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2019 Devil May Cry 5 (abbreviated as DMC) is one of the most anticipated Hack and slash games of the genre where you need to defeat your enemy in melee combat. The plot of the game will be built on the journey of a demon hunter - Nero. He wants to achieve justice and to return his demonic hand, cut off before the beginning of the story unknown.

Announced the game in June 2018, but it is planned to release it only in March 2019. But the wait is worth it, and why we will tell you further.

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The plot of the game DMC: what you need to know?

Let us turn to the fourth part of the game and recall the main points of the plot. The main characters here are: Dante, his brother Virgil and sister Kat are the children of an angel and a demon, and they are also the last link between ours and the other world.

During the fourth part, the main characters fought with demons, but at the end Virgil did not declare his desire to rule the whole world. Dante could not allow this, and the battle began between the brothers, during which Virgil loses and is forced to retreat. The 4th part ends with Dante's eyes becoming demonic.

Not surprisingly, after such an end, millions of fans around the world are waiting to continue.

What did we see in the trailer?

The creators of Devil May Cry 5 2019 released a trailer, which can be found on the official website of the game. DMC events will occur after the fourth part. And, if Nero was still a teenager in her, then in the fifth part he matured. The blue cape, the sword and the double-barreled revolver, which were loved by the players, were left by the creators of the game, and only the prosthesis will complement the image of the main character. Judging by the trailer, there will be four of them, differing in some characteristics. However, there is no exact information about the parameters of the prostheses, although some fans suggest that, depending on the prosthesis, the style of Nero will change. In addition, during the game, the hand can be improved - most likely with the help of "cartridges" that can be found or bought.

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Also, attentive fans remembered the multi-eyed demon from the first trailer: they say it will be the boss, although there are no details on it yet.

What to expect in the continuation of the DMC?

The main characters of Devil May Cry 5 of 2019 are Dante, beloved by all gamers, Nero, of whom we have already spoken above, and V is a new character, whose fighting style is almost the opposite of Nero.

Realism in everything, or what to expect in the new part of the DMC:

  • The developer Capcom plans to create all the objects in the game (from clothes to the characters themselves) using 3D technology.
  • The desired frequency to which the creators are striving is 60 frames per second, which will allow to achieve maximum realism of what is happening.
  • It is worth waiting for the inertia on impact. Everything, as in life. Developers strive for realism, so it is likely that the strike animation will not be released anymore. Thus, you will have to complete the strike first before starting a new one.

screenshot of the game Devil May Cry 5

This is all that concerns the confirmed information from the developers. But the conjectures about the 2019 Devil May Cry in the network at the moment is much more than facts. Let's take a look at them:

  • The game will have 31 missions.
  • The order during the passage of the mission can be anything, but there are also recommendations from users. Most of them believe that it is better to start with Nero, and finish on Dante.
  • Some characters will not be so easy to master the technique of combat.
  • Weapons of heroes can break (again to the question of realism), but it is possible to change it online.
  • The game will be both long and close battles.
  • We can wait for a rich story, linking all the parts together, as Hideaki Itsuno (the head) wants to leave on a beautiful note and take up other projects.
  • Over time, the developers are planning and additions to the game, but first they finish the main project.

Do not forget about Easter eggs. For example, the character V will reveal his identity throughout the game.

protagonist devil may cry 5

System requirements for the game

Before the release is still far, therefore the system requirements for Devil may cry 5 2019 have not yet been announced as such. According to the creators, the game will run at maximum settings on the Xbox One and Play Station. Based on this information, we can conclude on the approximate requirements for a PC.

Numerous screenshots can be found on the Internet only by request with the name of the game. On them you can see how realistic the new game will be, as well as the huge amount of action in it. And at the Gamescom 2018, which will take place soon, the developers promised to introduce the demo version of the game. While waiting for the news, and do not forget about the release date of the game: March, 2019

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