Deceptive Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is a deceptive car. Some will even say that he is two-faced. From the outside, it seems that the driver behind this car is a suicide, but you know that it was just an easy warm-up. And if you push the pedal for real?

porsche cayenne turbo sAnother 20 years ago, a car whose powerwas 500 horses, was nothing more than a supercar. He was treated with special respect. You can say, even afraid of a little. After all, the one who sat behind the wheel of such a powerful unit, was considered either a fool or a really talented driver.

Today, everything is completely different. Manage the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S much easier than any VW Polo. This car is very gently moving from the spot, the "automatic" box smoothes one transmission after one. It responds well to the driver pressing any gear, quickly gaining momentum and, at the same time, does not frighten excessive sharpness when braking.

In sport mode, the suspension is very comfortableand lacks rigidity. The noise insulation of the engine compartment, compared with the previous version, has become much better. Even accelerating, in the cabin quietly. High landing allows you to feel at the wheel perfectly, feeling great size.

 cayenne turboThe essence of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is prettytight landing at the wheel. It seems that you are in the cockpit shell, feeling the support rollers with your elbows. Before you only a speedometer and a tachometer, looking at the figures of which, it really becomes scary.

All the fun begins when you leaveout of town. You press the pedal, and like anything this does not happen. Only faster the landscape begins to flash, muscular wings begin to tremble sharply, passing cars suspiciously slowed. You pay attention to the speedometer, and then the foot jumps off the pedal. Just a few centimeters of the accelerator stroke and you can lose your driver's license.

This is the duality of the Porsche CayenneTurbo S. It seems that everything is calm and ordinary, but with 500 horsepower, jokes are bad. Coupled with all-wheel drive, 8-speed automatic transmission, the newest ABS, they create terrible things.cayenne turbo sAnd these things you do not notice at first, untilDo not look at the speedometer. What previously could hint at the high speed of the car is simply leveled. Only when you press the pedal to the floor, you realize that nothing can hide the true spirit of 500 horses. The head becomes simply leaden, the head sticks to the headrest, and the angle of view becomes minimal, there is only a small corridor. Even slightly increased human pressure can lead to darkening in the eyes.

As for off-road qualities, theyCayenne Turbo is deprived. Of course, the lack of a full-time drive in constant mode, locking differentials and downshifting makes it impossible to test the swamp, which is not very good, but buyers obviously did not count on it from the very beginning. Cayenne Turbo S is not as helpless as it might seem. Blocking of the central clutch is quite rigid, air suspension allows to increase the clearance to 270 mm, which is very, very good. Add here 700 Nm, obtained from the turbo engine, several systems, and get a good car.

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