Design of a balcony and loggia

Balcony and Loggia - a piece of paradise in your own apartment

A resident of the metropolis, being at home after work, really want to relax and unwind the greenery, pleasant aroma and bright colors.
Such a dream is possible in your own apartment - you can equip a balcony and a loggia, turning this place into a piece of paradise.
Balcony or loggia is in most modern apartments. The difference between a loggia and a balcony is that it has only one open side.
The latest design and architectural developments amaze with a variety of sizes and shapes, equipping these elements at home. The design of the balcony and the loggia is now in great demand, because property buyers began to give them great importance. If the apartment does not have a balcony, it will cost much less.
Balconies and loggias are the secluded place in an apartment, where, by inventing an individual interior or applying design designs, a person can create his own garden of paradise.
Even in the times of Kievan Rus, there were architectural forms, the ancestors of modern balconies, which were constructed to adorn princely houses.During the Middle Ages in Europe, the balconies turned into beautiful gardens, they served as a romantic meeting place for lovers or a place for local nobility.

Balcony design: pantry or dining room?

Over the years, the balconies have not changed much: all the same curved metal bars, the same pots with greens and flowers. Yes, and today loggias and balconies in Western Europe look like bright flowerbeds or tiny green gardens. Housewives vie for the creation of the most beautiful interior. Attitude to the balconies at different times was different. Some time ago, the balconies served as a kind of pantry, which kept various unnecessary stuff, and some people planted beautiful flowers on the balcony, creating amazing compositions. Such balconies have always differed from their fellows and delighted the eyes of both the owners and passersby. Glazing of balconies and loggias markedly changed the attitude towards them. Thanks to the glazing of balconies and loggias, they have become protected from rain, wind, snow and other vagaries of nature. In addition, it became possible to make the balconies warm and to realize their abilities as a grower and designer, creating an oasis of greenery and flowers in the center of a dusty and noisy city.How nice to chat with friends among the beautiful plants in the fresh air! If the area allows, you can make a dining room on the loggia, then you will have the opportunity to rest on Sunday on a homely green island with your family, without going out into the countryside.

Balcony design: floor and wall covering

The design of the balcony should correspond to the general interior of the apartment, as balcony and loggia - this is a continuation of the house. The area is, of course, an important component, but, having carefully thought out the design and layout, it is possible to make a cozy recreation corner on 7 square meters.
To achieve greater similarity with the garden, the floor on the loggia or balcony is best laid out with ceramic tiles, plates of natural stone or brick. From above, it is advisable to lay a carpet or carpet made of natural material: bamboo shoots, reeds, algae. It is very fashionable to make cork flooring now. This floor will look natural, it will be environmentally friendly and very warm. Today, it is no longer fashionable to upholster walls with wood, although it is environmentally friendly and warm. The design of the balcony in modern days involves the design of walls similar to the floor: under a natural stone or brick.If this does not suit your interior, you can paint the walls of the balcony in a color that you like, after plastering the surface of the walls. If you leave the walls white, you can create the best background for flowers, greenery, decorative elements and furniture.

Balcony design: furniture for balconies and loggias

Wooden and wicker furniture remains the best solution for a balcony or loggia. Most recently, multicolored plastic furniture has come into fashion. This furniture has several advantages: it is beautiful, bright, lightweight, easy to clean and quite durable.
Choosing furniture on the balcony, you need to take into account its compactness, try so that it does not take up much space. Folding furniture is suitable for a narrow balcony, and the table can be bolted to the wall or made hanging. To hang such a table, you do not need to be a professional. If you have a narrow balcony, you can hang a deck chair: it will be practical and looks beautiful. If necessary, the chaise can be folded, and if there is a desire to sunbathe, decompose the chaise lounge.

Balcony design: proper lighting

If the balcony in your apartment faces the sunny side, take care of decorative curtains or blinds.Remember that even for the most heat-loving plants, direct sunlight is extremely undesirable. The modern market offers such an assortment of blinds that one can easily choose suitable ones both in color and interior.

Balcony design: interior details

If the balcony or loggia in your apartment is large, you can put a chair, sofa, table, covered with a beautiful tablecloth and even a small rack. To fill the balcony with comfort, you can put pillows made of natural fabrics: tapestry, burlap, linen on the chairs and the sofa. Remember about the additional lighting of the balcony: install a wall lamp, a floor lamp, a bronze candlestick. The design of the balcony or loggia, the style you choose for these rooms will tell you how to design the balcony. It can be a small fountain or a decorative composition in the style of a Japanese garden, these little things will give your loggia an extraordinary charm.

If you want the interior of the loggia to be different from the style of the whole apartment, in this case you need to separate the loggia from the room, for example, using thick curtains. If the balcony doors are large (on the whole wall) and glass, then it is advisable to keep the balcony in the same design style as the room, as if continuing it.

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