashion brand Dior. In the upcoming season, fashionable women should consider spectacular multi-layered images, which will be a stylish addition to the openwork summer boots-nets with fashionable lacing or massive sport-style boots.

Transparent skirts Dior spring-summer 2018Transparent dresses summer 2018 DiorDresses from transparent fabrics Dior summer 2018Transparent skirts Dior Collection SS 2018

Sports style in 2018 images

The style of "sporty chic" promises to be very popular in the coming summer season. In the collections of different brands there are images with elements borrowed from professional sportswear. Marie Grazia Curie was obviously inspired to create a new collection of women who had succeeded in such a direction as motor sport.

The designer offers to combine leather overalls and jackets with transparent blouses and skirts, and for hot summer days he recommends a lighter alternative - stylish denim models.

Sports theme in the Dior collectionSports style Dior 2018Dior jumpsuits spring-summer 2018

Luxurious shine

Shiny fabrics of precious metals (silver, gold, platinum) are another fashion trend in the spring and summer of 2018. Brave women of fashion can surprise everyone with a bright and brilliant total bow. If this solution seems to you frank brute force, add a stylish image with an interesting accessory in a fashionable silver color.

There will also be relevant fabrics that imitate the effect of broken glass, a placer of diamonds or a multi-colored mosaic of colorful stones.

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