Decorative plaster walls

August 1, 2018
Renovation of apartments

The times when there was a shortage in the yard were long gone. In those days, to finish the walls was quite simple. In our time, there are a large number of different materials for finishing:

  • Liquid wallpaper;
  • Facing panels;
  • Paints.

However, it is worth noting that decorative plaster was a real breakthrough in the technological process of repair, as well as construction. This plaster, of course, does not fit under the wallpaper, but is, if I may say so, an independent material. In addition, the usual plaster surfaces are still popular. Machine plaster made this operation better and faster.

Decorative plaster walls

Excellent quality of the presented finishing material does not require any additional recommendations. It is worth noting that even two rooms that will be trimmed by one person in the same vehicle will never be the same. When using the presented material it is possible to make the most incredible drawings, which will simply not be repeated.You need to know that this coating has a high resistance to all harmful effects. It is extremely difficult to stain it, however, if this happens, everything is just washed away.

You must also remember that the plaster is completely environmentally friendly and does not give harmful compounds of chemistry.

In addition, it also affects the soundproofing. In modern stores, the presented material has the appearance of a dry mix. It is made on the basis of binding materials. In the role of filler serve as a crumb, and sand, as well as stones and other substances.

Декоративная штукатурка стен

Types of plaster

If we consider the conditional division of this material, then it is divided into:

  • Facade.
  • Interior

It is worth noting that the first type will be more resistant to aggressive environment and is used exclusively for work outside the building. The interior is mineral, silicate, and also latex.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the classification is based on the type of surface, which is produced in the end.

Some tips

Every type of plaster always has certain features during the period of application. There are some types of plaster that only professionals can work with.since a beginner who does not possess certain skills simply cannot cope with the task and will spoil the material.

When there is a desire to make repairs yourself, it is best to choose a bark beetle plaster. In order to put it on the wall, will be quite a simple spatula.

Декоративная штукатурка стен

If you take the simplest plaster into the work, then the beginner can cope with it. It is worth saying that special preparation of the walls is not absolutely necessary, since all defects will hide the layer of applied plaster.

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